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brown eyed girl specializes in LTC/Sub Acute Rehab.

8.5 years experience in LTC and Sub-Acute care. Current ADN Student.

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  1. brown eyed girl

    Monday is my first day of nursing school!!!!!

    Congratulations to you all!
  2. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    how do/did you detach from being an lpn while in school? I don't know how to do that?
  3. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE RESPONDED TO ME! I'M SO APPREACIATIVE FOR YOUR HELP in trying to keep me from making the same mistakes when I re-enroll in school (hopefully within the next 2-3 months)! I saw something on youtube (I think...lol!) where you could look at the answers and tell if they were assessment, dx, planning, implantation, or evaluation answers; THEN, they read the question to see what it wants you to do? If this is the case, I need to RELEARN how to do this because I'm good at reading and retaining the information, its getting to the test and applying what I know. I have been told over and over by my instructors that they see I "know" the information because I can tell them about the disorder/disease and why I picked the answer that I did, even if it was wrong. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS AND DO IT WELL. I HAVE FAITH IN ME TO DO SO. I HAVE NO DESIRE OR INTENTION OF GIVING UP!
  4. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    I have both an nclex book and the hesi rn comprehensive book. I think for me I have to have a tutor who "knows" the subject. What I mean by that is, you have to be able to "explain" the topic being introduced instead of lecturing from the book. Do you understand what I'm saying? I know this helps me tremendously because when my OB tutor did this (she was an OB nurse for 30 years), THE LIGHT CAME ON IMMEDIATELY! She just looked at the first chapter I showed her, walked over to the board (which I loved) and began to talk WITHOUT USING THE BOOK. SHE KNEW HER SUBJECT WELL ENOUGH TO TEACH/REINFORCE WHAT I HAD STUDIED PLUS SHE MADE ME ENGAGE WITH HER. She just simplified the inform and it was all simple to me. She was the reason I passed my OB hesi so well. She used visual aids and pointed out important facts that were in the book. I learned so much from her. I know that I need another student or another instructor to "teach me and make it real for me. Between this and doing Nclex questions I think it will help. But I still believe there is something that needs to be "re-taught to me with regard to nclex style questions to be able to identify what is being asked and if there is a way to tell in the answers given which answer is the best answer. I have to put time in to study but, I don't really think I need to spend massive amounts of time to do it. It is impossible to spend 3 hrs EVERYDAY for each class if you have 2-3 classes and work more than pt but less than ft. When do you eat or sleep? Burn out is imminent....which is what happened to me. I'm all about condensing relevant information, maximizing my understanding of the information, retaining key information in my long term memory, and performing on the test by "applying" the information.
  5. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    I can too but, I wonder if not revisiting it is causing a problem for me with regard to "knowing" what the question is asking to be able to pick the best answer. There has to be a strategy in answering the questions to pass the tests. I imagine they teach that in the foundations class.
  6. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    Exactly. That's what I wanted to know. When I was in LPN school years ago, I did fabulous. This past quarter, I did horrible. I had never until this past quarter, failed a nursing test. It was unbelievable. My m.s. instructor told me that I needed to ask questions if I didn't understand; which clearly (for me) wasn't the case. It just wasnt. What baffled me was, others in the class who were not nurses (or fresh, post-graduate LPN'S) were passing the tests. And I began to question "why?" I wondered if we as experienced LPN'S were struggling because we were exempt from taking the nursing foundations class versus, the others, who just finished taking it the immediate previous quarter with the same instructor; yet, we experienced LPN'S, could explain to them what you will/should see and do and why. I know I'm a visual/tactile learner. So an instructor talking endlessly does nothing for me except frustrate me. It didn't/doesn't help because they couldn't and didn't make it "real" for me so, it affected my studying and note taking. I was frustrated and became tired and mentally burnt. I spent unreal amount of hours doing nclex questions and writing massive amounts of notes which really was me re-writing the chapter! LOL! I'm laughing now but it wasn't funny when I was going through it! But, just wanted to know was it the foundations class that I needed as a refresher to understand what the question was/is asking so I could apply what I know about the disease/disorder, thus answer the question correctly.
  7. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    How does the Nursing Foundations class help you answer the questions correctly?
  8. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    In my opinion, any more, no. The way the tide is turning, everything is RN....mostly BSN. It seems as if the associate degree RN is being held to nursing homes and home health, but not all ADN'S. But, if you feel more comfortable in getting your LPN to get acquainted with nursing, I say go for it!
  9. brown eyed girl

