Direct Entry MSN?


Hi all!

I’m currently a nurse’s aide in the US and I’d love to move to Nova Scotia. I saw on the immigration website that those are needed. I am almost done with my bachelor’s in psychology. Here in the US, we have some direct-entry MSN programs for students who have a bachelor’s but not a BSN. It is my ultimate goal to become a psych nurse practitioner. 
I don’t know if I’m not searching the right terms or if they don’t exist, but I couldn’t find any direct-entry MSN programs. Does anyone know of any, greatest preference given to those in Nova Scotia?

Thank you all so much in advance!

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I am not aware of direct-entry MSN programs in Canada but maybe they do exist. There are many in Massachusetts, and also in Florida and California and New York.

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Hi, Welcome to Canada!

I didn't know anything about Nova Scotia, but I do know there's a program in McGill, called Master of Science (Applied) - Nursing. It used to be called direct entry but they changed the name lately. I will attach the link to the program page, you may find it helpful.