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  1. DedHedRN

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    I've been in a nursing school where teachers told students not to sit next to black students. Said that they were on their way out anyways. Even though they were a straight A student. Said that Mexicans did not need to be taught how to breastfeed because they took to it naturally and it was in their genes because they were baby making machines. some nursing schools do have teachers that are running rampant on the students. The school i had originally gone to was paid millions of dollars to increase their class size, but what they did was kick out half the class each semester and bring in more students that way. Im sure its a scam. But it effected a lot of people. And made for an ugly ugly nursing school experience. I left that school and went to one that was still tough, but actually increased the class size so half the class did not get kicked out every semester.
  2. DedHedRN

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I work with a nurse that likes to write things such as "Pt says that Nelly RN told her last night to take 15mg of morphine and this SN informed them that its actually for 5mg" "they complained that Nelly RN was rude, and they were not happy with care from that nurse" I have been the recipient of this kind of charting and it infuriates me, because for one, I may have never told them to take that much morphine and have no idea why they are associating my name with saying that, and for two, there may be a lot more around the situation, maybe they are mad that they wanted ativan and the doctor couldn't prescribe it, it doesn't mean that I was actually rude. So I would add to that list, Don't chart issues that you didn't witness!
  3. DedHedRN

    Performance Evaluations

    I hate it when management drags up something that happened months ago. Its not fair really. They should approach you when it first happens to give you a chance to correct yourself. Instead they wait half a year then drag it up and write you up for it. I wish we could write them up for doing that to us.
  4. DedHedRN

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    oh laughing out loud so hard right now!
  5. DedHedRN

    The Passive-Aggressive Coworker

    What's it called when the are just blatantly controlling? And loud and annoying to everyone around them? When they have to try and micromanage the entire floor even when it's not their responsibility and call in sick alot?
  6. DedHedRN

    colace consistency?

    Ask her what she meant. We are not mind readers on here. Maybe you better just research both those things and then be able to answer it either way.
  7. DedHedRN

    Med Error

    I was wondering how someone with just a couple weeks of training could have less med errors then someone with years and years of training... Honestly this would scare the Doo Doo outa me.
  8. DedHedRN

    Med Error

    You pass meds as a CNA??????? :eek::eek:
  9. DedHedRN

    Hypothetical New Grad Residency Pregnancy Question

    There were two girls who had babies in my nursing program, one in second semester and the other one in the third semester, and another one pregnant in the fourth semester. They all passed. The girl who had her baby in the mother/baby rotation seemed to garner more sympathy from the teachers though, that was second semester. Why not just do it while your in nursing school?
  10. DedHedRN

    heading to nursing school..

    Things were bad for new grads when I went back to school, I was told that there was a nursing shortage and that by the time I graduated jobs would be flowing like milk and honey in the land of plenty so i didn't worry. Well, now I am licensed and there is little to absolutely no work for new grads where I live. And things don't look like they are going to get any better anytime soon, as new grads pile up like logs in a river, and the river is starting to get clogged up with logs and there's no one stopping the production of new logs. So, your taking your chances and making your bet. You might win, and you might lose. Good luck.
  11. DedHedRN

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    Did the guy actually answer his phone, I have tried to call him lots of times, but he never answers.
  12. DedHedRN

    new RN

    What state would you suggest moving too? I hear new grads are having trouble finding work all over. Students don't exactly understand the gravity of the unemployment situation until they are graduated and been looking for a while, I sure didn't. I recently posted the reality of the situation to students and was almost railroaded out of town for it. I have applied for jobs in several different states and for at least 75 in california, not one single reply. Plus, do you realize how expensive it is to relocate? Not to mention getting licensed in another state. Hello, that is hard when your unemployed. I have contacted recruiters, and just about every military, volunteer and civic program there is and still there is nothing for new grads. I hear the programs in my area have 600+ applicants for just 1 new grad opening. Have you ever tried to compete against 599 other people for the same job? You have to be freaking steller and stand out like Jesus Christ walking on water just to get interviewed. I am moving, but I still don't know if I will find work where I am going, but hey, I'll be the first one to come on these boards and share how I did it, if I do. To the OP, I placed a ad on craigs list and got some work that way, it was not RN work, rather just helping people in their homes with showers, dressing, transfers and things like that. There is almost always a few paraplegics or quadriplegics looking for someone to help them a few hours a day, usually when they get up for the day and when they go to bed, so your hours can be split and they don't pay much but at least its something.
  13. DedHedRN

    Tips for New Grads from one who got a job

    I would like to know where to take all those classes in southern California, Orange County to be exact without being a employee of some hospital. Never mind, I'm having a brain fart, I just realized that I was looking at a list of those classes today... I just don't have the 800+ dollars I need to take them all, because I happen to be underemployed.
  14. DedHedRN

    This is what's available to new grads?!?

    omg, I loled so hard when I read that.. but then again, I will probably apply for it too, and be rejected because I don't have a bachelors degree... I bet they get 600 applications for this job just because its southern California!
  15. DedHedRN

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    yes. Minimum Requirements Education: Bachelors of Science in Nursing Required (completion of all clinical training) - thats from their site and if that isn't clear enough it also says.. Thank you for your interest in St. Jude Medical Center's New Grad Program. We are only accepting Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates.