What do (did) you do during the gap between graduation and your first job


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Just want to see what everyone's plan is besides studying for NCLEX.:)

Also, if you don't have a CNA job or other jobs already, what else can you do for a few months during the gap? I plan to volunteer.


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Of course studying for NCLEX.

I've picked up some shifts at work (PRN).

Try not to stress myself over the NCLEX.

Prepare for my new position.

I would love to take a trip somewhere...

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The restaurant I was working at closed so my now husband paid my rent and I waited the month for my GN job to kick in. Oh then I took the NCLEX.


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I worked as a server. Took me three months to get a job.

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I took it waaayyy back when, when NCLEX were letters on your scrabble rack. Paper and pencil boards were only offered twice a year, so places hired GNs pending the boards dates. We got to work until board results were mailed out (my head nurse was hanging out at the desk to see my letter before I could begin my shift that day). That little bit of experience helped!

Had a job before I was out of school, waiting for me. But, had enough time off to go to Puerto Vallarta with my childhood friend who graduated at the same time (CPA).

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I spent the summer traveling and volunteering. It was great. I'm sad that summer is basically a warmer winter now that I'm a true adult.


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I didn't really have much of a gap between. I graduated May 2008 and started orientation for my first job the very next week. I worked as an intern until I took my boards in early June and then I was brought on into RN orientation on my floor soon as we knew I'd passed. Thankfully, no large gap to fill.


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Applied for jobs, and spent the entire summer having fun, playing with my friends, lounging at the river, and having a general good time. Ahh, those were the days.

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I completed an LVN program in October 2005. I was unemployed at the time, so I visited the library every day to study for NCLEX. I relocated out of state in November 2005, passed NCLEX in late December 2005, and spent much of January 2006 waiting for my temporary license to be processed via endorsement. I landed my first nursing job in early February 2006.

I completed an RN/ASN bridge program in the spring of 2010. Since I was already working as an LVN during that period of time, that's how I spent the gap between graduation and securing my first RN position.

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I only had a month between graduation and the start of my job. I studied for NCLEX.


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I've had less than a month. I moved to another state and that's pretty much taken up all my time!


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Didn't have too much time in between graduating and starting orientation, but I managed to go on a really fun and relaxing vacation :) after I got back I prepped hardcore for NCLEX for about a month. I asked if I could do a few shifts as a student nurse (my position in the unit that hired me as a grad nurse), but my manager was like trust me take this time to relax! So glad she said that!