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  1. eh14

    Masters in forensic nursing?

    how was your experience at fitchburg slizendiceRN? I am seriously considering. thanks!
  2.  Hi - yes! I am a new nurse, who has a business background, an EMT certification and have had a massage therapy practice for 13 years.  I recently joined the American Holistic Nurses Association, and completed my BSN with EBP research in holistic pain management techniques in healthcare. I am currently figuring out if I want to get an MSN in Forensic or PMHNP. I work at a DMH/DPH hospital in a detox setting as well as psych home care. I am looking to join the Nurse enterpreneur association in a year or so. So yes - you are not alone. To outsiders it may look like "all over the place" but the truth is theres a lot of crossover in these fields, and different levels of being able to serve these populations. It also takes time to gain experience and expertise in these fields, I feel like each experience leads you to another and gives you a depth of knowledge to take new paths. Not to mention nursing changes daily. Enterpreneurial people tend to be explorers so don't be deterred by what other people think - others often project their fears and insecurities onto those they don't understand. So yes, there are others. I a curious which MSN program you went to? I have one in my state I am planning on taking a class over the summer to check it out.

    1. INeedMyOwn RN

      INeedMyOwn RN, MSN

        Hello there! I am so glad to see I have a partner in crime! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and background info with me. I am attempting to attend a prep course in holistic nursing that will prepare me to sit for the certification, so I am excited about that. My intention with the forensic nursing track was to get involved in death investigation and legal nurse consulting. It is pretty tough to get started with the legal consulting though as it pertains to working with an attorney anyway. Actually it is the same with death investigation because you most likely will have to be employed with the local medical examiner. Thank you for mentioning the nurse entrepreneur association, I'll have to check that out too. I attended Duquesne University's MSN program with a focus in forensics. The school is based out of Pittsburgh. Your response was very inspiring, thank you!

  3. eh14

    WGU RN to BSN

    I just finished my last BSN class. I highly recommend if you have a prior degree. The 3.0 kills your grade point if you have a lot of classes, but its a great way to to get an accredited BSN in a self-paced affordable manner.