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  1. Sounds like the annual Christmas party every single year where I used to work. Never did attend, but the stories I heard after were quite amusing! (Of course, this was the same hospital where the head nurse of our unit took all the new hires out and ...
  2. How To Document Sleeping On Night Shift

    I'm just curious....why would there be a lawsuit over a patient sleeping vs. resting with eyes closed (assuming both chart patient is breathing, in no distress, etc). What is the issue here?
  3. News Flash Everybody Farts!

    I have been married for almost 25 years, and my husband has never, not one time, passed gas in front of me.
  4. medical social nurse

    It sure ain't me. I do private duty...
  5. News Flash Everybody Farts!

    You know what I hate? When you go into a bathroom that was funked up by the person before you, and as you are leaving, there is someone waiting there who probably thinks YOU did it! 😒 (Why don't people courtesy flush? You know...flush that bad boy...
  6. Late for work excuses

    When my husband worked retail many years ago, he had the absolute laziest boss who was always looking for any excuse to get out of working. One day she hurriedly left work in the middle of the day. Her excuse? She had called home and her daughter ans...
  7. We do get nasty weather on occasion. I remember some 2-3 hour commutes to and from the hospital (30 miles one way) when the roads were completely iced over. That was scary! Not sure what's up this winter. It's been in the 70's where I live. I must be...
  8. Feeling guilty about calling in sick.

    I'd rather work short than work with a nurse who is vomiting and has diarrhea. Personally, I have never called in with little notice, but I have had to leave work 3 times during my years as a nurse due to being ill. 2 times I went straight to the ER ...
  9. The every year Snow thread

    It's 48° and sunny here. It feels like I am on a different planet! Stay warm and safe, everyone. I have been thinking of you all since all this started.
  10. The every year Snow thread

    Texas 😩
  11. The every year Snow thread

    The high on Sunday where I live is going to be 69. In January. 😡
  12. Your monitoring program allow whipits?

    Am I the only one who now can't get the song "Whip it" by Devo out of my head?
  13. Calling in sick, boss harassing me.

    Mickey Mouse?
  14. Is this legal?

    While I find the NICU nurse's actions reprehensible, shouldn't we go through proper channels and chains of command before bringing in the "big dogs", so to speak? I honestly find it a little disturbing that so many people's first reaction (I'm not s...
  15. I don't like pediatric patients, am I normal?

    Whenever anyone asks me for nursing advice, I always tell them if they are over 1 year old and greater than 20 pounds, I don't know what to do with them! I love taking care of babies. My current charge started out as a baby when I took him on. He is ...