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What is your "favorite" procedure?


And what is your least favorite?

My favorites: changing IV dressings , wound care, Foley D/c (is just good to see a patient can void without that tube in), trach care ( I love when I can help someone breath better instantly)

What about you?

mi_dreamin, BSN

Specializes in L&D, Cardiac/Renal, Palliative Care. Has 3 years experience.

Placing IVs and getting that first set of labs, cervical exams, especially when there is progress 🎉, placing Foley's (in females) so satisfying to see that urine in the tube 😜

mmc51264, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in orthopedic; Informatics, diabetes. Has 9 years experience.

12 hours ago, NewRN'16 said:

is just good to see a patient can void without that tube in

you hope they do. No fun to bladder scan, I&O, bladder scan ......

FYI, love to work with leeches.

90 Year Old Female Pt. Giving Me A Wink!

My procedure: I wink back at them. FTW! 😉

eggyweggy, MSN, RN

Has 8 years experience.

IV insertion and drawing blood, especially when I can get a difficult patient on the first stick.

TriciaJ, RN

Specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory. Has 40 years experience.

On 5/15/2020 at 9:11 PM, mmc51264 said:

FYI, love to work with leeches.

That makes one of us! (shudder)


Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro. Has 16 years experience.

Bedside trach’s

Nurse Trini

Specializes in LPN School Nurse. Has 4 years experience.

I have to say a lot of the D/C's are very satisfying. Removing a foley almost always is greeted with the appreciation of the patient. But even pulling IVs and the like when the patient is going home is satisfying.


Specializes in Adult and pediatric emergency and critical care.

Reducing dislocations. Instantaneous gratification.

pixierose, BSN, RN

Specializes in ED, psych. Has 4 years experience.

There is something about NG tubes and the immediate after effect ...


Has 10 years experience.

IVs and NG tubes!

LibraNurse27, BSN, RN

Specializes in Community Health, Med/Surg, ICU Stepdown. Has 8 years experience.

IVs, especially with ultrasound. And wound vacs! I love when it seals on the first try with no air leak, but when it doesn't I want to pull my hair out. It is so cool watching the vacuum suction the wound closed and it helps wounds heal so much more quickly! love it

Luckyyou, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 10 years experience.

Bedside ECMO cannulation


Specializes in BSN student.

Of the few I have learned so far in school, probably I.M injections. It's just very satisfying IMO, LOL. 🤣

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Wound Care. The more complicated and bigger the better. I love to see the progress too.

BlueShoes12, BSN, RN

Specializes in PACU, Stepdown, Trauma.

58 minutes ago, StrwbryblndRN said:

Wound Care. The more complicated and bigger the better. I love to see the progress too.

Exactly this! It's so rewarding if the patient has a longer stay and you see the progress from one week to the next.