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  1. VampyrSlayer

    Alice Day Peck Hospital and surrounding areas...

  2. VampyrSlayer

    End of semester! How did everyone do?

    I'm sorry to hear about that class, but congrats on the B! I'm sure you'll do great the second time around and even though it stinks you aren't with your cohort, I hope you'll meet close friends in your new class!
  3. VampyrSlayer

    End of semester! How did everyone do?

    Nicely done!
  4. Whew! Semester is over! I hope everyone did well! I only had 2 nursing classes as all my gen ed's were done. Got A- in both. Kinda bitter I didn't do as well as others in my class, but I have a chance to try next semester! I don't even know what to do with some of this "free" time hahaha
  5. VampyrSlayer

    Did this patient overreact?!

    Really unsure with how her having children effects this...at all. He should not have moved the camera. That's just sketchy.
  6. VampyrSlayer

    Medical Missions in Appalachia?

    Hi! I'm in an ADN program and was wondering if anyone knows of any medical missions in Appalachia that allow nursing students? Would love to gain more experience during my summer break. Thanks in advance!
  7. VampyrSlayer

    Beefing up that resume

  8. VampyrSlayer

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    I have issues with this too. What I do is if I sleep really late, like 3pm, I'll stay up all night and the day the next day so that I'm exhausted and can go bed early and on that schedule.
  9. VampyrSlayer


    Don't forget, you don't have to work at the bedside to be a nurse. There are so many options! I'm in nursing school now, I don't have the experience of working as a nurse, but I feel like you'll probably be able to find something that fits your needs/wants :)
  10. VampyrSlayer

    I'm a CNA, will I lose my license?

    I'm an LNA and have a license. I would think walking out and calling in an hour later would be abandonment.
  11. I am in northern New England. Our major medical center here pays secretaries more than LNAs/CNAs
  12. VampyrSlayer

    iPad question

    Just got one on Black Friday. No pencil yet. What do you suggest I download on it? I have canvas and ATI RN Mentor and YouTube so far. Thank you! :)
  13. VampyrSlayer

    Help With VA Pay

    It should say the ranges on the VA website under the specific job.
  14. VampyrSlayer

    Just grin and bear it!

    I'm sorry. That's so tough. Also, his wife called him dad?
  15. VampyrSlayer

    Considering being a part-time student

    I did part time prerqs, but am in a full time ADN program now.
  16. VampyrSlayer

    Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    Wish there was still an app

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