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just a nurse trying to take care of my people

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  1. itsmyturn

    Tennessee Technology Knoxville LPN

    If you really want to get extra points, take THEIR Cna class, the medical termonolgy class they offer AND the phlebotomy class they offer. And, get a job part time as a CNA because you will get even more points. If you get in, get ready to give your life to it. I studied day and night because they just pile it on so bad. Then, after you graduate, forget most of what they taught you because you get your training on the job. Good luck, hope you get in!
  2. itsmyturn

    Resume help....

    You know I did the 5 year thing and would you believe that employers are asking me what I did with my life before that. I also gave my med-surg instructor for reference who also works for the same hospital system as me. Easy for them to find her and she spent the most time with me. Before I left LPN school, I got permission from several so if I chose a certain area I could give that instructor.
  3. itsmyturn

    How many hours do you work?

    I am working 84 hours a biweek pay period and it is doable but I have to have discipline and keep telling myself that one day soon my life will be back. Eat live and sleep nursing whether working or at school!
  4. itsmyturn

    I need to get through Med Surg

    I was just like that when I first started. Do you think you may be studying to hard? I cut back to about 1/2 the time I studied and it worked! Sometimes worrying about passing from the fear they pass onto you in the beginning is enough to make you fail. Make you a plan and the materials you plan to use and give yourself about 2 hours a day per class to study. Away from people, noise etc. I literally had to put a sign on my office that said... "if in here, I am not here". Then let it go.
  5. itsmyturn


    I am using Saunders NCLEX-RN for Anatomy and physiology when it fits and I also started a plan to read a chapter per day since I begin the senior trimester of LPN school. I am going to do that all the way up to the end of my RN school and I go to sit for the exam. It is an easy goal, keeps me fresh while on the job and I go through the entire book 8 times a year. The LPN NCLEX was so easy I thought that I must have jinxed myself! I also bought the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice that I try to read through as well.
  6. itsmyturn

    I would like some advice please present PN STUDENT :)

    Ericad85... Check with your school first before retaking them. I know my school and most others take your first attempt at a course so it may just be a waste of time for you.
  7. itsmyturn

    Lnp to RN

    The same at Walter State. Because I am an LPN, I am able to be "bumped" so to speak because I have more experience. I have to complete two semesters and I am an RN. I am still required to meet the same requirements as an entry level nurse but they slip me into a separate group away from the traditional students. That is why a lot around here do this. So they can work to pay for RN and get in easier. I don't believe this makes the school any less. I tell employers where I am going and they are please with my choice in school.
  8. I am interested in an IV therapy course for one. I am also wondering what employment ads that say "advanced LPN certification needed" are wanting. Is there an advanced course or is this something you pick up at a hospital? Does it have to do with being certified as a LPN II ? Any help would be appreciated because I want to enhance my education but am lost as how to do this. I have googled and nothing really comes up but CEUs.
  9. itsmyturn

    LPN career path

    You did not say where you are located but I live in the East and LPNs tend to gravitate towards long term and make good money there. Hospitals around 14.00 and DR's offices around 10.00
  10. itsmyturn

    Walters State Nursing Spr 2010

    Good Luck... completing my pre-reqs there next year then heading in your direction! Did you attend there for pre-reqs?
  11. itsmyturn

    St. mary's in Knoxville

    I just left a job there and I NEVER got a break, got paid ridiculously low and ran my butt off the entire 8 hours I worked. They are constantly calling you to come in on your day off but when you need time off they won't give it to you without a big fight. They have almost taken away all help from CNA to LPN and the patient load.... 8-10 pt on med-surg is dangerous and a possible liability issue.
  12. itsmyturn

    what is med/surg like after doing long term care?

