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25 years NICU 5 years Telephone Triage
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ILoveHorsesRN has 32 years experience as a ADN and specializes in 25 years NICU 5 years Telephone Triage.

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  1. ILoveHorsesRN

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Just work some overtime if you need more money! I am sure OT is plenty! This definitely is not the time to ask for hazard pay.
  2. ILoveHorsesRN

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    You must work with a bunch of cheerleaders? Such a strange question. I was a band geek/nerd.
  3. ILoveHorsesRN

    New Telephone Triage Nurse

    Be prepared for calls about anything and everything. I work with around 500 different protocols. Lately it’s mostly cough cold flu advice. Be prepared for angry callers who have been on hold for you for a long time. Be prepared for micromanagement. Your calls are all most likely recorded and you will be graded on the quality of your calls. good luck. It is not easy. I take 30-40 calls in 8 hrs. PM me for more info if you want.
  4. ILoveHorsesRN

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    I think it's a good, healthy alternative. all hospitals should also be offering gluten free meals for patients with Celiac disease.
  5. ILoveHorsesRN

    RN is not for me :-(

    Callers complain about everything and anything you can think of. Nurses ask them too many triage questions...so they say "I just want an appointment." They want appointments on a Sat. at 4:30 pm but there aren't any so they have to go to ED, then they cuss us out for it. It is overall not a fun job. We feel like 911 operators most of the time. People are clueless and don't understand the course of viruses or whether or not they have an emergency.
  6. ILoveHorsesRN

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    So sorry this happened! Absolutely unacceptable. A lot of people do NOT take food allergies seriously. I think what she did warrants criminal charges. She did this on purpose! A lot of people, including adults do not understand food allergies or autoimmune diseases related to food. This girl should not be a nurse! She sounds like she has a mental problem to do something like this! I hope you are recovering well!
  7. ILoveHorsesRN

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    I am not a school nurse. I just wanted to say you sound like an excellent nurse, you did everything right. The onlookers were obviously clueless to what was most important, the child. Um ya, we don't tilt the head back....clueless onlookers!
  8. ILoveHorsesRN

    Anybody here??

    I sent you a PM. This job can cause extreme amounts of mental stress. Just know you aren't alone. I am the original poster of this topic, had to change my screen name.
  9. ILoveHorsesRN

    Average call time

    If you work 32 hrs a week at the call center, you might not want to work on call at all. It's very stressful, different kind of stress
  10. ILoveHorsesRN

    Average call time

    I just sent you a PM. I think it's just 5 posts, the message went through.
  11. ILoveHorsesRN

    Average call time

    RNLove: Also take into consideration if you do decide to try call center nursing, it is harder to go back to the bedside after a year or so because other employers will usually require 1 year recent experience at the bedside. PM me once you get to more posts, I think it's 5? We can talk more.
  12. ILoveHorsesRN

    Friends who aren’t in the medical profession

    Nursy: I am pursuing a new job for sure. I see you have 40 years nursing experience. I have 30 years. I wish I could retire like other people can who have been at their jobs for 30 years. It's called burnout.
  13. ILoveHorsesRN

    Friends who aren’t in the medical profession

    I agree. I do have outside interests. My point is that non-nurse friends and family have basically told me to "get over it. It's your job." Without expressing any empathy. I think we should all have empathy for other professions. I think we should all listen with compassion when people are struggling to cope with their occupation.
  14. ILoveHorsesRN

    Friends who aren’t in the medical profession

    I understand. I have a few close friends that aren't nurses. They don't understand at all. Nobody understands really, unless they are a nurse. This includes my family as well. I am so tired of being a nurse honestly. It is not easy!!
  15. ILoveHorsesRN

    Average call time

    Oh, and to reply to the original topic, call time should not be the focus. The employer prefers call times as low as possible, but as a nurse we have to make sure we are arriving at a safe outcome.
  16. ILoveHorsesRN

    Average call time

    Being a call center nurse is not less stressful. It is a different kind of stress. I take 40-50 calls in 8 hours. Back to back, no break. It is very micromanaged. Sometimes you will feel like a 911 operator. Callers tend to be very stressed and/or rude. Staring at a computer screen all day, while you type, listen to the caller and figure out what to do with them following a strict protocol. This type of work is hard on the brain. Lots of multitasking.