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  1. besaangel

    Good area to relocate to?

    Baylor and Parkland
  2. besaangel

    Relocating..? So scary!

    Come to Texas
  3. besaangel

    How I Passed the AANP :D

  4. Patho was repetitive IMHO
  5. besaangel

    Travel Nursing as a New Grad

    There is a travel company (atlas, I think) that hired newer nurses and puts them in an internship for a year before sending them to various assignments.
  6. besaangel

    Unprofessional recruiter- need advice

    Try to get another recruiter from the same company- talk to the manager. It just sounds like a bad apple...
  7. besaangel

    What 3 classes should i take together?

    Id suggest Chem, anatomy, and nutrition first
  8. besaangel

    Any online schools find NP preceptors for you?

    Try Simmons... expensive but places you clinically.
  9. besaangel

    Which route? ? FNP or AGPCNP

    FNP is most marketable for sure... Check your local market to see what the job prospects are but consider each option carefully as you dont want to choose a restrictive option unless you're very sure. All the best!
  10. besaangel

    Walden vs IRSC or Something Better?

    WHIch three? May I ask
  11. besaangel

    FNP program South University, Richmond Virginia?

    I'm talking to them now and their pass rates have been low. 66% @ 2016
  12. besaangel

    FNP program South University, Richmond Virginia?

    I'm talking to them now and their pass rates have been 2015 80% and 2016 76% first time
  13. besaangel

    Present Starting Salary for Christiana Care RN

    About $26 at CC. If you are having a hard time getting in, try Select Specialty or Maxim (they hire new grads and pay pretty decent)
  14. I almost went to FHSU but opted not to due to the formatting of their program which would require a semester of classes THEN applying for the RN-BSN portion. I didn't see the point nor was comfy with wasting a semester while doing admissions. Additionally, their capstone or community class required some clinical of about 80 hrs not to be done at work which I also couldn't wing with my schedule. It might be different now. Here was my list: 1) UTA (ended up going) 2) WGU (wanted NP so didn't bother) 3) ULL (I would've def went here) 4) FHSU
  15. besaangel

    New job offer- Stay or go?

    What did you decide? I probably wouldve preferred to stay...