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DedHedRN has 6 years experience and specializes in Medical Surgical.

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  1. DedHedRN

    Nurses Who Harm Patients

    Omg. Way to sow suspicion amongst coworkers. I wouldn't put being a serial killer in the top 100 reasons people get fired. What a way to cast a even more negative light on any nurse who has ever been fired. Now he/she needs to worry about fellow nurses thinking they are also serial killers too?
  2. DedHedRN

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    Texas Ebola patient's friend has been told he can return to work as nursing assistant | Daily Mail Online What do you think of this? Texas CNA family is quarantined, but he is allowed to come and go, to work, as a CNA. While he lives with family, and they appear sick.
  3. DedHedRN

    October 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    No, I doubt you'll catch his Ebola.
  4. DedHedRN

    July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I told her I'd watch her patients while she went on a ten min break"
  5. DedHedRN

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    I've been in a nursing school where teachers told students not to sit next to black students. Said that they were on their way out anyways. Even though they were a straight A student. Said that Mexicans did not need to be taught how to breastfeed because they took to it naturally and it was in their genes because they were baby making machines. some nursing schools do have teachers that are running rampant on the students. The school i had originally gone to was paid millions of dollars to increase their class size, but what they did was kick out half the class each semester and bring in more students that way. Im sure its a scam. But it effected a lot of people. And made for an ugly ugly nursing school experience. I left that school and went to one that was still tough, but actually increased the class size so half the class did not get kicked out every semester.
  6. DedHedRN

    How important is your 'look' as a nurse

    When in doubt I tend to gravitate towards the "I'm crazy enough to show the #$%& up every day and keep a smile on my face look". What does that look like you ask? To be honest......a bit like an escaped maximum security psychiatric pt.
  7. DedHedRN

    Things you tell newbies

    There are days that will make you cry. You will cry on the way home from work. After a while you might even cry on your way to work. Just keep on trucking and eventually it will all weave together to form something sensible. Usually after a year or so.
  8. DedHedRN

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I work with a nurse that likes to write things such as "Pt says that Nelly RN told her last night to take 15mg of morphine and this SN informed them that its actually for 5mg" "they complained that Nelly RN was rude, and they were not happy with care from that nurse" I have been the recipient of this kind of charting and it infuriates me, because for one, I may have never told them to take that much morphine and have no idea why they are associating my name with saying that, and for two, there may be a lot more around the situation, maybe they are mad that they wanted ativan and the doctor couldn't prescribe it, it doesn't mean that I was actually rude. So I would add to that list, Don't chart issues that you didn't witness!
  9. DedHedRN

    OTC medication one bottle-multiple participants

    Stupid law. Really stupid. Sometimes I just want to beat my head against the wall and scream at the stupidness of things.
  10. DedHedRN

    Non-acute nursing jobs. Suggestions?

    If you have a BSN non-acute nursing jobs that are not any of the jobs you mention above will be easier to get. If you have a ASN you might need to be willing to live in timbucktoo.
  11. DedHedRN

    Post interview

    She was not hitting on you.
  12. DedHedRN

    Got a job...then quit the job.....

    The hospitals are shrinking and pretty soon there will be more SNF, RCFE, and elderly home patients then ever due to our aging baby boomer generation, with this mass coming of elderly population where did you think most of the job openings would be? I think that most new grads will never see the inside of a hospital and work with the elderly populations in one form or another. Its unfortunate that the bulk of the RN program trains nurses to be bedside hospital nurses, its a bit misleading.
  13. DedHedRN

    Quit with the rudeness

    I personally get a little rude at times, I think its from the constant stress that I have from day to day. I am expected to leave every single pt no matter how mentally unstable feeling like they just stepped into Disneyland. It usually means a lot of bending over backwards to do things way above the call of nursing to make them happy. I have to make people happy when they are at their lowest and most miserable points in their life and even when I try my hardest to make them happy, they often are unhappy and find something to complain about or twist into something it is not. I think I am feeling stress from this constant expectation of perfection and standards that mother Theresa herself would be hard put upon to deliver. Then to add onto it, management that berates and belittles you for everything and never once takes your side no matter how loony toony the complainer is. Low pay, no appreciation. Staff jumping ship like the boat is on fire. And self esteem that sinks lower and lower every time your boss calls you. I have found myself being snappy lately. And honestly, I don't care. I kinda wish they would fire me so I didn't have to go to work anymore and collect unemployment. That being said, I am looking for a new job, and daily wish that I could get out of nursing altogether.
  14. DedHedRN

    Urinary cath rant!

    These nurses are charting that there is no urine when they insert Foley and leave the home, telling family to call night shift if there is no urine. I get called in later because no urine ever goes into the cath bag. Every single time its because its not placed properly. I have redone probably 25 catheters in the past six months. Every time its because they did not place properly, and when I come redo it, I am always able to get urine output. I wouldn't leave a catheter in a pt if I cant get urine output, but that has not happened yet.
  15. DedHedRN

    Urinary cath rant!

    Wow, thanks for opening my eyes to how bad this really is. I felt like the situation was pretty bad, but since this is my first job where so many of the RNs do not know how to insert catheters properly, I had no idea that this was not common everywhere. I think it probably comes down to hiring new grads to work in hospice care. They are off on their own case managing, and even in management, without skills far to often. I have run into catheters placed incorrectly three times this week! I will talk to management about it.

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