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bluegeegoo2 has 11 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    I wondered the same thing, frequently and aloud. She continued to work at that facility like nothing happened. I'm still appalled by it and it's been over 10 years ago.
  2. And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse changed a PEG tube, charted "Unable to verify placement x 2 nurses...", bolused meds and resumed feeding anyway. This was around MN. Pt was dead before noon.
  3. Vancomycin Trough

    No, we had an offsite lab come draw as well. They would draw, we would hang and await results then either call or fax them to pharmacy (also offsite) to dose and order the next trough.
  4. Vancomycin Trough

    This. That's exactly how we did it in the LTC I worked at.
  5. Looking for advice: I don't like my salary

    In my former venue of LTC, your experience netted you a whopping $0.1 per year. So, at 10 years experience I made a whole dollar more than a brand new nurse. That is standard for this area. Really irritating and devaluing. If you pushed real hard y...
  6. Nurses Are So Bossy...

    Feel better now?
  7. Help. Input. Agree. Disagree. Thoughts.

    I personally will not give/admin any consumables that are open but not dated. If the bag was already spiked and not dated I would not admin without confirmation that it was good, but I would likely still hesitate. I'm funny like that.
  8. Student with ADHD

    No where in my response did I suggest that anyone not need meds. I provided an account of my personal experience with ADHD and nursing school. Being an older soul, I had developed a fairly solid coping strategy without medications that served me wel...
  9. Weird Interview!?

    My interpretation is that she prefers informal, "Let's get to know each other" type of interviews and is attempting to present herself in a friendly manner. That being said, I would be taken aback in that situation. That's not protocol! ?
  10. Feeling Trapped!

    My husband used to work for a large grocery chain and they held people for at least 4-6 wks before releasing them as well.
  11. 5 Myths of Multitasking

    Same! One of the last shifts I worked I experienced a complete mental shutdown. I was passing meds, then one thing after another piled up and I handed my med aide my keys and went on break. I knew I had a million things to do but completely shut dow...
  12. Give 'Em Enough Rope

    I had a coworker who was less than useful or effective in her role as a nurse. To top it off, she was incredibly rude to the CNA's, ancillary staff, etc. She was the type of person that, when I saw her name on the schedule with me on the same unit I ...
  13. 5 Myths of Multitasking

    My father-in-law's definition of multitasking: Doing a bunch of things half-a**ed. Great article!
  14. "ASKholes"

    Everyone knows it's supposed to hang on the outside, don't they? Lol
  15. Case Study: Does Childhood Abuse Prevent Weight Loss? Pt. 2

    My ACE score is an 8. That explains a lot, though I am acutely aware of the long-term adverse effects of such a childhood. I am, and will always be a work in progress. Here's to hope. ?