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  1. twinkerrs

    RN or PMHNP?

    I think you should start with an RN and see if you even like it. You sound kinda indecisive so maybe dipping your toes into nursi
  2. As an APRN, I have to correct nurses and techs all of the time because they refer to me as "the doctor". Their argument is that the psych patients do not understand that I can prescribe their meds. I think sometimes patient education is the key to helping people understand our different roles.
  3. twinkerrs


    I just finished school for Pmhnp and I am 42. I don't see where age comes into play at all
  4. twinkerrs

    Interesting times in psych

    I see schizophrenics with active hallucinations and all of the above problems. It is what I was trained to do as a psych np. But if one of them complains of an ear ache I refer to medical. There is still a need for psychiatrists just like there is still a need for family practice docs even though we are trained to treat the patients too.
  5. twinkerrs

    Altered Mental Status- a surprise diagnosis

    Had a 30 something year d patient at our psych hospital last month with mental status changes also had lesions that his pcp was telling him was eczema or something like that. Ended up being syphlis transferred him out for iv abx.
  6. twinkerrs

    Is 18 patients "the new normal"?

    I bet this hospital belongs to a huge corporate chain of behavioral health hospitals. The facility I worked at before becoming an APRN had census like this. The acute unit is staffed 1:15 or 1:whatever the census is some days and teacher count in the matrix so the nurse loses some techs on day shift. Crazy stuff when they want no restraints or seclusion a on top of that.
  7. twinkerrs

    Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    My 10 year old autistic son has cvs. I thought I would end up being investigated for munchaussen by proxy we have spent so much time getting ivf. Haldol is the only thing that has ever helped even tho our pcp thought I was nuts when I suggested it.
  8. I would get copies of my charges resolution of my case etc and go talk to your state board of nursing. They will let you know. Your school may also counsel you on it but I found the most relief by talking to the board. I have a dwi and a misdemeanor hot check from 20 years ago and have since been licensed as an APN and given authority to write prescriptions.
  9. twinkerrs

    Are American hospitals ready for Ebola?

    I think if he knew it he would have gone to atl from Liberia. That is where the others were treated and I am sure he knew it. Plus why would he have put his family at risk?
  10. twinkerrs

    Mentally ill

    Family education has been shown to be effective in reducing re hospitalization rates in many mental disorders, but this does not mean these people need a guardian. They just need family members who understand and are willing to learn.
  11. twinkerrs

    role of CNL?

    Clinical nurse leader. I have no clue what they do tho never worked with one in psych.
  12. twinkerrs

    Becoming a RN with a misdemeanor?

    Contact your BON.
  13. twinkerrs

    how to ace nursing exams

    I did study questions. When I missed one I studied the rationales. I needed to be able to apply what I had learned. Also doing questions teaches you how to find the important parts in the question get rid of dis tractors e
  14. twinkerrs

    rude nurse

    The main problem I have found in nursing is that everyone ASSUMES they know the nurses role and job duties. There is so much that we do that CNAs techs etc do not even realize. It may look like we are being lazy but there are time frames that have to be followed or we get written up. Our techs never get in trouble for press gainey because the patient doesn't remember their food tray being out of reach they remember not getting their pain meds. Don't judge what someone else is doing as being lazy. Do your job ask for help when needed. And as for that nursing student she should have been helping instead of running to the charge nurse to complain. If I was her instructor grr. She is a visitor not an employee and she has no right to complain to anyone but her instructor. Let the instructor get the facts and talk to the charge nurse.
  15. twinkerrs

    example of BIRP psychiatric charting

    B: pt is repeatedly intrusive and aggressive with peers on the unit aeb cutting in line pushing peers out of the way and getting in a peers face and calling him a "butt" I: redirect, discuss effective coping skills to deal with peers such as talking to them about your place in line, allow patient self time outs when frustrated ( you can insert any identified coping skills from treatment plan here or coping skills that pt identifies with you) Response: patient able to maintain position in line without aggressive behaviors. Whatever the patient does after you intervene or for a part of the shift Plan: continue to monitor patient provide 1:1 processing if necessary whatever you plan to do to keep building on a better behavior or what your next course of action will be if the interventions you use do not work. I used to say continue the monitoring process. Also if patient is on medications you include those in your intervention and document response there and document if there are no side effects etc.
  16. twinkerrs

    A Ban=Bsn?

    I had a lot more science than that tho for my bsn. I had two semesters of anatomy (8)'which included two hours of lab. Organic chem (4) plus the other sciences listed.