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  1. windmill182

    To all the students about to start nursing school...

    Girl, I had a friend in my program who UNEXPECTEDLY lost her unemployment half way through and she figured it out. If you want it bad enough, you will figure it out too! School is expensive, but on the bright side, its hard to find time to spend money. Just budget and stick to it. But always plan for situations like my friend had...cuz you never know. PS. Lots of students had to go out and buy everything the first day of school because they didn't get their money until then. Wait until you only have 30 minutes to go grocery shopping for your house because you have a 10 page paper due at midnight and you find yourself walking around Wal-Mart with your Med Surg Power point.. :) hehe.. Your schedule sounds challenging. I couldnt imagine working nights like that and being prepared for school Monday morning!! I have heard of it happening though. Just not in my program.
  2. I just finished my last day of nursing school. Turned in my last assignment at exactly noon. It still hasn't sunk in yet. For the last 4 hours I have sat on my couch not really knowing what to do with myself. I then decided to reach out to all the students who may be starting a program this fall. I remember being in those shoes, and all the questions I had. All the fear. All the excitement. So basically, Ill sum up my nursing school experience as best as I can. 1.) You WILL survive. I did. I'm one of those people who have what you call, "anxiety," and boy did I let that get to me right before my program started. I was incredibly scared. I had heard all these stories on this site about how hard nursing school is, how I would have no life, etc. You WILL survive. I did. (And honestly, it can be frustrating at times, but it really isn't that bad...) 2.) That leads me to number 2. Nursing school IS hard. BUT, its only hard because of the amount of work, not the material itself. Learn time management. Like yesterday. Dont let yourself fall behind, but DO give yourself breaks. You DONT have to have a 4.0. You just need to pass. You will learn this by your last quarter when it takes all you have to finish your last assignments and you find yourself figuring the percentage you need just to pass the darn class... 3.) You CAN work. I worked an average of 15 hours a week and maintained a 3.8 average. And I don't want to brag, but my program has a notorious reputation of being one of the more "challenging" in the area. 4.) Your house WILL be messy. But you probably wont have time to notice... 5) You will PROBABLY gain weight. (So dont go out and buy a bunch of new clothes two weeks before your program starts like I did. lol.) 6.) You're gonna cry at some point. 7.) At the same time, you're gonna have some of the most amazing smiles and laughs of your life.. 8.) The friends you will make in the program will truly be the only ones who get what you are going through. Because of this, you will make some of the best friends of your life. 9.) You will have moments where you go.."wow, I actually feel like I get this nursing thing!"...Then 5 minutes later you feel lost again. Totally normal. 10.) Some teachers will scare the ***** out of you. While others will inspire you. Just do your thing. If they say jump...you say, "how high?" Again, you WILL survive. I could keep going on and on. But that probably sums up most of it. I honestly feel like school just started yesterday and I have no idea how I got here right now because it went by SOOOOOOO fast. You got this. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm hear to lend an ear. Besides, I have no idea what I am going to do with myself over these next few weeks besides study for my boards. This is just weird....in a very very very good way. :) Get ready to embark on the most REWARDING quest of your life. Its all worth it for this moment.
  3. windmill182

    What can I expect in LPN school?

    I am in an 11 month program and its been ups and downs. Definitely the hardest year of my life. Last quarter was intense! We had a Pharm test and a Fundies test each week + clinicals + care plans + presentations + article reviews + case studies + ATI modules. But I made it and this quarter is nothing compared to last quarter so instead of working 15 hours I am putting in about 20. If I could have free rent, I would jump right right on that! I know people in my class though who moved back in with their parents and wished they had not, so it really depends on the living situation you will have with your parents. If you can avoid working, you might actually have some what of a life during the program. Just saying. Good luck.
  4. windmill182

    Which is easier - LPN or RN?

    I am in an LPN program, where its basically the first year of RN (and maybe a little more actually since my LPN program does IV certs etc. I can bridge to RN if I just complete 3 further quarters) I have no children and can only manage to work 16-20 hours a week and if I worked more I would probably be even more crazy than I am right now. I get As. So its possible, and probably just depends on your dedication and how much of a life you actually want. All the places I have done my clinicals at say that my program is known to be intense and hard so it really comes down to the program.
  5. windmill182

    What are SOAP notes?

    We use SOAPIER. Subjective patient info (What is the patient saying? Pain level?) Objective info Assessment based on subjective and objective info Plan Implementation (What we actually did) Evaluation of our plan and implementation Reassessment of plan if needed.
  6. windmill182

    5 weeks till first day of nursing school

    You guys are crazy. lol. Enjoy your free time while you have it, trust me. Nursing school is stressful and time consuming, (but also amazing.) Just saying that you should should sleep, be lazy, read a book/watch a movie (that has nothing to do with nursing) because you will soon be living all things nursing. Good luck! :)
  7. windmill182

    What do you guys think?

