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WDWpixieRN is a RN and specializes in Med/Surg <1; Epic Certified <1.

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  1. WDWpixieRN

    Hard for GNs to get jobs in St. Louis?

    Hopefully you won't find that: a bird in the hand....between the economy and the fact as you point out, that a lot of local hospitals aren't hiring new grads, you and your fellow new grads may find out you should feel fortunate to have gainful employment while obtaining experience and aren't being forced to ask "do you want fries with that" while waiting for that perfect position you seem to feel you should have gotten....good luck!!
  2. WDWpixieRN

    Which hospitals use EPIC?

    Any particular "facilities"? Northern and Southern California are pretty vast regions if one is trying to pinpoint exact locations of the installation of Epic. :clown:
  3. WDWpixieRN

    What does the job market look like for NI jobs?

    $90K a year? Let me know where I can find that salary range, lol!! My company is doing a lot of hiring right now....I would imagine the jobs are out there nationwide with the push to EMR over the coming years....
  4. WDWpixieRN

    Does Age Make a Difference in Informatics?

    I was 52 when I got my RN and 53 when I transitioned back to an IT role with a local hospital group. I had 6 years of IT experience prior to obtaining my RN, but this job required a bachelor's in IT or business or something related as well as a clinical degree of some kind -- RN, PT, OT, etc. If this is your field of interest, then go for it. Explore all avenues and don't even think that age should be a part of your equation. Most of my fellow employees are in my age range +/-. It's just a number....good luck!!!
  5. WDWpixieRN


    That is a very exciting accomplishment!! I might be going for more certifications in the upcoming months...it's been over a year since I got my first, so I'm excited at the thought of going back now that I've got some experience and perspective!! Congrats!!
  6. WDWpixieRN

    Looking for help on which school to go with

    First: educate yourself on the programs and options available in your situation. I had a bachelor's in business. I chose to go the ADN route for financial and time reasons. I had the option of an accelerated BSN program, but to be honest, I just wasn't up for killing myself and not having a life for the 15-18 months of the programs. That was my choice and I'm not sorry I made it at this point. As for "good" programs in the STL area? I don't know that there's one "best"; we are blessed with having many great options here. No program sounds like it's perfect, but SLU, UMSL, Maryville, etc. all have BSN programs that seem to be pretty-well respected and with employed graduates!! Each person's experience will be different and based on their personal perceptions.... Make sure they're accredited, fit your financial and family needs, and then go for it!! Best wishes!!
  7. WDWpixieRN

    WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????

    Honey, I was almost 50 before I got in to an RN program....my suggestion is spending the time to get your prereqs done and apply for a RN program in the area. There are plenty to chose from depending on your time/financial ability. You limit yourself career-wise by choosing an LPN program; please don't do that to yourself if you are going to take the time to go back to school for an advanced license!! That's my .02!! I graduated school at 50+. Your age is just a number!!
  8. WDWpixieRN

    Anyone Certified As An Epic Analyst?

    It sounds like perhaps you should spend some time as an RN prior to attempting to switch gears too quickly. What I would suggest is what others have previously -- if there's an EHR at your hospital, see about becoming a Superuser and getting as much training and know-how about your system. Then you can see about switching to some type of IT/RN position if you are still interested. By doing so, you'll ensure that you actually want to be in this field. You don't say that you accomplished degrees in those other majors, so a solid background in either IT or nursing would be a good start. Since you don't appear to have the IT background, then knowledge of the nursing/hospital workflow would be extremely helpful.
  9. WDWpixieRN

    SCCC trouble?

    Worked with a recent graduate of SCCC and don't recall hearing anything negative, nor reading much negative on these boards. It would be helpful to know what kind of issues you are/were having?
  10. WDWpixieRN

    St Charles Community College- reapply?

