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  1. Elle23

    Being cross trained wthout a choice.

    I've ever worked a unit where I did not have to be cross-trained and/or floated to other units for staffing purposes.
  2. Elle23

    How long is your commute?

    Right now about 10 minutes. Living in a large metroplex, this is highly unusual! My prior commutes have been 30 min- 1+ hours depending on traffic.
  3. If it were, there wouldn't be a practicing nurse left.
  4. Elle23

    Is it true all nurses get MRSA or C-DIFF?

    Um...ever had chocolate gravy on a biscuit? You're welcome.
  5. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Or make it so unpalatable they won't eat much!
  6. Elle23

    Pregnant in nursing school

    Went to nursing school with a woman who was pregnant (and had a toddler at home). She delivered on a Friday and was back in school on Monday without missing a beat. It can be done.
  7. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    My dog HATES riding in the car. She wimpers and freaks out the whole time! It is obnoxious! I always get a bit envious when I see dogs riding along with their heads hanging out the window and the look of sheer doggie delight on their wind swept faces!
  8. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    I'm going to have to put my gray boy on a diet. My daughter weighed him the other day and he was 22 pounds! His brother weighs 9! I've never had an obese cat before. Does anyone know any good cat foods for weight loss? He is a weird cat and will not touch canned food or regular meat. He is dry food only (or crunchy as it is known in our house).
  9. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Maybe it's the angle of the picture, but those are some super long legs!
  10. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    They are beautiful! I LOVE Siamese cats!!
  11. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Here is my orange boy. He is actually the brother of my fat gray boy, though you'd never know it. They could not be more different! (He is dirty from rolling around on the ground outside!)
  12. Elle23

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Eeeeee! Thank you for bumping this thread! I was just thinking about it the other day.
  13. Elle23

    Least Favorite Things Patients Say

    "What is his/ her weight today?" ....asked of the critically ill, intubated, barely-hanging-onto-life baby with 20 drips, tubes everywhere, on HFOV and NO, who has coded 10 times in the last hour.
  14. Elle23

    All my friends are RNs

    My best friends are all church people. No nurses. In my early 20's, however, my entire social circle was the nurses from my job. We were all young, newly married, and at the same place in our lives. When we started having kids, we all drifted apart, and other than the occasional Christmas card, I never see them. I will always treasure those times. Our group was very "St. Elmo's Fire", and part of me will always miss what we had. Life goes on...
  15. Elle23

    Surviving nightshift plus breastfeeding

    I never had supply issues working nights. It may or may not be a problem. My 1st son nursed for 2 years with no problems! If you don't work 2 nights in a row, at least you won't have the pressure of having to sleep to go back to work. It is hard, but doable. But be sure and get as much sleep as you can the day you work. Even now, those first nights are my hardest nights!
  16. Elle23

    Surviving nightshift plus breastfeeding

    Trying to schedule your shifts opposite of your husband might be helpful too. That way he would be there during the day while you sleep. I worked a lot of weekends when my kids were little for that reason (Friday and Saturday nights since he worked Mon- Fri days).

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