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  1. Yes...LOL...sleep is such a precious commodity....LOL!!!
  2. I don't think they allow payment plans for summer, but they do for Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. I am starting my 2nd year in the accelerated program. I have worked at night 36+ hours/week and maintained a high GPA. In all fairness I am not married nor do I have kids. It is possible to work, but you have to know how to manage your time and know how to study. The program isn't easy but it is achievable. You must be prepared to put in the work and be flexible to change. READ BEFORE COMING TO CLASS! You may not understand but at least be familiar with the information. It helps to reinforce the information. Also know how you learn. Are you auditory, visual, kinesthetic? That will help you when you are taking notes in lecture or studying. No program is perfect but always keep a positive attitude.
  4. Thanks for the advice Moogie!! I'll check them out.
  5. I looked into the BSN completion and there are classes that I would have to retake due to them being taken in my graduate program and they will not count my graduate hours toward an undergraduate degree. I feel like when I finish with everything, I will have more degrees than a thermometer (LOL)...while understand there not being an equivalency, it would be nice to not have to repeat coursework that has already been completed...*sigh*
  6. I am in a similar situation. I have a BA, MPH and MBA. I was considering doing a direct entry MSN after finishing my ADN/ASN program. I was informed that the BA is not viewed as an equivalent to the BSN. If I wanted to practice, I would need a MSN and possibly a DNP (by 2015)--I don't know if the DNP will be a definitive requirement by then or not. I too would be interested to hear from nurses who have chosen non-traditional paths in nursing. It might be better to post the question in the "Nurses" thread as opposed to the student thread. I would not suspect too many non-students reading through the student nursing thread.
  7. I am 35 and just completed my summer Nursing Fundamentals course. My school does a conditional admit; if you pass the summer course then you start nursing school in the Fall. I am also in an ADN program and have a previous bachelor's degree. I started working as a PCT at a local hospital. I was very concerned about paying for school, as I could not afford to pay for classes out of pocket. In addition to tuition reimbursement offered through my employer, they also offer scholarships in exchange for service and foundation scholarships with no service requirements. I also have found NUMEROUS scholarships that are available. Most of the deadlines seemed to be in the spring. It appears that you will not be starting this Fall so it may be something you want to look into and begin working on the essay and other requirements. You could essentially have your first year paid for with change to spare. Best wishes!!
  8. mgrn2b

    UALR Class of '13

    Congratulations to everyone who has completed our first course--Nursing Fundamentals--and an official welcome to nursing school!! I believe that most would agree that these past few weeks were stressful, but we learned so much and met so many great people. For those who did not make it, I wish them well in their endeavors and encourage them to not give up on their dreams. Reapply and try again. I look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall.... Don't forget to order your uniforms and turn in your VA packet.... Enjoy your break and once again :ancong!:
  9. mgrn2b

    UALR Class of '13

    I sent an e-mail with the same question. Since we wouldn't have had class or clinical before unsupervised practice on Tuesday morning. I was told that I should still come and spend that time in the LRC utilizing the computerized resources. So I guess our official start time is 0800 Tuesday.
  10. mgrn2b

    UALR Class of '13

    My name is Marcie. I too have lecture on T/Th 12-3 and clinical on Wednesdays. My unsupervised clinical is T 8-11. I will look for you guys next week...Still have a little more reading to do...How is everyone coming?
  11. mgrn2b

    University Of Arkansas at Little Rock

    Nursing Fundamentals-- NURS 1300. There is another discussion that was started by nursingstudentAR entitled UALR Class of '13'. We have been posting our schedules there. There aren't many of us on there but it has been nice connecting with a few people. Congrats on your acceptance. Hope to see you in class.
  12. That is disheartening. I would hope that schools would be happy have students excel inside and outside of the classroom. I have read other posts which have stated some of the same issues. It seems you have to sacrifice one for the other. I read a quote "other people's opinion of you is none of your business." It sounds as though you are doing the right things for the right reasons. Keep your head up and stay focused. If I can do well in theory and clinicals, treat my patients with compassion and provide excellent care, then I can go home at the end of the day knowing I did the best that I could--that is all anyone could ask or expect.
  13. mgrn2b

    How to survive 1st year of nursing school

    Thanks, I am starting in a couple of weeks...not knowing what to expect is nerve wrecking...
  14. mgrn2b

    UALR Class of '13

    They are for our fundamentals class. Supposedly they contain everything we will need for our skills check offs (foleys, bandages/dressings, etc.) We get two opportunities to checkoff on skills and if we don't pass we are out of the program, to apply next year.