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besaangel has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, CNA, RN, APRN, NP and specializes in Aesthetics, Med/Surg, Outpatient.


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  1. besaangel

    How I Passed the AANP :D

  2. besaangel

    Travel Nursing as a New Grad

    There is a travel company (atlas, I think) that hired newer nurses and puts them in an internship for a year before sending them to various assignments.
  3. besaangel

    Unprofessional recruiter- need advice

    Try to get another recruiter from the same company- talk to the manager. It just sounds like a bad apple...
  4. besaangel

    What 3 classes should i take together?

    Id suggest Chem, anatomy, and nutrition first
  5. besaangel

    Walden vs IRSC or Something Better?

    WHIch three? May I ask
  6. besaangel

    FNP program South University, Richmond Virginia?

    I'm talking to them now and their pass rates have been low. 66% @ 2016
  7. besaangel

    FNP program South University, Richmond Virginia?

    I'm talking to them now and their pass rates have been 2015 80% and 2016 76% first time
  8. besaangel

    Present Starting Salary for Christiana Care RN

    About $26 at CC. If you are having a hard time getting in, try Select Specialty or Maxim (they hire new grads and pay pretty decent)
  9. I almost went to FHSU but opted not to due to the formatting of their program which would require a semester of classes THEN applying for the RN-BSN portion. I didn't see the point nor was comfy with wasting a semester while doing admissions. Additio...
  10. besaangel

    New job offer- Stay or go?

    What did you decide? I probably wouldve preferred to stay...
  11. besaangel

    Got Accepted into BOTH ADN and BSN Programs

    I say go ADN vs BSN... thats what I did and saved over 35k by going to my local ADN program then onto UTA. RN-BSN was done in a year and few months so it was well worth it; not to mention the fact that I worked as an RN the entire time and had no cl...
  12. Try UTA
  13. besaangel

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

  14. besaangel

    MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    What were the easiest and most challenging courses? What advice would you give to someone who is researching other programs? CONGRATS TO YOU!!! :)
  15. besaangel

    Why have you decided to become a NP and not a Doctor?

    1. Residency 2. DEBT