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What is the Norm? (ADN Clinicals)

by Linz8 Linz8 Member

Our clinicals for the first semester is supposed to be W/F 8 am - Noon. I'm thinking to myself that surely we won't jump right into clinicals without some kind of training.

I have my last orientation tomorrow and then class starts Monday and I'm sure this question will come up, but am curious as to what other programs entail. Thanks.

donsterRN, ASN, BSN

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My ADN program teaches clinical skills in the nursing lab for 5 weeks before we go to the outside agencies. We have to pass the check-offs before we go.

I think we get three weeks of Lab practice before clinicals. TG!

WDWpixieRN, RN

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I think we had two or three weeks. It sure didn't seem like much....even through our second semester it didn't seem like we had enough training, lol!! We start our 3rd semester tomorrow and we all feel like such dorks!! I don't know that you ever feel totally prepared for clinicals while in school!!

Best wishes!!

We have three weeks in nursing skills before we go to clinicals and then our clinicals are from6:30 am to 4:30pm

Four weeks of skills and then clinicals which are 6 hours long. The times vary for everyone, but my group is 0700- 1300


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My 1st semester we didn't have clinicals until the very end of the semester. In fact, you had to pass the theory final before you could go to the 4 clinicals. 2nd semester we jumped back in pretty fast...I believe there was only 3 full weeks of class before we started going. This semester we had 1 full week of class and our clinical rotations start next week.

We have 5 weeks and have to be checked off on skills also.

RosesrReder, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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My ADN program teaches clinical skills in the nursing lab for 5 weeks before we go to the outside agencies. We have to pass the check-offs before we go.

That is how it was in my program too ;)


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I am in an accelerated ADN program so ours is a little different than a traditional program since we change rotations every 6 weeks. We have no clinicals the first week of each rotation, just skills labs & lecture. Then for the rest of the weeks we have clinicals 2 days a week from 7-3:30.


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Im kinda confused also about my clinical.. We had a 4 hour Vs and basic skills lab, and then we were sent immediately to our clinical site. All we did today was talk to our clinical instructor and she explained somethings, she was so unsure and indecisive of everything though so the whole group of us was confused.

We have clinical next week a full day and our group is in a residential/independant living facility, so all we really have to do it talk to people and see if they will give us their health hx...I guess this is a good basic start..lol..I was just surprised we were sent somewhere right away.

What is everyone supposed to actually be doing for their clinicals??

We have a short Cna course which is called politically correct " Nursing skills". It lasts about a month, we have skills checks off as well as two theory tests and one final exam, it is expected of us to achieve 77% for that class and then in October we start the fundamentals and have our first experiences in clinical settings, I love my clinical schedule thought, it is split up into two days and it last five hours, I think it is quite logical for the 'freshmans".

We have 3 weeks of preparation then off to LTC/Nursing homes. We spend 2 months there. I don't know beyond that yet.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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It's about 8 weeks of classes and training before we start having clinicals in a clinical setting. Though we start having lab time next week, and they do consider lab time to be clinical time.

we have four weeks of class/lab before we start clinicals.

In my first semester we did lab during our scheduled clinical time...Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8am-2pm. 4 weeks in we started at a LTC facility on the schedule but every other week, 1 week lab and the other LTC clinical. Second semester, we did lab for 2 or 3 weeks, I don't remember and then we jumped in to OB/PEDs and Med-Surg and we did clinical every week until the end of the semester Thurs & Fri...7:30am to 2:30pm.

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