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I Tried To Be Normal Once. Worst Two Minutes of My Life!

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  1. My point exactly! You just did it!
  2. Although, I don’t have a transference or counter-transference like-attitude. But, we are judged by first impression. And it only takes 7 seconds, for one to judge someone. But I have proven them wrong. Anyway—— “Paired with a good scrubs. A man properly dressed for work....” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what a definition! I ordered one, simply because of this statement. I ended up not getting a Dansko. But the running shoes or sneakers has to go, at least, while I am making $$$$$$$. And yes, I am a Chef Thanks!
  3. But hey... this got your attention
  4. You nailed it! If anything, are they meant or designed just for women?
  5. Hello Ladies and Gents, What is one’s opinion if you see a man wearing a Dansko shoes? I’m thinking of trying it out since I have been wearing running/sneaker shoes for the past so and so years now?
  6. As mentioned on my subject! What's up everyone!!! You guys have been playing too much poker! Try Solitaire for a change... just so it is not too obvious! I Miss the banters... big time!
  7. Ben_Dover

    Report or not when administrators have favorites

    No need to report. To be honest, when I was a charge nurse of a 30 bed unit. I'd rather not take any report from any CN... cause they don't know half of whatever's going in with the patients!
  8. Ben_Dover

    Ugh- helicopter/tiger mom!

    I hope this is a sci-fi story... I'm no HIPAA police. But this one makes me cringe! I'm Surprised... it's still active or open.
  9. Ben_Dover

    Texas Children's investigates RN for social media HIPAA violation

    Well, ladies and gents, I have attended a rehab and have been Facebook free for the last 9 months! My momma's so proud of me! Yasssss!!!!
  10. Oh My GERD..... forget NCLEX. What about Ectopic pregnancies, distortions, and even as simple as knowing if your patient is pregnant prior to med administration or getting films. I can name a whole lot more. If l&d or ob or peds isn't important.... I suppose the rest shouldn't be too. Sweet mother of hairless baby jessie... please give him or her some guidance!
  11. Ben_Dover

    Med error?

    One thing I know for sure, kidney stones are painful as F. If the patient has no hx of tolerance to pain meds./narcotics, please provide them the appropriate dose. A pain level of 8 is usually considered as severe so give them what is appropriate and you being a deligent and prudent nurse will be and should be assessing the pt's v/s, s&s (subjective and objective) and pain medication effectiveness before and/or after med. administration. However, if you do have a policy about pain medication administration, probable but highly improbable, follow that or simply follow the attending doctor's parameters or orders.
  12. Ben_Dover

    Outrageous Complaints

    103 year old lady asking me out for a date lol... Mentioned this here in the past. But this is something I'll never ever be able to forget.
  13. Ben_Dover

    Called off too many times?

    I wonder if all the findings/results of the ailments you mentioned were positive or negative. If they were all negative, has your doctor suggested a psych consult? As we all know, stress can play a major factor on physical ailments.
  14. Ben_Dover

    Finally pass after 7 attempts with 75questions

    Well, that's a bummer. If I may ask, what planet do you live in?
  15. Ben_Dover

    Dropped out of ASN Program. Advice?

    Options that I can think of, at least in the medical field, would be as follows: Radiology /CT/MRI Tech Ultrasonographer Pharmacy Tech Med-Tech/Forensic Scientist Medical Assistant Medical Biller Phlebotomist Occupational/Physical Therapist (including assistants) RT ... well, this one's debatable ... Lift Team Rock Star Celebrity Seriously though, I do really commend you for that ballsy move. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off! Best Wishes

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