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AnnaN5 has 7 years experience and specializes in AGNP.

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  1. I think she was referring to a discharge script for controlled substances. I have heard that being practice to not give scripts for controlled substances without identification
  2. You can not use your grandparents information if your mother claims you, even if you live with your grandparents. Much like even if you live independently if you are under 24 you still have to provide your parents financial information.
  3. AnnaN5

    NP clinical what to expect

    My first clinical course was focused on H&P's so we were expected to spend most of our hours doing that. I did my hours with a cardiology NP so spent a lot of time doing admission H&Ps and also rounding on the floor. We had a head to toe physical assessment check off prior to the start of the rotation so we were expected to hit the ground running at clinical.
  4. AnnaN5

    PTO for CME?

    Unfortunately $1500 doesn't go far if you want to go to a major conference. The AANP yearly conference is around $700 plus additional fees for workshops. Adding in airfare, hotel, etc adds up. If you are lucky enough to have some local conferences that helps on the costs.
  5. AnnaN5

    PTO for CME?

    My current position is $2000 and 5 days for CME plus 4 weeks PTO. My previous position was $3,000 and 5 days for CME plus 6 weeks PTO. Does your DEA/certification/licenses etc also come out of that $1500?
  6. AnnaN5

    New NP-Negotiating a Salary

    Did the offer of 86,500 include any incentive bonuses? I think that would make a big difference in the overall package. I recently made the switch to a family practice office with a similar salary but I have the ability to make up to $25,000 more based on productivity. I also received a sign on bonus, relocation package, 4 weeks PTO, 1 week CME plus $2,000 for CME and benefits. The salary is unfortunately pretty standard for my area but feel the rest of the package helps.
  7. AnnaN5

    Are people getting meaner, or am I just going soft?

    Had the same type of day earlier this week. Had a patient tell me "that's why I didn't want to see you, I wanted to see a real doctor" when I refused to give her narcotics. Told her I would gladly consult with another provider in my office who also refused to give her narcs.
  8. AnnaN5

    Head to toe assessments?

    https://batesvisualguide.com/ Videos on that site and they also have a print book
  9. AnnaN5

    Insurance & Weight Loss Meds

    I understand that but unfortunately insurance companies don't care so if they have that requirement they won't pay for any meds until it is completed. You have to figure out what rules they have or what hoops they make people jump through
  10. AnnaN5

    Insurance & Weight Loss Meds

    Have you called your insurance and find out what they do cover or look in the formulary? Contrave is a combo pill and Saxenda is an injection so your insurance may require other medications to be tried first before they will cover those. Or they may not cover obesity medications at all. Some insurances require you to do a certain amount of time with weight watchers (that they pay for) before they will cover further therapies
  11. AnnaN5

    Are you listed as a PCP?

    I am in Michigan. Have my own panel of patients, am listed in the chart as the PCP. We do not do incident to billing in our office.
  12. AnnaN5

    Jane Doe, RN, AAS, BSN, MSN, CCRN BFD

    I agree you should just list your highest degree and then your license. The license (RN) gets listed last because that is the only thing you can lose - at least that is the way I was always taught. Ex. BSN, RN not RN, BSN
  13. AnnaN5

    Potential Nursing student in the dark

    All of those colleges require you to be licensed as an LPN or RN first because they only do bridge programs. They do not have programs (as far as I am aware) for people who do not have prior LPN or RN experience. You won't be able to find an online nursing program that isn't a bridge program (LPN to RN or RN to BSN)
  14. AnnaN5

    Follow up after annual physical

    It can be a hard situation. I see the office's point of view. I recently made the switch to family practice so am seeing a lot of patient's new to our office. Many of them are "well controlled" on their HTN, lipid, etc medications and want a year's worth of refills at their initial visit because they are about to run out. I order lab work and give them refills but then of course they never go get the labs done. I personally don't feel considerable continuously prescribing meds when I don't have any labs to review. That provider may have been burned by the same type of situation in the past.
  15. AnnaN5

    Any HRSA 2015 Applicants?

    Mine is still under review What is the score of the facility you work in?
  16. AnnaN5

    Would you be willing to do this?

    Sounds like he is looking for someone to do the 500 AHA forms for free. I've recently made the switch from inpatient to outpatient setting so I'm not even sure what an AHA form is. I do not do a ton of paperwork in my new role. Is this even a form that has to be completed by a provider? How is filling out forms going to show him your clinical skills/knowledge? I'd run far far away