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  1. What is your Achilles heel?

    Dental surgery. I did a PEDS clinical rotation at a small hospital and 9 out of 10 of the PEDS OR/PACU cases were dental surgeries. I watched ONE child receive dental crowns & I'll NEVER do it again. I was soooo nauseous and I almost passed out. ...
  2. For about 4 weeks...
  3. For about 4 weeks....
  4. :-D I'm a new grad and this of allllllll the posts on allnurses and from my colleagues, has helped me the most. I kinda got a slight chuckle from it lol. I have been feeling the same way as the OP since day 1 on the floor. Great preceptor & ever...
  5. Best place to buy a stethoscope?

    Definitely Medisave!! They ship super quickly, price was so much cheaper than other sites, and free engraving.
  6. New Grad RN Training- Take it or Leave it?

    Sorry, but I agree with this poster...especially being that there's no guarantee after you "train" w/ them. I've never heard of any program like this but I guess it's different for every state. Have you tried applying for other jobs/hospitals? On the...
  7. TO all the NCLEX PASSERS, I need helpp

    I think everyone says to (& this helped me) look at the SATA questions as true or false questions. When I studied for the PN, I used the Exam Cram book, PDA book, and I can't remember what else I used. I used Kaplan for the RN, the PDA book again...
  8. Torn between specialties

    When the time comes, apply for any and every unit/specialty that you may be interested in. I didn't apply for any specialties that I was not interested in because I knew when it came down to it, I'd end up hating it. For example, I don't know how to ...
  9. Congrats!! I think majority of the people that took it, thought they failed it lol. I just one of those things that 'you don't know til you know'. Anyway, great job and good luck on your job hunt (unless you already have one)!!!
  10. Shock trauma RN...BSN preferred?

    No problem. I believe the position that I applied for said 'BSN preferred'. If that's the case & you think that you'll have a good chance of getting a call back (& you meet the requirements), why not apply? Good luck!
  11. Shock trauma RN...BSN preferred?

    I was recently hired as an ADN but I'll be on a critical care floor in the STC, not the TRU. You might want to look at some of their job postings online but from my understanding you need experience in the ICU or ER for the TRU. Don't quote me on tha...
  12. How much orientation time for a new grad?

    My orientation will be 10weeks on a trauma progressive care unit/intermediate care unit.
  13. Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    I agree with you. If you got the good pop-up, let that ease your anxiety until you get your license # on the BON website. Don't pay for the quick results. I was still nervous/anxious because my # wasn't posted yet and gave in and bought the quick res...