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To be an RN by the end of 2011

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  1. Missy77

    Penn Foster Information Literacy

    That's great. Now you have to pay an additional $10 to have your transcript mailed.
  2. I was hoping to have all of my nursing exams done by now but I've been stuck in a rut lately and haven't felt like studying. So far I've done 4 exams and I have 4 more to go before the FCCA and CPNE but I can't bring myself to start reading again. I do everything but study. I'm losing momentum and really need some advice on how to get over this hump/slump I'm in. Thanks all.
  3. Missy77

    Penn Foster Information Literacy

    That's what I thought too but they charge $15 to mail the study book even though you can download it. Oh well it's still cheaper than $300+ dollars.
  4. Missy77

    FCCA update

    That's good news! I want to get this done by the end of summer.
  5. I'm also doing Excelsior after failing out of a brick and mortar school. I absolutely hated every minute of nursing school. I was so stressed out and the instructors were no help whatsoever. You pretty much had to teach yourself the material. Since doing EC my stress level is down and I can read and test at my own pace. I have learned so much from others on this site. The support here is amazing. Something I didn't get in a traditional school.
  6. Missy77

    Passed LS3- With a B!!crazy for me

    Congratulations on passing!!! :clpty:
  7. Missy77


    I've read mixed reviews from others. I'm just using the recommended books. I can't afford to purchase any other study materials. I need to save every penny for the CPNE. Good luck on your exam!
  8. Missy77

    Failed BSN Program One Week Before Graduation

    I would explore every other option before resorting to Excelsior. Are you able to get your LPN license? I would do that and then transfer to a LPN-RN program.
  9. Missy77

    Failed BSN Program One Week Before Graduation

    I'm so sorry. I feel your pain. I didn't pass my course and was dismissed from the ADN program. Since I completed 50% of the nursing program, I decided to continue with Excelsior. All of my prereqs transferred and I just need to complete the nursing courses. Another option is to get your LPN license if you can, work for a few years, save some money and try doing an LPN to RN bridge program.
  10. Missy77

    What to do when you literally HATE your classmates?

    I was in the same boat as you. I disliked my classmates and dreaded going to clinical. I hated every minute of nursing school. I was consumed with dislike for most the students and instructors that I let it consume me and didn't want to study at all. I thought about changing majors that how badly I wanted out. The instructors favored the popular students that were cheating and gave me a hard time. I grew to loathe the nursing profession and didn't want to continue but then I realized I put in the work and time and I need to complete this program. Now I'm finishing online at my own pace and don't have to deal with all the classroom drama. Don't let others keep you from your goal. Stay focused on your studies. And pay no mind to the rest of the BS.
  11. Missy77

    Will I be shunned?

    Just be careful not to distance yourself too much. I'm a shy person so no one in class except for a few students spoke to me and I can count on my hands how many times that happened. It was like high school and the groups formed quickly. I had no one in lab to practice lab with except the instructors and no friends to talk to about the class. It was rather lonely. Because of this I could not miss class or clinical because I couldn't rely on anyone to give me information about what when on that day. Just be open and friendly and not standoffish or it will her you in the long run like it did me.
  12. If you qualify for a scholarship you will only receive it once a year. So if you get a scholarship in August you have to wait til the following August to be eligible again. The most I've heard is someone getting $500 for the whole year. So if you need more assistance paying for school than look at other options.
  13. Missy77

    Passed Transition today!

    I'm doing good but I took a break for awhile. So far I've done two and working on three. I need to pick up speed if I want these done by this year.
  14. Missy77

    Finally here! FCCA/CPNE....

    If you look in the EC SON book on page 32. It gives you the breakdown of CPNE locations. NPAC, SPAC, and MPAC are the Northeastern, Southeastern and Midwestern Performance Assessment Centers.
  15. Missy77

    Wait, wait...is it REALLY 529 pages??!!!

    Printing it at the library sounds good. I'm going to start doing that soon. You would think EC would make a binder as a way to make more money.
  16. Missy77

    Passed Transition today!

    :clpty::ancong!: Way to go!! Good luck with LS2!