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  1. VampyrSlayer

    Alice Day Peck Hospital and surrounding areas...

  2. VampyrSlayer

    Finish my degree or quit and do nursing

    ABSN :)
  3. VampyrSlayer

    Does the exhaustion go away?

    If you like the country, doesn't get much more country than near Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH, and they have a children's hospital. Brattleboro Retreat has a peds psych floor.
  4. VampyrSlayer

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Oh hell. Like it's your business what she eats. If she wants to feel like crap and get sick, that's her prerogative. All you can do is educate. This post reeks of a superiority complex.
  5. VampyrSlayer

    3rd semester ADN student wanting to sit for LVN boards?

    It's allowed in NH
  6. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing School Frustrations

    That would drive me nuts. I'd be worried about forgetting important stuff while trying to learn from the lecture.
  7. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing student externship

    True. Northeast/New England :)
  8. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing student externship

    Does anyone know of any summer externship offered to nursing students between first and second year of an ADN degree? All the ones I've found so far seem to be for BSN students only. Thank you!
  9. VampyrSlayer

    All Nurses App

    Thanks! Will it ever be back up? :)
  10. VampyrSlayer

    All Nurses App

    I miss it! Is there a specific reason it was removed? Thanks!
  11. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing School Essentials

    Thank you all so much!
  12. VampyrSlayer

    Nursing School Essentials

    I start my ADN program in a little over 2 weeks. I think I am mostly prepared, but I would love to know what you couldn't live with out or wish you had in nursing school. Thank you!
  13. VampyrSlayer

    Vermont Technical College

    Did you choose Florida or Vermont? I have heard great things about VTC. I was surprised to hear you had heard bad things.
  14. VampyrSlayer

    Is 61 too old to start Pre-Nursing?

    if you have the stamina, go for it!
  15. VampyrSlayer

    Laptop or pen & paper during nursing school?

    Our school requires a laptop. I don't know if I will do all my note-taking on it, but it is required for certain programs, exams, etc.
  16. VampyrSlayer


    Thank you so much! I am trying to put together a schedule but not sure when and where clinicals are yet. Eep!