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  1. Western Governors University and Aspen University have affordable online RN-to-BSN programs without group work. Any other suggestions?
  2. Hello all! I'm approaching the end of an ADN program and hold a bachelor's degree in another field. I'm trying to decide between one of the numerous RN-BSN programs available or an RN-MSN program for those holding a non-nursing bachelor's. Would you ...
  3. WGU RN to BSN

    I'm planning to enroll in WGU (Western Governors University). Can anyone provide pros and cons to the program? Interesting in hearing from current students, but welcome others to chime in for learning purposes.
  4. WGU-BSN pre-licensure

    Hello, Anyone else from California starting BSN pre-licensure program soon?
  5. WGU RN to BSN program question?

    I have been an RN since 2005 and I am ready to take the next step to get my BSN. I am currently just working prn at a couple of places. I average working about 4-5 times a month or basically once a week. I have been researching online RN to BSN pr...