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I know that colleges differ when it comes to what prereqs they require before you can enter into their nursing program. So I was wondering what some of you have to take to get into the program. As I was reading through my college material it states that I will have to take Algebra, Chemistry, Biology and complete all developmental courses that are prescribed by the scores of the placement test that I will be taking in April. I have seen on here that others are taking A&P and Micro as prereqs. When will I take these classes once I get into the nursing program?


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I'm taking these for my AS in nursing:

college algebra, statistics

English I & II, speech

Philosophy and religion(required humanities class)

Anatomy I & II, Micro I (labs for all 3)


transition class for LPNs in order to skip 1st yr of RN

I am taking all of these before going into the nursing program...because I know that the nursing aspect is going to be keeping me busy. Most nursing programs do allow you the opportunity to do some pre-reqs but they usually want you to have your sciences done because they are very time consuming. This is what my adviser recommended. Congrats on your career choice, may you have the opportunity to learn and grow and become a great nurse!

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I'm kinda in a spot. I have been planning to go to a university when we move for a job, but the job has been put on hold. So instead I am going to put my name in the local CC for their ASN.

For the ASN & BSN I need:


AP 1&2

Human Growth & Dev


Math for clinical calc (only needed for ASN)



For my BSN, I need these additional ones:





University Seminar

An arts class

2 diversity classes

Once i am admitted to the pre-nursing pgm at the U its:

Nursing Profession

Health assessment

Foundations Nurs

Foundations Ccare

Only then do I go onto the Junior & Senior years of the nursing program.

I can't even apply to the CC until those pre-reqs are done, and with the BSN you get in by points so the more points the better the chance. More classes, more points.

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I'm going to the CC in the next county over. Here's how their program works:

The Nursing Program is a selective admissions process. We recommend the following steps towards a completed file and admission. Completion of steps 1 thru 5 will give you a "completed file".

Steps towards admission

1. Submit an application; applications should be submitted annually until your file is complete.

2. Submit high school transcript*: The program no longer requires your HS transcripts for the admittance; however, we can still use your HS chemistry and algebra as long as you completed 1 year for a total of 1 credit and received a "B-" or better. 1 yr of HS Biology with a grade of "C" or better can be used as the prerequisite to BIOL 201. *Submitting your high school transcript can be beneficial.

3. Take ACT and/or Compass: The ACT is recommended but not required. Students have the option of taking the ACT (a composite score of 19 or higher) or Compass Reading (a reading score of a 78 or higher).

4. Submit all college transcripts: Minimum GPA of 2.5 is required from each college attended.

5. Successfully complete the following prerequisite courses:

Prerequisite courses with "B-" or higher:

  • MATH 101 - can use 1 cr. of HS Algebra: a "B-" or better in EACH semester or Compass Algebra score of 40 or higher.
  • CHEM 100 - can use 1 cr. of HS Chemistry: a "B-" or better in EACH semester. Prerequisite college courses completed* with "B-" or higher:
  • BIOL 201 - Human Anatomy: pre-req is 1 cr. of HS Biology with a "C" or better in 2 semesters, or college level biology, and a Compass reading score of 73 or higher.
  • BIOL 202 - Human Physiology: pre-req is BIOL 201.

*As per the 2007-08 catalog, BIOL 201 & 202 need to be completed within 6 years prior to admission to the Nursing Program.

Note: Students may apply to the nursing programs beginning April 1 of each year. Acceptance into the nursing program is based on "date of completion of file." Students completing steps 1 thru 5 as outlined above will have a "completed file."

6. Complete General Education courses required for the Nursing Program. These need to be completed with a grade of a "C" or better .

General Education Classes

  • ENGL 151 - Freshman Composition3 cr.
  • COMM 101 or 111 3 cr.
  • PSYC 201 - Introduction to Psychology3 cr.
  • PSYC 220 - Developmental Psychology3 cr.
  • Creativity Elective 2-3 cr.
  • Global Awareness Elective 3 cr.

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I am going to college for the LPN program:

They used to have all the pre-reqs rolled into the LPN program....but found they were losing a lot of students that way....so now they are pre-reqs...and now if you can make it thru these....you can make it through the nursing program.....

Pre-Reqs are:

English Comp 1

General Biology with Lab

Elementary Algebra

Anatomy & Physiology 1

Anatomy & Physiology 2


General Psychology

Nursing Assistant Class

Then I will do the bridge to RN program once I have worked as an LPN for 1000 hours, and those pre-reqs are for an AS degree.....

Human A & P 1 (5 cr)

Human A & P 2 (5 cr)

English Composition I (5 cr)

• CHEM&121 Intro to Chemistry (5 cr)

• BIOL&260 Microbiology (5 cr)

General Psychology (5 cr)

Lifespan Psychology (5 cr)

Math in Society (5 cr) or Precalculus I (5 cr)

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My school requires these classes

Eng 1 & 2

Psychology 1 & Human Development





Anatomy & physiology 1 & 2


you can apply to the program once you have a grade in Bio and Chem. But will probably not get in, unless you have almost all of it done.


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my program requires a&p, gen psych,and chemistry before clinicAls


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I noticed that you live in Arizona. The prerequisite/corequisite classes you mentioned in your post are exactly the same classes my school requires. Do you by chance attend Mohave Community College? I attend the Lake Havasu campus.....




Medical Law and Ethics

A&P 1 and Lab

A&P 2 and Lab



Chemistry and Lab

Organic Chem and Lab

2 Englishes

Public Speaking

General Psych

Human Growth and Devel

Abnormal Psych




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For the LPN program at my CC, you just have to take any developmental courses you test into during admission, nursing perspectives and CPR. However there is a pretty extensive waiting list so most people end up taking their RN pre-req's before they even start the LPN program. The RN ones are Psych, Soc, Developmental Psych, Nutrition, Micro, AnP 1 and 2, Chemistry and Oral Communication.

For the BSN, you must take a certain numer of humanities, Comp1 and 2 and some other electives that I cant remember! lol

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For my master's-entry program:

Bachelor's degree, any major, GPA 3.0 or higher (College transcript(s) required)

1 year chemistry

1 year biology

Combined GRE score of 1000 or higher

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For our 2nd year transfer BSN:

30 credits (3 of which is Academic Writing)

GPA of 3.0 or higher

For our 3rd year transfer BSN:

60 credits of University work with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

A&P I and II


Lifespan Development

For our Direct Entry MSN:

a BS/BA degree with gpa of 3.0 or higher. Applicants with GPA of 3.25 or higher do not need the GRE

A&P I and II

Lifespan Development

a course in statistics

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