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Racer15 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED.

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  1. Racer15

    Question about BSN at WGU

    They do not require those classes for admission. However, you will have to take biochemistry and statistics while enrolled.
  2. Racer15


    I used hand hygiene for both.
  3. Racer15

    You just can't make this stuff up!

    What can I say, when I'm not trying to off myself I'm usually pretty fun!
  4. Racer15

    You just can't make this stuff up!

    I tried to commit suicide last year. As to your get a new hobby comment, some people get lucky. I took over 80 SL nitro and am still around but whatever. Anyways, much to this ER nurse's displeasure, I was forced by my coworkers to go inpatient psych which lasted almost a week. I was eating breakfast one morning when a meth head started talking about how safe the drug was. I didn't bother to look up from my cereal but said "the last guy I saw on meth ended up with a tube down his nose, throat, and up his butt." "What the hell do you do for a living?!" "Little of this, little of that. Don't do meth though unless you like people like me sticking stuff up your butt."
  5. Racer15


    It's all fun and games till you're the nurse in the psych ward.
  6. Racer15

    Being the patient...

    Today while in triage, I noticed that minor exertion caused me to be slightly SOB and my HR popped up into the 160's. This went on all day until my manager busted me and saw my HR. Made me clock out and gave me the option of finding a ride home or signing in. After a lot of harassment I signed in. That two hours felt like forever, laying there, waiting for results really messes with you! The more often you come in and update really does make a difference!
  7. Racer15

    As a RN, which would you choose?

    I am 33 and a DNR. I've been clear about my my wishes, but I doubt my family would honor them in the moment, which is annoying.
  8. Racer15

    Misuse of the ER

    It can be super frustrating, but I can see why she didn't call an ambulance. My ambulance ride, that lasted ten minutes where the EMT took my vitals once and that was all he did, was $600. Thank god for good insurance, I fought against going by ambulance but wasn't given a choice.
  9. Racer15

    Where were you...9/11

    AP Bio my junior year of HS. We watched the news all day.
  10. Racer15

    First job as an RN

    I've only ever worked ER. It was pretty rough in the beginning, I cried after work a lot. I'm glad I stuck with it! Still have bad days but I'm where I think I was meant to be.
  11. Racer15

    New Grad hired in the ER, question.

    I started as a brand new nurse in the ED. I didn't care for med/surg during clinicals so never applied for any of those positions. It was a pretty rough orientation and I cried a lot. But 5.5 years in, I'm very satisfied with my choice.
  12. Racer15

    Started in Med/Surg but went to another specialty?

    I've never worked med/surg, but I have a few coworkers that started out there then moved to the ED. They all seem to like it. I've never worked anywhere else and love it, the ED is my home.
  13. Racer15

    How long have you been a nurse

    Creeping up on 6 years, all ER. Not sure how the time has gone by so fast!
  14. Racer15

    How to relax after a bad shift

    I like to practice meditation. I have a few apps on my phone. Calm and headspace are my favorites. I also like to do jigsaw puzzles, requires a focus that makes me forget about work.
  15. Racer15

    Mental illness nurse

    I have major depressive disorder and anxiety. I became suicidal to the point that my coworkers forced me to sign into my ED for an evaluation and ended up being admitted. I'm managing well now between my PMHNP and therapist. I highly recommend a mental health provider be the one to manage your medications.
  16. Heck no! That's insane!