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  1. Can you search anyone in the controlled substance monitoring database?

    You're clearly not the NP in this scenario. If a nurse practitioner co-worker has accessed your protected health information without consent or clinical cause within a provider-patient relationship, it should be reported to HR immediately. It is an ...
  2. Diastolic pressure- last sound or silence??

    Keep in mind that there is no real clinical difference between 125/79 vs 125/78, so it's kind of a non-issue. The last sound you hear is separated from silence by 1 mmHg. 🙂
  3. Incident Report

    Your reaction was inappropriate and unprofessional. You chose to make another nurse uncomfortable, and possibly intimidated, just for the sake of being rude. Your conversation served no productive clinical purpose, nor did it help improve the work e...
  4. Seeking Constructive Feedback

    "Thanks for offering to help, but I've worked in the ER 15 years and am known as one of the better sticks around here. I'm not looking for new techniques when mine works so well!" I think that would actually be a good conversation to have the ne...
  5. I hate my clinical professor, would this be a good idea to ask her?

    This is an awfully strong judgment of someone you've never personally observed in the clinical setting. Since your primary source for this opinion is previous students who didn't do well under this instructor, you should consider that it's one-s...
  6. Nursing educators: Why did you become a teacher?

    I love learning, and I enjoy helping others learn. Teaching others to be safe, competent, caring nurses leads to improved patient outcomes. If every student I teach ends up being a little better of a nurse than they would have been without my influ...
  7. Bad Clinical Instructor

    1. Paying tuition and fees to an institute of higher education doesn't mean that *you* become the faculty's employer. 2. Paying tuition and fees doesn't mean you get to make policies or determine what clinicals should look like. 3. You a...
  8. texas first renewal after endorsement

  9. RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    My job is not even messy, and to this day, I still strip down before entering my house. Work shoes permanently stay in the garage. Work purse permanently stays in the garage. Used scrubs stay in the garage until I'm ready to wash them. I go directly ...
  10. Working the floor after a job interview!? WOW!...

    If I, as a patient, learned that my body was exposed to and clinically cared for by a non-employee, without a background check, with pending charges, without required HIPAA training, without a verification of certs/licenses, without an orientation to...
  11. Tobacco free environment and testing for nicotine. Lawful? Thoughts?

    1) Not a protected class 2) Think of the impact on patients with sensitive respiratory systems when cared for by someone who comes in reeking of smoke. Being around anything remotely smokey results in airway problems for me- even just being arou...
  12. Pronouncing Death

    Have you verified that it is within the scope of RNs in your state to pronounce deaths?
  13. Commissioning a patient?

    Any time one patient is offered preferential treatment over another, or any time your personal life is blended with your patient's personal life, a violation of professional boundaries has occurred. -Hiring a patient for a commission is preferen...
  14. Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    I can't speak to your performance to give feedback, but I can say this as a parent. If I were ever in the horrible situation of my newborn child being critically ill and heading towards a code, I would choose for the experienced NICU nurse to step i...
  15. New grad

    Each state has its own Nurse Practice Act, so this will be unique to where you live. It should be accessible on your Board of Nursing's website. As a starting place, read about your state's standards of practice and scope of practice. Outside of your...

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