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rubato is a ASN, RN and specializes in Oncology/hematology.

44 year old wife and mom of 15 year old son.

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  1. rubato

    How do you relax after a shift?

    A glass of chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon is the only thing I have to look forward to around 5 pm. I have a glass every night and maybe a few more if I'm not working the next day. It doesn't negatively effect me. I even get up and run at 4:30 the n...
  2. rubato

    I really need a better diet...

    The most important thing is planning ahead. That means meal planning, grocery shopping and prepping your meals and snacks. It's worth it for your waistline and your pocketbook. I am a huge proponent of exercise. It is necessary whether you need to lo...
  3. rubato

    Urged to withdraw.....

    Take the withdrawal and learn from it. And, no more excuses. You either do the work or don't join the program the second time (if your school allows that). If you feel that you will be the same type of student, with the same work ethic, don't take a ...
  4. rubato

    Where are the middle age nurses working?

    On my unit! I am a new grad at 44 and am another inpatient oncology nurse. We have a lot over the age of 40, and the younger ones are all married and pretty serious at this point. No partiers, other than us old wine drinkers.
  5. rubato

    How many steps do you take a shift?

    Not enough to counteract the bad eating habits I am now developing as a nurse. I used to be a marathon runner and was very healthy. Now, I'm too tired to go for a run more than 4 times a week and am gaining weight at quite a clip.
  6. You'll get through it. It doesn't really get any easier, but you just adapt and go with it. I graduated in May and am working as a nurse. I can still remember half of class crying after that first week. I didn't. I waited until second semester, and a...
  7. rubato

    Practice on each other?

    We did, and thank god! Practicing venipuncture on a fake arm doesn't prepare you for a vein that moves, and a person that jumps as soon as you poke them. Or someone who is afraid. It is an important aspect of nursing school, in my opinion. I let almo...
  8. rubato

    Nursing home as a new grad

    Is getting hired as a charge nurse when you are a brand new grad normal for nursing homes? I'm thinking this is crazy.
  9. rubato

    any career changers?

    Personal trainer, then stay at home mom. Started nursing at age 44.
  10. rubato


    I am an oncology nurse. I'll hug any patient that needs a hug. My patients are dealing with a lot and can be very emotional. If something as simple as a hug can make a difference in their day, I'm happy to do it.
  11. rubato

    Specialties for New Grads

    I wanted to end up in oncology. I pursued oncology, got a job, and regret nothing. On rare occasions, we get a med surg overflow patient. I may not be completely up on everything but I can cover a shift for someone. I struggle with the occasional psy...
  12. rubato

    RN to BSN programs

    I know it seems ridiculous, but it does take longer to get the ADN, then bridge to the BSN than it does to just go straight for the BSN. The big difference is price. My entire BSN degree, going the ADN route first is a total cost of $23,500. I am onl...
  13. It depends on how much time you have and how much money you have. I chose the ADN route and am now in my BSN bridge. My ADN was paid for by scholarships, but would have only been $11,000 in total. Then, I got my job in my hospital and will get $10,0...
  14. rubato

    Working while in school

    While in nursing school, I worked as a CNA in a hospital on weekends. So, that was 14-16 hours per week. I was also in the honors program and was taking extra classes for that so I averaged about 18 credit hours per semester and 9 or 10 for summer se...