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What is your opinion


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I am curious, If you were called into the Directors/Managers office what is your first thought?.

In our unit we have an element of fear and distrust, I was told recently by our new director that this thought pattern has to stop. For example I was asked to come to the office and my first question was 'am I in trouble?'

I said that it will take time for us to trust after a long period of unstability but was informed that we have to now trust her, but I am still having difficulty trusting because I am told to do, is this unreasonable. I do have good vibes from the new director but I am reserving my trust and respect until she has proven herself.

chicookie, BSN, RN

Specializes in Peds Hem, Onc, Med/Surg. Has 8 years experience.

My first thought would be oh crap I killed someone. Because that is the ONLY reason we get called into her office. No pats on the back or anything. That happens in the break room. :D

Pepper The Cat, BSN, RN

Specializes in Gerontology. Has 35 years experience.

I always assume I'm in trouble because like chicookie says, that's the only time I get called into the office. We don't get called in for good stuff!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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At my workplace, management never calls staff into the offices to give commendations or remind people that they are doing such wonderful work. The positive actions go unnoticed while the negative stuff always gets multiplied, blown out of proportion, and talked about repeatedly.

Therefore, my first thought upon being called to speak to management typically will be, "What did I do wrong?"

It's similar to being called to the principal's office in Jr High.....even though you are 99% sure you didn't do anything wrong there is always that self doubt that we allow to creep in. Trust must be earned not ordered!


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When I get called into the office I immediately think "OMG, what did I do?". I do have a rep for being outspoken but so far have not gotten in trouble. But when I went for me eval, I was nervous and my manager said to stop thinking that I'm getting into trouble. My eval was good. I think everyone's reaction to getting pulled into the office is "what did I do?"

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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Yep..........that would be my instinct as well. NOBODY gets called into the boss's office for good stuff. But there's usually a reason for that.

As a supervisor, I'm in the habit of commending staff members publicly for good work so that they get to feel good about themselves and be proud of what they've accomplished; on the other hand, whenever I have to counsel someone about poor performance, I'll ask them to step outside or into a vacant office and close the door so we can discuss it in private. I know that I don't want to be corrected in front of other employees, so I don't do it to my staff.

Of course, they all know that when I ask to speak with them privately, it's NOT good..........so I guess I'm perpetuating that "called to the principal's office" feeling too. Hmmmmmmmmm..................

cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

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Gotta agree, if I'm being called into the office, it's because I did something wrong, or that someone said I did something wrong...

whipping girl in 07, RN

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ITA with the other posts...it's hard not to feel like you're "in trouble" when your boss calls you into the office. And trusting someone because she tells you to...umm, no. She's gotta earn it!

The way to make it so it's not a negative is to sometimes call someone in to tell them they're doing a great job, but managers, if they do that at all, usually do that in front of others and save the negative for behind closed doors.

Excellent question. It occurs to me that it would be a great idea to take the time for meaningful and thought out praise (rather than just a little kudos note on the locker). Public praise is great but I guess I tend to be fleeting about it. Yet with criticism I am more focused and deliberate.

Something for me to think about. Thank you.

ChristineN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatric/Adolescent, Med-Surg.

Whenever I get called into the office my first thought is like the rest of you have said "What did I do?" Fortunately, my boss is actually very supportive of us, and has an open door policy.

to your new manager and any nurse managers I would say this: no one works well in an environment of fear! nursing is a learning profession, you should never be made afraid to make mistakes (that fear should already be internal) the added pressure usually leads to more mistakes not less. i agree too that trust is earned not ordered and overcoming an environment of fear will take time and deliberate effort.

locolorenzo22, BSN, RN

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Usually being called in means you're in trouble.....on my floor, praise doesn't happen. You learn to take your comforts from the patients, not management.

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

Has 41 years experience.

I would think I was in trouble, but it sounds like this director is trying to shift the culture to a more open one.

madwife2002, BSN, RN

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I agree my manager is trying to change the culture on our floor, interestingly a fair few readers have had the similar concerns when being asked into their managers office.

diane227, LPN, RN

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My first thought is what does she need help with. She and I both have a lot of experience and we bounce stuff off each other all the time. I have, however been called in a couple of times for shooting my mouth off. Don't assume to worst.

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