    Studying for nursing classes

    Hey everyone! As some of here may know (or not) I was recently in a LPN-RN Bridge program. I decided to withdraw from the program after this past quarter was officially over for a few reasons....mainly because I was way past burned-out and it was affecting school. What ended up killing me the most was that I was gaining the knowledge but, like so many before me, I couldn't perform when the test came with the exception of my OB hesi, to which I scored 85.93% with a composite score of 943; I dropped M.S. before I could "fail" it. However, my drive and determination to get going again is strong but, I don't want to repeat my past mistakes with getting caught up in the chapters and writing endless notes that can't be studied. I KNOW I CAN ANSWER NCLEX QUESTIONS; if I couldn't, I wouldn't have passed my hesi or my boards (many moons ago). So, HOW DO I STUDY FOR MY NURSING CLASSES????? Because one thing I know for certain, it's not the same as the way you would for your prerequisites.
  10. That sucks for them because I just accepted another ft position at my old job. I've decided that I will no longer fixate on things I can't change. Doing so only prolongs my temporary feelings of rejection and inadequacies as a nurse. Make no mistake, I really wanted the job because of the opportunity that it would afford me to grow as a LPN AND RN (when I restart and finish school). However, I cannot wait in vain hoping for a change of heart or fixing a miscommunication on their end. If they call, I will take a PRN spot if available. I have to keep moving forward and trust that everything will work out for me for my benefit in the end.
  11. brown eyed girl

    RN: Judge and Jury - Ch 6

  12. I interviewed for a position 2 days before new years eve by 2 different managers separately in the same day. They both seemed enthusiastic about wanting to hire me and told me they looked forward to working with me and I expressed the same. I left the interview confident the position would be offered to me without a doubt. The next day, I received the dreaded rejection email. I was very confused as to why they seemed eager and interested in working with me but rejected me as a viable candidate for a position that I'm qualified for.
  13. brown eyed girl

    Gpc lpn-rn bridge program

    Me too! LOL!
  14. brown eyed girl

    Pretzels, Puppies, and Physical Assessment. Ch 3

    Family is always the first to receive "free "healthcare! Lol!
  15. brown eyed girl

    Gpc lpn-rn bridge program

    Has anyone attended the program and worked full time or part time? Was it difficult to manage studying, clinical, classes and work? Please tell me about your experience. I'm thinking about coming home to finish my education.
  16. brown eyed girl

    Doing bad in nursing school?

    I know just how you feel. I dropped my med surg class this quarter after never scoring above 70 when passing is 78. I am a practicing LPN and have been for years. I still haven't made sense of my "inability to put it all together" as I was initially told by my instructor. I have done what a previous poster said not to do which is comparing myself to other students, especially those who aren't nurses or nurses that just graduated, got their LPN license, and continued with school. It does hurt and make you feel inferior. With all that said, from someone who is currently in your situation let me say this....first, FIND OUT WHAT KIND OF LEARNER YOU ARE FAST! I am a visual and kinesthetic person. I can't stand a long drawn out lecture because it does nothing for me. So, when it comes to the nursing interventions, THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE I HAVE TO "DO" SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES ME TO "SEE AND TOUCH" SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. Next, READ THE CHAPTER BEFORE THE CLASS BUT PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOXES (it's everything in the reading SIMPLIFIED which is heavenly for me). Next tip was given to me by the Associate Dean, what ever chapter you are in there will be diseases and disorders; JUST FIGURE OUT WHATS DIFFERENT! PERIOD! EXAMPLE: UTI, cystitis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis etc.... Now, FOCUS ON THE MAIN LAB FOR DIAGNOSIS SPECIFIC FOR THE DISORDER. Now, it's time for your interventions. From my understanding, she said that you will be pretty much DOING THE SAME INTERVENTIONS FOR EACH DISORDER IN THAT SYSTEM. NEXT, I HAD TO LEARN THAT YOU MUST DO START DOING NCLEX QUESTIONS RELATED TO WHAT YOU ARE STUDYING PRIOR TO CLASS THEN AT LEAST 50 EVERYDAY THERE AFTER UP TO 2-3 DAYS BEFORE THE TEST. There are plenty of people here that can recommend books that helped them. I never could get into a rhythm and I ultimately dropped the class to avoid failing it. I allowed myself to get "caught up" in the chapter and struggled to get out which was really bad when I had 7 others to "study;" so I failed the test which was expected. It caused serious test anxiety for me; and I couldn't recover. It had nothing to do with me not having the knowledge or me not being able to put it together, my problem was I was anxious, it caused a mental block, and killed my confidence. So believe me, I know just how you feel.