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  1. k-t-did

    Want to be L&D rn but hate the OR?

    I love me some OR. I would say 1/4 of my deliveries would typically end up there, but I volunteer to circulate often because I enjoy it, so it's probably a higher ratio for me. OB nurses will never completely avoid the OR!
  2. We have "delivery kits" which are locked plastic boxes with 800 mcg of cytotec, a vial of lidocaine, some methergine, and extra pit. They are taken to every delivery. Hemabate has to be refrigerated. It also would be given AFTER the other drugs were already tried and failed, in my experience....so I wouldn't keep that bedside. Someone could go grab it if you think things are deteriorating to the point of needing it. I find that people who have strange, over the top habits like that, have lived through a bad scene....and that makes them feel safer.
  3. k-t-did

    Switching specialties to L&D

    As a nurse manager in L&D I would LOVE to hire someone for L&D who had a passion for it and had critical care experience! Same with OR experience. Keep trying!
  4. k-t-did

    Laboring Morbidly Obese Women

    I have found that shooting the efm at an angle very very high on the fundus (like you would for breech, or even higher) can sometimes help trace baby in an obese woman. Tends to be less adipose tissue there, and THROUGH the panniculus is basically impossible. other option, sometimes, is to get the mom to lift her belly up, find ht under there and then lower the belly back down to hold the efm in place. Our koala rep came by recently and gave us some disposable tocos to try. They are supposed to be better for big women.
  5. k-t-did

    Labor and Delivery nurses: can you scrub?

    I have never been specially trained to scrub, but I can in a pinch. Honestly, all you need to really know is sterile technique, and how to count! In an emergency, the MD can point and tell you what they need. A patient physician can get you through any situation! That all being said, I am working on setting up training from the head of our surgery department to inservice all the L&D nurses can take a short class to learn the basics of scrubbing.
  6. My favorite that comes FREQUENTLY because it's on an online checklist... "We do not want fetal monitoring unless our baby is in distress." Ok honey. I'll just wave my hands over your belly and say, "hmmmm......I think.....I feel...hm.....probably not in distress.." Or just whip out the crystal ball. Seriously? Do they even think?
  7. k-t-did

    Chloraprep for C-sections

    We have the wand, and don't touch the field, so clean gloves are all that is necessary. When inserviced by our rep, Chloraprep was taught to aggressively friction-scrub back and forth over the actual incision area, then use wide overlapping strokes. The prep must dry to work...do not drape too early....we let dry 4 min minimum.
  8. We had a Godbless Louisiana on our unit a couple of years ago. I had had one young mom unable to pronounce the name her Aunt picked out for her baby. She tried several times and said, "I'm just gonna call him Fat-boy till I practice"
  9. k-t-did

    "true knot"

    Let's see...I've seen maybe 1/2 dozen or so in 3.5 years as a L&D nurse. Usually no complications at all and undetected until birth. Usually u see it and go, "oh...so that's why she kept having variables!"
  10. k-t-did

    opinion about nsu shreveport vs panola in carthage...

    I'm a panola student, and just wanted to say that it is complete BS that local hospitals will hire a NSU grad over a Panola grad. It's simply not true. WK partners with NSU, indeed. But it's a local school/local hospital. It makes sense. Why would an East Tx school partner with a Shreveport hospital? Sure, they will make space for the few NSU grads that go through with their partnership, but that is not to say that they would hire ANY NSU grad over a Panola grad. In fact, LSU will not hire NSU grads straight out of school to work in their ER, but routinely hire fresh Panola grads. We graduate with ACLS straight out of school. That's just one example... I work at Schumpert, and have done clinical at WK...I have heard on several occasions that the nurses LOVE when the Panola students come because their attitudes are much better. Now, I don't know why they would say this were it not true, at least in their opinions. NSU gets a bad rap for many reasons, one of which is the superior, cocky attitudes of the students. This is also quite evident in this thread!
  11. k-t-did

    CNA students: help or burden?

    I know when we were doing clinicals the CNA's sat around and did practically nothing while we did all the work, so I would hope and pray they would vote "help". LOL
  12. k-t-did

    opinion about nsu shreveport vs panola in carthage...

    I don't know about the teas, but I know it's pretty competitive. I know lots of people who have applied for more than 2 semesters and not gotten in. I also know that Spring is considerably easier to get in. Good luck!
  13. k-t-did

    CNA to RN at work

    PS you might want to google the word "insolent" I was thinking the same thing. I worry about your attitude. Seriously. It's the pointing the finger analogy. You are pointing one finger, and have 3 pointing back at you. Perhaps your attitude is what is causing friction between you and the RN's. Why the sense of entitlement as a CNA? CNA's are valuable members of the team, but, like it or not, you are below them on the totem pole, and for good reason.
  14. My school is one hour away, one way. I kinda enjoy the drive....No classes right now, and I miss the time alone....in the quiet.
  15. k-t-did

    Taking CNA class with immature classmates..UGHHHHH

    Yep, it's kinda sickening. We had two teenagers in our class. Texting all the time. Giggling to each other. Late to class. Luckily the teacher threw one of them out, and the other has really stepped up to the plate now that the bad influence is gone. It's really sad that these young people do NOT know how to behave. I'm old enough that I would talk to them at lunch time and tell them that their behavior was inappropriate, and that it was time to grow up and act like adults. One of them listened, the other did not. The young one that listened is still in the class, and always wants to be my partner, asks me questions at breaks, and has really latched on to me. I think so many of the young people need someone who will be firm with them, give them honest direction and not be afraid of "offending " them or something. Kids, even teens, need someone who won't put up with that crap. I'm glad my teacher didn't put up with it long.
  16. k-t-did

    How long did it take you to complete your CNA program

    I am doing it now, mine is through Panola College in Marshall, TX It is 2.5 weeks long...including 4 days of clinicals. It makes for a long day....but I don't feel rushed. The stuff is not hard.