    If you are organized and have good assessment skills you will be fine in m/s. I work at a hospital and it is still all about med passing with sick patients depending on you to relay info they won't give right out to the DR. I think the worse part of hospital for me is the paperwork! And I work in a hospital that has EMRs. Then, you have the Dr. taking your chart and writing even more for you to do. Then you have the pharmacy taking their sweet time getting your meds to you. Then there are the family members who mean well but expect their member to be treated as if they were the only one on the floor. My day goes like this: I start passing meds at 0730. I then turn back around and collect the 0900 meds. After that, I try to work on my assessments for the 6-7 pts I have. While doing this, my pts are racking up tasks for me and my CNA . By the time I get this done, it is time to pass meds again. I then try to get dressings changed, vitals again and look at the charts to see what the Dr. wrote on his/her rounds. I have to fax the orders to the pharmacy and verify orders I can't read. THEN.... there is the wonderful admissions and discharges. Yesterday, we had 9 admissions on a 21 bed floor. Talk about rough. A long, drawn out process with lots and lots of paperwork. I am on my feet all day long, the only time sitting down is at lunch which usually offers me a 15-20 min break before someone is paging me to get something done for a pt. Now, that is where I work. I am sure that every hospital is different but I have worked in two and they were pretty much the same. Bedside nursing is hard, fast and wears you out even if you manage to get it real organized. It burns you out quick. Just try it... some people love it and were made for it. Others soon realize that it s not for them. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  13. itsmyturn

    What Motivates You to Go to Work Each Day?

    You have to hang in there and tell yourself on a daily basis that you are lucky to have your job and try to be optimistic. Money is about being able to live comfortable and it is out there for everyone. When I was younger, I remember having only $20 for the entire week after everything was taken out. We ate rice a lot. My hubby had to eat his sandwich while others had the money to go out at lunch. Sometimes we did without so our child could eat. It could have been looked at as we were dirt poor and let it get to us that we scraped by and even though we busted our butts, it seemed that nothing would ever come of this. One time we had to get food stamps and we borrowed money from relatives for that money we did not have for gas. You get it. But, each week as we cashed that check, we told ourselves instead that times would get better and as we gained more time at work we would gain more money. We put 5 in the collection plate and all of our extra change in a jar. We never got credit cards and as we got promotions, we built up our wealth and kept on trucking. I spent 5 yrs saving for nursing school before I actually got into one. My son got A's so he could get grants to go to school for free at a university. Life is tough but life is directed according to how you look at it. Now, we are in our early 40s. My house and both vehicles are owned outright. My son is 1/2 way through a bachelors and still getting money for good grades. My husband just retired from a 20 year service with law enforcement and I am working part time as a nurse making 25 an hour as an LPN because I work incentive shifts instead of fulltime regular shifts. We are doing well. And the reason is because we began our venture with the idea that everyone deserves what they want but in the process patience and hard work is what it is going to take to get a person where they want to be. You do things that may make you wonder "why" but in the back of your mind you must carry on and keep the demons from tearing down your dreams. You will get there and you will do it well...just keep the faith and go get what you want and give yourself time to get it and grow in order to handle it. The way I see it, is you are o.k. from what you write and YOU have a valued job that others are clawing at to have. No, it does not pay much but you are not stopping there because you have already set a new goal. Meet that goal and set a new one and keep going until you get to where you need to be. And always remember, that you will never have enough money because there is always something you really want and we all live within our means.
  14. itsmyturn

    Proctors know if you pass NCLEX?

    When i left out of there, I made a comment about how I hoped that went well, and the proctor looked at me and said" oh, you have nothing to worry about, you will do fine." At first, i thought well, wasn't she nice to encourage me but as I started thinking about it on the way home, she said it with that look that everyone has seen... the one that says oh, I got to tell you someonthing but I can't!
  15. itsmyturn

    Where do you look for malpractice insurance

    I choose NSO as well. We were talking about this the other day at work, and it really surprised me that most of whom I work with do not have coverage..most told me they did not want to jinx themselves. Most thought it would cost and arm and a leg but it is only $100 per yr with NSO. Now, everyone is freaking out because a woman in the hospital is suing and since we took care of her, we are gonna be sitting a t deposition for sure.... NSO helps with the expenses of that.