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  1. twinkerrs

    Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

  2. twinkerrs

    what color is your ink?

    Blue ink so that the original is very obvious.
  3. twinkerrs

    Psych Pet Peeve

    Nurses who chart based on dx and don't even know which patient is which. Nurses or techs who escalate instead of deescalate
  4. twinkerrs

    Last 60 or Cumulative? 3.6/3.2 Which one will they take???

    Some schools only count the last 60 hours of course work towards your bachelors. I don't know what your chances are in your area. In my area it would be really close because there is only one program in my state.
  5. twinkerrs

    staff patient ratio

    I want the staffing grid for 14 mhas. I have 22 kids on my long term unit and during day shift there is 1 rn, 1 mha, and two teachers we are way understaffed.
  6. twinkerrs

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Abilify, risperdal, Thorazine, prilosec, and seroquel. I would guess are our top five. Adolescent long term psych unit.
  7. twinkerrs


    I work in a UHS facility. The way it worked for us was you immediately start earning PTO, but you cant actually use it for 90 days. We accrue something like 7.5 hours per pay period.
  8. twinkerrs

    Question re: ED and mental health

    My DON worked in a psych ER before transferring to our facility. So it is possible to combine the two. I dont know about in a regular ER though. Most of the certifications in mental health can only be added after a minimum of 2000 hours working in mental health.
  9. twinkerrs

    Future of PSI, Inc and UHS?

    UHS employee here who was hoping for a job opening to come along in a PSI facility here until I learned about the merger. Not sure what to tell you to expect though.
  10. twinkerrs

    Any happy psych nurses?

    I am a super happy psych nurse. I start my NP in Mental health program in June. There is no job I would rather have, and I think if you dont love your job you should probably move one.
  11. twinkerrs

    worst death you've seen

    I did not witness this death, but it still makes me cry thinking about it. I work psych and we had a 15 year old who had done a stay with us. He was super smart, funny, and we thought of him as a success story. About a year after his stay with us, he hung himself because of bullying from peers about his sexual orientation. It was super hard on us because that was not even an issue when we had seen him. He was a gay young man who was not scared to be who he was, or so we thought.
  12. twinkerrs

    Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    It took a couple of nurses and techs calling the police to make a patient believe that they would have to face consequences for her actions. She had a history of abusing staff at every facility she has ever been placed in. She is only 17 and even had to have a state ordered eval cancelled because they had a hard time finding an evaluator she had not attacked. Up to the time that the police were called to our facility on her she had never had consequences. She is now serving jail time where she should be. What really made the charges stick was the fact that she threatened staff constantly. So it was a planned attack not a random aggitation incident.
  13. twinkerrs

    Pay Difference between Psych and MS

    My 3-11 shift dif is 3.00 our overnite shift makes 3.50
  14. twinkerrs

    Is the universe trying to tell me something????

    Retake the A & p courses. The school I went to would not take any pre reqs that were more than five years old unless you had been going to school during that five years. If nursing isyour calling where there is a will there is a way!
  15. twinkerrs

    Underwear and patients

    He has his underwear! Took two days but I got it done. I now have a patient who is participating in groups and is smiling. We also have a new level of trust. Thanks guys!