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  1. daisychains11

    Simmons Direct Entry 2019

    I was accepted here, and to Boston College. I can't decide!Any advice?
  2. daisychains11

    Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    Again, I am asking about the pros and cons of EACH SPECIFIC DIRECT ENTRY PROGRAM
  3. daisychains11

    Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    I am not asking about pros and cons of direct entry programs in general, I am asking about pros of cons of each of these schools I am applying to. I've gotten into BC and Simmons already. I really disagree that a 'shortcut' isn't worth it. People come out of these programs well prepared and happy.
  4. Hello, I am applying to several direct entry NP programs for summer/spring 2019.Boston College, Regis, Simmons, Northeastern, MGH, UMass Worcester... I am curious what people's opinions of the pros and cons are (this includes aspects like tuition, organization of the program, clinicials, professors, etc). Its a tough decision, and I know I'm not alone in it. Thanks!
  5. daisychains11

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    So I got an interview invite. In the first email she made it sound like it was a phone interview, but then she said the address. So looks like I'll be getting a plane ticket. So nervous. Any advice for the interview?