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Hi all,

I was going to post this on the new grad board, but figured I'd get a more "experienced" response here.

I graduated in June and have been orienting since July on a fairly small ICU/Telemetry unit. I don't like what I'm doing! My coworkers are fairly nice and supportive. My preceptor is okay (not outstanding, but I've heard worse horror stories). There's a lot of dissatisfaction with management (but again...it could be worse). When I started bridging from LPN to RN my intention was to go into LD/GYN/Women's health, etc. I firmly believe that is where my heart is.

My question is...how soon do I leave or try to look for a new position???? I feel like people would perceive me as flaky. At the same time, I don't want to waste the ICU's time or money orienting me...I truly do appreciate the opportunity that they've given me....

What would you do??:confused: :confused: :confused:


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You are the only person who truly knows what it is best for you. If you are not happy where you're at, go somewhere else. Make sure you give notice first.

I always say the best thing about nursing is the choices we have.



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Hi USA987,

I would go to your ACM or CM and just let her know about your decision..or go to the Human Resource Department and ask if there are any openings in the L&D/OBGYN and if not, what you need to do to get in. Most places really prefer some experience in Med/Surg, so if you can stick it out awhile...also if you are sometimes floated within your hospital, ask to be floated to the L&D floor, you obvioulsy won't be doing all that they do but you may assist in many areas..even if you are acting as an assistant..you will still gain experience. Good Luck!

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Thank you for your responses.

I hate this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am starting the critical care courses next month as part of my orientation and I really don't want them to waste their money or time sending me if this is not for me.

I have a meeting next week with my preceptor, unit manager and unit coordinator to see exactly where I'm at on my orientation pathway. Don't know if I should express any of my concerns to them....

Thanks again for your feedback!


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I would express your concerns before the critical care classes. Does your hospital have a time frame before you can put in a transfer?



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"My question is...how soon do I leave or try to look for a new position???? "

The general rule of thumb is one year.


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I don't think you should stay anywhere you are not happy. "Rules of thumb" are meant to be broken. When I first graduated, everyone said that you "had" to put in a year on med/surg. I would have lasted about 5 minutes. I wanted to work NICU, and NICU is where I went. I never worked on med/surg.

Don't waste your time working where you are unhappy. If your heart is in another area, then see about transfering over. Especially, if the facility is going to train you in critical care, and you have no desire to work there.

Follow your heart. Don't let arbitrary rules hold you back.

Good luck!;)

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It's think it's not a good idea to leave when you're not even done with your orientation. I would at least try to stick it out until you are done precepting and focus on the fact that you are learning valuable organizational skills, seeing a lot, learning things, etc., and focus on the fact that you have other goals.

Agree with the others though, a year is a good idea, but if you can't make it that long move on. There are no rules cast in stone.

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Be true to yourself.. Talk to your supervisor about your goals. Icu/Tele experience really isnt going to help you that much in L and D and womens services.

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Thanks for the responses...

I can't put in for a transfer until I've been in a position for at least 6 months...don't know if orientation is included in that time frame or not.

This particular unit is infamous for lengthy orientations...4-9 months...and as with any thing else the quality of the orientation and preceptor varies GREATLY. A lot of days I take a full pt. load and my preceptor is busy doing charge nurse things...she just asks me a few times a day if I'm doing okay.

I did call an HR person yesterday afternoon at another facility. I interviewed with her in the spring for a med/surg position (I had that whole "1 yr. of med/surg is a good thing" thought). It was a tough decision to make btwn the 2 facilities. Anyway, I just left a message for her asking what I could do to make myself more marketable, like seminars..etc., if I wanted to come in and interview for a LDRP position. Hoping to get some good outside feedback from her.

Thanks again for all your opinions, support, and encouragement.

All the best;)

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On the other hand, one of the purposes of orientation is to make sure you are right for the job, AND the job is right for you.

Find out if there is an opening in OB, then talk to the Nurse Manager. If you can stick it out for the year, great, but they're spending $$ orienting and educationg you, the less waste the better.


Our facility has the rule of one year but we break it regularly, especially for new grads. We want them to be able to function and be content or we end up recruiting for that position again too quickly. HOWEVER, some people just don't know what they want and DO waste our time/money. My advice is the same as what others said: talk to your supervisor, check out the job postings in HR, see what they are willing to do. Last year I moved a new grad from critical care to surgery and she is a shining star down there. Was miserable on the floor. So check it out.

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