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  1. VampyrSlayer

    Alice Day Peck Hospital and surrounding areas...

  2. VampyrSlayer

    Best car for home visiting nurse in New England?

    We also both use Nokian studded winter tires.
  3. VampyrSlayer

    Best car for home visiting nurse in New England?

    Subaru's seem to be new England's official car a forester would be a good option. I have a Honda Pilot and my mother drives a Toyota RAV4 (although she wishes she still had her Honda CR-V).
  4. VampyrSlayer

    Cardiovascular....Test Prep Help?

    Do you have access to prepu?
  5. VampyrSlayer

    It's all good except for...

    I think he meant "patience". Took me a couple of times reading it to get it. OP, would it help to talk to her directly?
  6. VampyrSlayer

    Job while student nurse APSU TN

    Does the CNA job have differentials?
  7. VampyrSlayer

    CAB or ABC?

    There's even compression only CPR. Mostly to encourage people who are unwilling to do mouth to mouth to do something, but compressions seem to be the most important.
  8. VampyrSlayer

    ADN Nurse Externship?

    I can't seem to find any nursing externship that aren't BSN only. Does any know of any that accept ADN students? Preferably around New England? thank you!
  9. VampyrSlayer

    Finish my degree or quit and do nursing

    ABSN :)
  10. VampyrSlayer

    Does the exhaustion go away?

    If you like the country, doesn't get much more country than near Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH, and they have a children's hospital. Brattleboro Retreat has a peds psych floor.
  11. VampyrSlayer

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Oh hell. Like it's your business what she eats. If she wants to feel like crap and get sick, that's her prerogative. All you can do is educate. This post reeks of a superiority complex.
  12. It's allowed in NH
  13. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing School Frustrations

    That would drive me nuts. I'd be worried about forgetting important stuff while trying to learn from the lecture.
  14. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing student externship

    True. Northeast/New England :)
  15. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing student externship

    Does anyone know of any summer externship offered to nursing students between first and second year of an ADN degree? All the ones I've found so far seem to be for BSN students only. Thank you!