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  1. Part time gigs for retired nurses

    I am a 62 1/2 RN and will retire mid Summer. I will need to work a little bit, something very flexible, as my elderly parents need alot of help. I am considering flu shots in the fall, but what are other nursing jobs you have done while retired?? F...
  2. So Madison, Have you taken your boards? Have you found a job ? What does a job search look like in this time? I have had the same job for about 15 years and will most likely retire from here, so have no idea what current job searchs look like....esp...
  3. Dear Students, Wondering if you are still able to do clinicals during this time, and if not, is this delaying your graduations? Best of luck to all of you. It's a strange time to be entering medicine. Or to be in it at all!
  4. Ingrezza

    One of my clients was just prescribed Ingrezza for Tardive dyskinesia. I have not heard of it before, as I believe it is pretty new and very expensive. Has anyone had experience with the drug and has it been helpful for your patient? Thanks.
  5. Psych RN Reading List

    The Center Cannot Hold By Elyn Saks
  6. New grad jobs

    Good luck on your jobs. Shelby, it sounds like you have a great gig! Have you started it yet? Also, Bethesda has a good reputation as a LTACH. I am considering going back into hospital and would apply to Bethesda, who are opening a new psych unit, b...
  7. Congrats to all May New Grads!

    Good luck on your boards and job hunts! Tell us, have you found jobs? If so, what kind of setting? Are you waiting to pass boards before looking? Is the market better for new grads than it was a few years ago? Best of luck!
  8. Why would you give this up??

    Yikes! I am considering going back into the hospital at 57 after 15 years in the community. I could work a .6-.7 and make what I make now full time. Politics are everywhere.
  9. Future new grad relocation questions

    I haven't been looking for myself for years, but one thing I do notice that I wasn't seeing 2-3 years ago was the phrase "New grads welcome to apply" attached to many "want ads". Where I work, we have job openings that are going begging, so it seems...
  10. CNA job while in school?

    I worked as an aide in home health and in hospital and it helped me immensely with my confidence in clinicals.
  11. What's up with all the 'failed NCLEX' posts?

    When I took boards in 1993,(back when it was still pen to paper) was taking the test for the third time, so it was happening then, to some extent. 100% of our class passed, 100% of our class that started semester 1, finished. Took 6 weeks to get resu...
  12. Managing incontinence. Is this done?

    I know! That's why when the social worker said lots of her clients have this, I couldn't believe it.
  13. Managing incontinence. Is this done?

    She doesnt have a UTI. The smell is garden variety urine. :) I think is long term catheter is the path to a UTI.....
  14. I am a nurse at a home for people with mental illness, many who also are DD. We do NOT do skilled nursing. I have a resident who has terrible urinary incontinence. She is middle aged and ambulatory, cognitive impairment, and just does not recognize w...
  15. Twin Cities New Grads...

    I've been a nurse 20+ years and in same job almost a decade, so I don't pay much attention to the job market. SO I am just curious... where are new grads getting hired? Are hospitals opening up to you at all? Are you doing home health, LTC, or what?