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besaangel ASN, BSN, MSN, CNA, RN, APRN, NP

Aesthetics, Med/Surg, Outpatient
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besaangel has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, CNA, RN, APRN, NP and specializes in Aesthetics, Med/Surg, Outpatient.


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  1. besaangel

    Travel Nursing as a New Grad

    There is a travel company (atlas, I think) that hired newer nurses and puts them in an internship for a year before sending them to various assignments.
  2. besaangel

    Unprofessional recruiter- need advice

    Try to get another recruiter from the same company- talk to the manager. It just sounds like a bad apple...
  3. besaangel

    What 3 classes should i take together?

    Id suggest Chem, anatomy, and nutrition first
  4. besaangel

    New job offer- Stay or go?

    What did you decide? I probably wouldve preferred to stay...
  5. besaangel

    Got Accepted into BOTH ADN and BSN Programs

    I say go ADN vs BSN... thats what I did and saved over 35k by going to my local ADN program then onto UTA. RN-BSN was done in a year and few months so it was well worth it; not to mention the fact that I worked as an RN the entire time and had no clinicals or group work. I would say though, if time permits, look into an ABSN for a good comparison... All the best!!
  6. Try UTA
  7. besaangel

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

  8. besaangel

    MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    What were the easiest and most challenging courses? What advice would you give to someone who is researching other programs? CONGRATS TO YOU!!! :)
  9. besaangel

    Why have you decided to become a NP and not a Doctor?

    1. Residency 2. DEBT
  10. besaangel

    UTA BSN-FNP online

    Have you heard from the school as yet? I have been reading where they wait till the last minute to let students know. All the best!!!
  11. besaangel

    University of Miami FNP 2016

    Hello. I've been admitted for the spring semester and will be relocating from out of state. Any recommendations for apartments? Ideally, I need a 2 bd under $1700. Thanks in advance.
  12. besaangel

    UM FNP Spring 2017 Program

    Congrats to all. Interviewed sept 5th and received an offer of admissions sept 7th for the FNP program.
  13. besaangel

    How to Get Into Your Top Choice Nursing Program

    Congrats my fellow Del tech grad
  14. besaangel

    Christiana Hospital

    You have exp so it may not be that difficult for you. They are rather slow in the hiring process but it will all work out. Please also look into St. Francis and Nemours, if you haven't already All the best Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  15. besaangel

    Where to find used scrubs?

    eBay Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  16. besaangel

    Best shoes for nurses?

    Same as above then shop online. clogoutlet.com is having a sale right now