    I just want to add that I was in a fellowship, and worked with, a fairly recent graduate of SCCC a year or so ago. She was a well-educated, great nurse. I never heard her complain about the program or the school at SCCC anymore than any of the rest of us. I don't think there are too many programs that AREN'T a bit manic to try to get in to and figure out. I think it's partly due to the fact that the sheer numbers of applicants is overwhelming and the requirements are tough, both before and after admissions. SCCC has a great reputation as do many of the other programs in the STL area. They all have their good and bad, and whoever it was that pointed out that the student should take a lot of the responsibility for knowledge of what it takes to get going, is pretty much on target. I found no matter what school I attended, if I talked to a dozen people on campus, I could pretty much plan on getting 8 - 10 different responses about a lot of things. This includes when I obtained my bachelor's in business at a well-respected university here locally.
  11. WDWpixieRN

    St Charles Community College- reapply?

    I thought it was someone else who started the thread. Sorry for the confusion. Best of luck in your nursing school travels!
  12. WDWpixieRN

    St Charles Community College- reapply?

    So once again I'll add -- have you looked in to St. Louis Community Colleges? You get a chem and a bio101 class out of the way, take the dosage test, submit your application, and get on a list where you will wait a semester (or two) until your name's called up. Gee, that took all of one sentence to explain. You're right, SCCC isn't a lottery (although many schools across the nation have those), but, it shouldn't be that complicated to explain, never mind have to do!!
  13. WDWpixieRN

    St Charles Community College- reapply?

    Have you considered St. Louis Community College (any of the campuses)? They work strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you've applied (after finishing a few prereqs, and taking and passing the dosage test), your name goes on a list and then you wait until your number is up. No reapplying, no wondering "what's next?". I think any type of "lottery" system positively stinks as it is purely luck that determines your educational fate. You might wait a few semesters to get in to STLCC, but that gives you time to complete the remainder of your prereqs and coreqs, so that all you need to concentrate on while you're in the program IS the nursing classes. And in the meantime, you KNOW you've got a place in the program coming up.
  14. WDWpixieRN

    Sanford Brown College of St. Peters, MO LPN to ADN RN

    I believe you can look in to "bridge" programs locally. I know the St. Louis Community Colleges had a bridge program. Possibly Jefferson Community and St. Charles might also. Unfortunately, you write that you're in an LPN program. It's possible that until you obtain the LPN that you don't qualify to bridge in to an RN program. If a bridge program won't work, then start making phone calls to all the local colleges' nursing programs to see what options you have. At the worst, if you have the prereqs, you can always see about applying to the RN programs in town and start from scratch and leave SBC before you incur much more debt with them. Whatever you do, don't give up on your dream and just be aware that you have time to make the RIGHT decision regardless...
  15. WDWpixieRN

    Second Year of Nursing school

    If Barnes & Noble doesn't carry it (and I'd bet they do), look online. Amazon is a great source for "gently used" texts although make sure you're getting a recent edition. Otherwise, you can surely order it through Barnes. As for difficulty, I think anytime you're presented with new material, it's challenging and involves work and diligence. And it's always tricky figuring out a new instructor. The main thing will be sticking to your study plan and putting in the time required to stay on top of your studies. You'll be fine. I was 50 going through school (ADN program) and didn't find it any worse than the 20-somethings and sometimes found it easier as I had life experience as well as the want to succeed. Best wishes!! Let us know how it goes!!!
  16. WDWpixieRN

    Can new RN grads start in Informatics?

    I had less than a year's bedside experience and a bachelor's and several years in the IT field and was hired in an informatics position. I feel very fortunate to have been hired in to my position and am really enjoying the healthcare IT field. In order to get Epic training of any kind, you must be employed by an employer who will send you to training to be either credentialed or certified. Your best bet is to start inquiring in your area, or looking online at local hospitals, to find out who is doing what in the EHR field. Look for positions with these facilities and start sending out resumes or applying online. There is a need in many areas for healthcare professionals w/an IT background or knowledge, so hopefully you can find something! Training is a great way to get your foot in the door and many in our company have worked their way up through that position. I will agree that having a pretty solid clinical background is a true advantage as I feel I am spending a lot of time bringing myself up to speed on a good majority of that as well as my IT knowledge in my current position, but I don't believe it's a deal-breaker if you are truly interested in this field. There are many who do the systems work who don't have IT backgrounds and are doing well.