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What kind of car would you want?


Specializes in CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele. Has 27 years experience.

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brown eyed girl

Specializes in LTC/Sub Acute Rehab.

I prefer a BMW 745 Li all white inside and out with leather heated seats with navigation and rear camera standard. I no longer have a small child or teenager! I can see me stepping out of my car wearing a pretty pink blouse, all white jeans and a pair of pink stilletoes!

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

Specializes in Emergency. Has 21 years experience.

Money no object? OK, incorporate under wife's name so no assets in my name. Get '57 chevy belair, retro fit modern safety equipment, drop in vette z engine, 5 point belts. Drive it like i stole it. Cut me off? I don't think so. Dawdling in the fast lane while texting? Not for long.

In the meantime, subie outback.

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care. Has 12 years experience.

cadillac CTS coupe...i mean, we're fantasizing here right? I can pretend it's got great MPG, will be appropriate to cart my son around and how economical it is.

More like sexy in white with chrome rims....


Has 3 years experience.

One of my dream cars has been attained. My first car was a jeep cherokee sport and ever since then I've been a jeep nut. I am now the proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo....I've waited for like 7 years for this. :)

But if I could add to the collection, most certainly a Dodge Ram 2500 lifted with stacks and some very sweet, blacked out rims. Because I'm really a redneck at heart.

And a Cadillac CTS. Black on black rollin on black....ever since I saw Genma's from sons I've been in love. :)


Has 3 years experience.

Oh wait, I lied that was a Cadillac XLR-V. Either way, I'll never afford one.

That Guy, BSN, RN, EMT-B

Specializes in Emergency/Cath Lab. Has 6 years experience.

His: Lifted JK Rubicon

Hers: Tuned out Audi S4

Ours: SRT Grand Cherokee

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

Specializes in Emergency Department. Has 6 years experience.

My "dream" car? I have two. One is for commuting, the other is for fun. The commuter would be a Prius C (or something in that family) and the fun car would be a new 4x4 pickup with an auxiliary fuel tank plumbed to be able to run a generator in a cab-over camper.

Both would be well set up for HAM operation. ;)

VivaLaVespaGirl, BSN, MSN

Specializes in ED, Medicine, Case Management. Has 5 years experience.

I just got the Fiat 500e (all electric) and I love it! I have never been a fancy car person, therefore the cars of my "dreams" (Bugs, MINIs, Fiats) have always been attainable. The cuter, the better! I do have a robin's egg blue convertible Karmann Ghia on my list, though....

Racer15, BSN, RN

Specializes in ED. Has 5 years experience.

I'd love a 2013 Toyota Rav4 with a sunroof . With my current pay, I'll settle for my 2000 Corolla. Oh to be a rich nurse...

iPink, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, Postpartum. Has 8 years experience.

Audi Q5 in a custom color.