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  1. I keep them separate... Crush, add water, and then give. I also measure out flushes separately. This allows time for meds to dissolve. It really doesn't take that long. I do like the idea to get an order from provider to crush and combine meds f...
  2. I can't believe this - wearing a mask during the test?

    Glad you got used to wearing the mask. You will most likely encounter other things that as a new nurse may seem unpleasant, but know that with time, you will get used to them and not be bothered by them.. Good luck with your nursing career! Congratul...
  3. Vaccination for clinical

    I felt my comment above was too flippant. I edited it as follows, but had to post it below separately. I am sorry about the flippancy. I hope the below helps. Your statements regarding vaccines reflect misinformation, which is most disturbing, especi...
  4. Vaccination for clinical

    Why don't you read some evidence-based research on vaccines? Look at peer-reviewed journals. You might also pursue some rigorous science education. Until, then, I would say it might be best to hold off pursuing nursing. It seems to me that your prere...
  5. Is this hurting my resume?

    Personally, I would apply to jobs you are interested in. The folks that do the hiring may know your facility's reputation and understand why you are trying to get to a better place.
  6. I don’t know what to say ???

    Many posters above have some great ideas, e.g., presence, chaplain, etc... I also agree with the pain/palliative consultation.
  7. Gloves required for ALL oral meds.

    @osceteacher, people pick up a glove from the floor and stuff it back in the box? That is horrible. I hope you say something to someone doing that.
  8. orientation prob. bring it up with my boss or not

    Often when I get valuable critical feedback, I thank the person giving it. Also, I often share with others when I have made a mistake...I do this as I want to help others, and I find that others often will share tips with me, etc. Nursing is a field ...
  9. I don't remember how many hours per day I studied. It would fluctuate depending on if I was working or having to attend lectures, etc. Study as much as you can. Read the required texts. Study NCLEX questions starting with your first semester. The kno...
  10. Next time, ask the nurse directly to explain it to you. Questions are okay, and should be accepted. At this, point, next time you go to the facility, you might ask about it. If you're not going, go ahead and call. Explain what you saw and that you wo...
  11. Rn to BSN

    I think it's hard to say which schools will take all your credits. It is likely dependent on your prior schools' accreditation and the schools that interest you.
  12. Here's a list of online RN-to-BSN programs with required credit hours and cost per credit hour (out-of-state). I am focusing in on a couple and starting to contact the schools to find out about group work, and other details. I thought other folks mig...
  13. CNA to RN?

    Try to get a CNA job at a hospital or other institution that has tuition benefits. Then use those benefits to pursue your LPN or RN. If going for RN, you might start with ADN, and then later RN-to-BSN. You could also pursue a job as transporter or pa...
  14. What would you like as a thank you?

    I agree with prior posters suggestions to write personalized thank you notes.
  15. Hospital reimbursement

    JustBeachy, I don't think it's easy to get loan forgiveness, but I have heard of it out there... I have heard of it related to individual institutions and related to medically-underserved areas... Here's another link with some info that seems to have...