    I am in an LPN program and can barely find time to shave my legs. I have no idea where I even found the time to post this to you... jk I think you should just hold out til the ADN program starts, if you know you are getting in. Why are you doing the CMA if you are starting an RN program?
  8. windmill182

    And the weight gain begins..

    I read on here about all the weight people were gaining in nursing school and said to myself, "that wont be me!" Yea, well....9 weeks into my program and I have already gained 7 lbs. I know to some people that may not be that much, but I also know if I don't change something now, its going to keep climbing. Its just so hard to get on that treadmill after a butt load of homework instead of ....oh I dunno....sleeping? And who wants to eat celery when eating is one of the few enjoyable and stress free events of your day? ineffective coping related to stress from nursing school as evidenced by eating 3 slices of pizza and sitting on my a** for 12 hours with a book in my face. So yea, I know its an easy plan to write....Stop eating and get in motion!!!!...but im sure some of you out there understand how hard that can be during this roller coaster ride of nursing school. Just venting. I guess Ill go buy some new jeans now... Sigh......
  9. windmill182

    Student really needs help

    Guess I should have looked harder. I finally found some info. I read that you should look at serum cholesterol, vit b12, and Calcium. + more.
  10. windmill182

    Student really needs help

    I am 7 weeks into my nursing program. I had my first clinical last week, and I have to submit my first care plan next week. I think I got all the information I need on my patient except lab values because they were still in progress. I told my teacher this and she said to make my own lab values up. What labs would they be looking at for a dimentia/psychosis patient? Once I determine the labs they would be looking at then I can research normal vs. abnormal and why. Im not looking for someone to straight give me the answer. Just some guidance on which labs I should look into because I have no problem researching. Again, I am only 7 weeks in and know nothing about labs yet. Most the other students were able to get the labs out of their patient's chart....
  11. windmill182

    Nursing DX Question Cont..

    Can you do clearance r/t retained secretions w/ inneffectice cough and difficulty breathing when the assessment just says, "coughing without sputum. Xray shows interstitial infiltrates and Dyspnea. Resp at 24." No mention of lung sounds. I guess I am assuming that because its an infection and there are interstitial infiltrates that there is fluid/sputum present and he isnt effectively coughing it up. You would want them to cough up sputum with an infection wouldn't you?
  12. windmill182

    Nursing DX Question Cont..

    If you have a patient with Pneumonia...can you have 2 nursing diagnoses pertaining to the airway? Ineffective Airway Clearance related to retained secretions as evidenced by ineffective cough, difficulty breathing, and respiration rate of 24/minute Impaired gas exchange related to alveolar-capillary membrane changes as evidenced by O2 sat = 91% on RA. Am I setting myself up for difficulty by using two diagnoses that are "close" to each other?
  13. windmill182

    basic Nursing DX help...

    "Henry is diagnosed with PCP. Vital signs are BP 127/65, pulse 70, respiratory rate 25, temperature 101.7oF & O2 sat= 90%. Henry's admitting orders include IV sulfamethoxalone to treat the PCP, acetaminophen for fever, oxygen at 2 liters via nasal cannula. " Question, when you are doing nursing diagnoses can you do them even if admitting orders have already been addressed to treat the problem? For instance, the above patient has a fever, but was already prescribed acetaminophen. Can you still do a Nursing Dx for hyperthermia? Im sorry if this is a silly question. I am very very very new at this...And my instructors can be challenging to get help from (thats a whole other post, lol) I was wanting to do Hyperthermia related to (illness?) (invading infection?) as evidenced by temperature of 101.7oF. Does that sound right? I just didnt know if that's okay considering they already prescribed acetaminophen... Obviously, you want to treat the patient with nursing interventions too, right? I would also do one for the respiration/oxygen problem if its okay to do a dx on something that is already being "treated" I really appreciate the help.
  14. windmill182

    writing papers during school?

    Im in a LPN program. Six weeks in and we have done 2 case studies and 2 research reviews. Each paper has been at least 4~5 pages.
  15. I have reviewed the rules on Purdue's OWL website for APA format, but I am still just a little confused. I have obtained information from a website and Davis's drug book. My question is, do you have to include the date you got the info from the website for the 6th ed of APA format. Or do you just put the date the article was posted? Also, when you reference a book, and you use several different pages for information, can you just reference the book? Do you need to list page numbers? If so, can I just reference the book once and then list all page numbers? (pp. 5, 8, 19, 52,) Deglin, J., Sanoski, C., & Vallerand, A., (2011). Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses. (12th ed.) Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company
  16. windmill182

    Advice for new nursing students?

    Sleep now. I have a regular backpack. Get a good binder to organize everything. I like to have a separate one for clincals. Wish I could help you with more, but I gotta study for my third quiz this week. Also gotta prepare a case study AND a power point presentation for Monday....