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Western Governors University and Aspen University have affordable online RN-to-BSN programs without group work. Any other suggestions?


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How do you know that both Western Governors University and Aspen University do not have group work as part of the curriculum?


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Quintesca - For WGU, a student advised me of that; and for Aspen, a student and a recruiter told me that.

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Many programs identify whether or not there are group projects because it has been identified as a major dissatisfier. One of my MSN programs (Nursing Informatics) had group work throughout the curriculum, and I had a couple of bad experiences — students late with submissions, and even one student who was our "group leader" who submitted the wrong file (Word doc with "track changes" showing) and then abruptly went MIA for the next few days. In all cases the professors were understanding and did not penalize everyone, but the stress was unnecessary!

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I have three degrees from WGU. There is no group work unless you want an MBA (capstone has a group project). The nursing programs have none.

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Here's a list of online RN-to-BSN programs with required credit hours and cost per credit hour (out-of-state). I am focusing in on a couple and starting to contact the schools to find out about group work, and other details. I thought other folks might find this list interesting. Feel free to comment on any of the institutions... Costs may be higher depending on prerequisite requirements and fees.

Western Governors University: flat fee $3,250 per semester, do as many credit hours as possible...regionally and CCNE-accredited. Pass/fail system with a pass equaling a 3.0. No group work.

Fort Hays State Univ., Kansas: 29 hours * 207.24 = $6,009.96

Delta State Univ., Mississippi: 27 hours * $6,418

Ohio Univ., Athens, OH: 31 hours * 243 = $7533 (but I have heard this university does not admit folks nationwide)

Univ. TX at Tyler: 30 hours * 265.1 = $7953

Univ. TX at Arlington: 32 hours * $257/credit hour = $8,224

Minot, ND: 30 hours * $273.67/credit hour = $8210.10

American Public University: 28 hours * $270 = $8370 (this school seems to have a focus on military/veterans)

Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville: 26 hours * 345/credit hour = $8,970

Aspen: 30 hours * $975 = $9750 (does not require group work; is CCNE accredited, but not regionally, as it is an online-only campus.

Purdue University Northwest: 34 hours * $350/credit hour = $11,900

Grand Canyon University: 36 hours * $470 = $16,920

I thought it was interesting that SUNY Delhi requires 61 credit hours at $323/credit hour. I wonder if some of the requirements might be waived per prior work, as the 61 hours sure seems like a lot.

Here are some links that I used: - US News & World Report (won't let me post the link here, but you can surf to online BSN programs).

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I almost went to FHSU but opted not to due to the formatting of their program which would require a semester of classes THEN applying for the RN-BSN portion. I didn't see the point nor was comfy with wasting a semester while doing admissions. Additionally, their capstone or community class required some clinical of about 80 hrs not to be done at work which I also couldn't wing with my schedule. It might be different now.

Here was my list:

1) UTA (ended up going)

2) WGU (wanted NP so didn't bother)

3) ULL (I would've def went here)



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Just an fyi fort hayes state charges $400 to transfer your nursing credits, so factor that in. Plus they require many gen- eds and are not generous with transfer credits. I have an undergrad in psych with 3 sociology courses, 2 statistics for social sciences, and math up to calc 3 and differential equations - they told me i had to take 1 -intro to sociology, 2 -algebra and 3-statistics anyway. Not very reasonable if you ask me and not open to a challenge. I did send in my syllabus for the calc 3 for reveiw and they never even responded.

Not to mention they want me to take intro to communication and english comp 2, even though i am a 47 year old professional with vast teaching and professional experience, and have written at least 2o college level papers in my life including capstone and research projects. I had accepted these as a necessary evil, but then when thye added in the math, soc and stats that i had taken i just got the feeling this was the beginning of a not great experience.

Their requirements would drive my tuition up quite a bit, and even though i could clep out of some of these subjects, as this point i feel their unreasonableness is just going to continue. I'm going for wgu, hoping to finish is 6 months with the help of straighterline.


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What about clinicals? I know some programs have no clinicals. I was looking into Aspen. Looks like a heavy clinical project at the end (website says 70-100 hours of community interaction required). Has anyone ever done Aspen? Other than this project, everything else about the rn-bsn program looked ok.


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how was UTA? I heard that Texas schools make you take a Texas government class.

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Replying late to this post. I am starting Aspen soon. I spoke with a graduate of their BSN program. She said the teachers work with you on choosing a community project, such as preparing a power point to elementary students on how to wash your hands, etc. The preparation you do for the project counts towards the hours required.

I am really excited to start their program. They have been very helpful!

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