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What to do when you literally HATE your classmates?


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you sound like one of the students I would hate.

You will find a lot worse in the workplace than pink tutus. You need to learn how to deal with people like this because you will never be able to get away from all of them unless you find a job where you work alone.


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First semester I would have sympathized with you and while I wouldn't say "hate", I would have said I could understand your feelings. I'll be finished with my second semester next week and I would recommend that for your own well-being- ignore it and move on. I spent much of my time and energy last semester really aggravated by classmates, all the whining from students that complained about the workload, those that acted as if they already knew everything because they were a CNA or PCT, those that thought the nursing classes were so beneath them because they had a 4.0 and this stuff was too easy, and those that argued every answer they got wrong on every test because they were right and the teachers were wrong. Then, during break I realized that I had been spending time and energy being aggravated about something I can't change- how other people are- instead of spending that time focused on my education and goals. Let me tell you, it's made class this semester a hundred times easier. You may be completely justified in your feelings. You may be right about every one of them. The thing is, it doesn't matter because they're not you. If someone else wants to be an RN for the money? So what. If they're shallow, selfish, rude people? How does that affect you? I know it's not easy, but you're going to deal with people you don't like or respect for the rest of your career, but you're not going to change them and you're going to have to deal with it. I won't say that things work out in the end and people get what they deserve. I don't believe it. Cheaters will pass, money-grubbers will get paid, and whiny, selfish, lazy people will keep their jobs when hard working coworkers are let go. I can't do anything about anyone bu myself. So that's what I'm concerned with. I know it's not easy, but believe me, it's worth it. Good luck.


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I graduated almost 20 years ago and I was lucky....I dont think I had a single classmate or instructor that i didnt like. I went to an excellent 2 year program...was 32 yrs old when i started and was actually one of the younger ones. We were pretty mature group. Also, it was pre- computer testing etc.

I think one thing to consider is your level of maturity compared to those of your classmates. It makes a HUGE difference when you have "experienced life" compared to those who are just starting out. I have 2 Master's degrees and am starting an ADN program in a couple of weeks (that is another story...) I had to take A&P I and II--they were not required for my undergrad degree. I just finished A&P I which is a freshman level course. It was a big adjustment for me compared to the classroom experience of my Master's level programs. The students were much more needy and seeking the approval from the professor. They seemed rattled by the slightest change and didn't see the importance of learning the material. This is not just characteristic of the classroom, I have also experienced it in different "professional" arenas. There will always be someone who does just enough to get by, someone who cheats, someone who brags about everything they do, the complainer, etc. and then you have those that just do it. It takes all types to make up the world. Everyone is unique and we can all learn something from them, even if it is what not to do. Be careful being to hard on them...you may find yourself in a situation in which people become annoyed by you and perceive you as being arrogant and judgmental. I believe that you are venting, as we all become frustrated by the behaviors of others, but be careful in how that comes across to your peers. You never know what bridge you may have to cross again later.

Best wishes :)


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"You are never really angry for the reason you think" Eckhart Tolle

We have some of those! Actually, before I started NS I decided to stay out of the gossip and drama. So everytime a conversation turns to bad mouthing or gossiping other students, I excuse myself or slip away. Its a surprise, I know, that I rarely get to talk to anyone, but now that we are halfway through the program, its like one big soap opera of whos sleeping with who and she did what!? crap and im one of the only few people that hasnt been dragged down into it.

Its especially frustrating though, when they speak so poorly of the patients. Some people are extremely judgemental and just down right cruel in their remarks about patients. They especially like to make fun of the obese, and those with an STD. I just had hoped there would be more kind-hearted people like myself because of the nature of this profession, but I guess not! Oh well, we can just do the best we can and ignore the morons out there ;)

Save yourself all the stress and aggravation...worry about YOURSELF and not everyone else. Are you jealous of your classmates? Who are people to judge others and say they are only in NS for the money, W*F, impossible. I don't think nurses are paid enough for everything they do.

I guess I got lucky because I have a wonderful group of classmates. We have helped each other out through study guides, study groups, fundraising and charitable causes. We raised over $2000 and a truckload of supplies for tornado victims in Alabama in 5 days which also happened to be finals week.

We have a Facebook group and a Google Doc site to keep in touch and share help, it has helped us get to know one another better. I figure we have to see each other 4 days a week for 2 years, it is better to be nice and get along.

"I am going into nursing not for the paycheck or the little letters after my name. I'm going into nursing because I want to be out in the field, helping people who need it most. I want to work at a free clinic or a homeless shelter. A good 3/4 of my class is in it for the money and/or the respect that comes with being an RN. And I can NOT stand them."

Arent you special. Hows the view from those ivory towers?

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I think generally if you look for things to dislike about others you will tend to find them. The same goes vice versa.

Happiness in life is largely a matter of choice. You will be a happier person if you look for the good in people. Your opinions reflect more on you than it does on them.

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I've been worrying about this too. I start a ADN program this fall and I am hoping I get along with everyone. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that I am not going to nursing school to make friends! I am going to learn how to be a nurse and I need to worry about myself not what I think about my fellow classmates.

You'll be fine. Unless you are an elitist douchebag that looks down thier nose on people that want to make a living (**cough** op **cough**) :p rather than save the Universe

Just be yourself and dont **** off the instructors.

I've been worrying about this too. I start a ADN program this fall and I am hoping I get along with everyone. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that I am not going to nursing school to make friends! I am going to learn how to be a nurse and I need to worry about myself not what I think about my fellow classmates.

I've been worrying about this too. I start a ADN program this fall and I am hoping I get along with everyone. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that I am not going to nursing school to make friends! I am going to learn how to be a nurse and I need to worry about myself not what I think about my fellow classmates.

Most people do get along. We learned how to do it in kindergarten.

The ones that complain about the quality of people in their class are usually the ones with the issues.

They wear their disdain like a badge of honor and can't figure out why they are the recipient of negative energy from the rest of the class.

You'll have no problems, I'm sure.

Good luck on your program!


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I am sorry you are feeling so miserable this early on in your career. I empathise but find it hard to believe that there is 'noone' nice in your class. I would take the time to get to know 1 or 2 people individually and not judge them as part of the larger group.

As for people doing this for the money. Well, I have been a nurse for 20 years and whilst I love my job (most of the time) I do it to receive a paycheck to help support my husband (who does his job also for money) in the bringing up of our kids.

If they think it is an easy way to get money then they will find out further down the line and once graduated that there are much easier ways to make more money than getting abuse, dealing with bodily fluids, shift work and the other delights of nursing. Time will weed out the ones who are not really cut out for nursing.

I wish you luck in your studies. I would concentrate on your studies and not worry about your classmates so much.

PS. Think of nursing school as good training for working on a real floor..:)

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Best thing would be to learn how to get along with and respect them as individuals whether you like them or not because they were just as smart as you in order to get into the program, some might even be smarter on paper unless you know without a doubt that you were #1 on the admission list. These people just might be your future co-workers and in some oddball twist of fate *gasp* a manager or supervisor someday. As for the computer issue, that's a crappy situation that needs to be taken up the chain of command, but after that your vent got a little bit on the side of *I am sooooo much better than the rest of my class*

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Breaking news: some people are going into nursing for the money and/or the prestige! Whatever people's reasons for going into NS shouldn't matter to you. Graduating as a competent nurse should be your priority.

As others have said, you have to learn to work with all types of personalities. I have 60+ students in my cohort and there is a sprinkle of Type A personalities. When I'm in a group with one, I know how to work with them. It's a learning process. You're going to need it when landing your first RN position, where you'll be the newbie.