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I'm planning to enroll in (). Can anyone provide pros and cons to the program? Interesting in hearing from current students, but welcome others to chime in for learning purposes.

On 2/27/2019 at 12:35 PM, beekee said:

WGU was awesome for me. I finished in one term (less than $3500 total cost). Pro’s are cost, accessibility (online program) and speed. Con’s are GPA (only matters really if you plan to do more education, and it may not matter much even if you do).

I would recommend.

Beekee can you elaborate on the GPA issue? I plan to go for NP, so how migh this effect me? Is your GPA a pass/fail 3.0?

Is it correct that you must be employed while you attend? I am a RN with a bachelor's in another field. We adopted two sisters and I am home with them and would like to use this time complete a RN to BSN program.

I am interested in this program too. I read that you have to work 20 hrs a week. I am prn and don't always get 20 hours a week so I'm wondering if this will be a problem. Do they just verify employment or do they verify hours worked each week?

I believe you do have to be employed at least 20 hrs/week but their requirements may have changed since I finished the program. I would call them and discuss!

On 2/27/2019 at 11:53 PM, NICUismylife said:


I had some classes towards my BSN already. For example, I'd already taken stats. I also had some working knowledge of nutrition, lifespan development, etc. so I was able to finish those courses quickly.

So, they don't take transfers for those classes? You still have to "test out"?

I already have a Bachelor's in another area with many prereqs also. I was considering taking classes that would be needed down the road for the BSN while waiting on nursing school acceptance. If I still have to test, maybe I'll just watch youtube crash courses. haha.

I do realize I'm putting the cart before the horse a little. Also, I probably need to be studying more and researching future schooling less.

1 minute ago, 2BS Nurse said:

They will review your transcripts. It depends on the length of time since you took the course. I had to retake because it had been so many years since I had nutrition, even though it was a semester long, hard course. The WGU nutrition course is a piece of cake. You will be able to complete it in 2 days. It was nothing like the hard university course I took several years ago.

WGU stats is nursing stats, not calculus based. Lots of graph reading.

Thanks. Yeah, mine were a while back. I took a Chemistry sequence, but I doubt I could test out of it that quickly now. Haha.

Stats and nutrition seem to be the only 2 courses that seem to need a recent transcript. I would expect your Chem and everything else that applies to the program to transfer.

if you have time review some concept in biochem - utilize the biochem "dump" in facebook that tells you important concepts to know. theres tons of online sample exams for the subjects as well. i actually studied the couple months before and was able to pass biochem exam in 2 weeks.

Miss.Jersey, BSN, RN did u look at other psych programs? I want to start at , but my GPA is already under 3.0 so I'm worried that it will effect my ability to get into a psych nurse program, if I so decide, in the future. Do u know if there are many psych nurse advanced degrees that aren't picky about GPA?

Hi Im looking into doing my rn to bsn through so its on my own time schedule and was curious has anyone tried to go into further education and didnt have an issue bc of the gpa stuff? I want to go on to get my dnap and am afraid that the gpa scale they use may hurt that. Every program i have looked at wants a 3.0 or 3.2. Anyone have experience with this?

On 2/27/2019 at 10:35 AM, meanmaryjean said:

>90% of students in that program are working full-time. Best decision I ever made.

hi, do you know if I can you work in skilled nursing facility and get the bsn

On 6/19/2019 at 3:13 PM, ZandZmommyRN said:

I actually called and they have changed their requirements. You do not have to work a certain amount of hours but have to be "actively employed as a RN" .

hello, did they mention that it has to be in a hospital? I am planning to work in a skilled nursing and wondering if it's ok to work there to get my bsn. thanks.

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