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I'm planning to enroll in (). Can anyone provide pros and cons to the program? Interesting in hearing from current students, but welcome others to chime in for learning purposes.

I actually called and they have changed their requirements. You do not have to work a certain amount of hours but have to be "actively employed as a RN" .

They will review your transcripts. It depends on the length of time since you took the course. I had to retake because it had been so many years since I had nutrition, even though it was a semester long, hard course. The nutrition course is a piece of cake. You will be able to complete it in 2 days. It was nothing like the hard university course I took several years ago.

WGU stats is nursing stats, not calculus based. Lots of graph reading.

I'm starting the program in September! I am a little worried though because I have to take statistics and biochemistry. Anyone have any input on these classes? Are the manageable or difficult?

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On 11/8/2019 at 5:42 PM, kristylynnholman said:

Miss.Jersey, BSN, RN did u look at other psych programs? I want to start at WGU, but my GPA is already under 3.0 so I'm worried that it will effect my ability to get into a psych nurse program, if I so decide, in the future. Do u know if there are many psych nurse advanced degrees that aren't picky about GPA?

I looked at multiple programs. If your current GPA is under 3.0 I would consider another school, unfortunately. Minimum GPA for graduate schools (I would assume) are 3.0 at least. I think it was Northern Arizona University I was also looking at for my BSN. If I recall, it was also a pass fail with an option to show mastery with an extra project to achieve an A? I can't find details with a quick google search, but it's worth looking further into. was more responsive than the other school I was looking at and I went with them.

Good luck!

The classes have online learning modules. Some have an online textbook. You either take an objective assessment (OA) or write a paper(s) or a combination of the two. One class required a video head to toe assessment. Each class is pass/fail. I believe this translates to a 3.0 in the end. You will have a program mentor who will check in with you once per week. There are instructors you can email, but I never used them.

On 6/10/2020 at 9:39 PM, AmbitiousNurse30 said:

Hello guys,

I’m looking to start WGU in a month! I’ve read this entire thread. I would like to know if there are any papers to be written or only exams? Also, how many exams are there for each class? Is it like a normal semester where there are 3 exams. I work full time on a Med Surg unit 3 days a week, 12 hr shifts.
I would be grateful for some feedback ?

Most classes have one final exam. There are several papers to write, but some are short. You will also have to submit a video and complete some simulations. Overall, it wasn't too difficult.

I wish I could tell you the answer to that. Maybe you should call Mayo. I have seen posts from nurses who have gone on to become NPs after graduating from .

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How much clinical time is required?

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2 hours ago, SaltineQueen said:

How much clinical time is required?

And do you have to find your own clinical site???

Mr. Ruby Jane did his RN to BSN through GCU. He's a veteran and they're vet-friendly. I don't recall clinicals but he did have to use me for some public/community health stuff.

23 hours ago, eh14 said:

I just finished my last BSN class. I highly recommend if you have a prior degree. The 3.0 kills your grade point if you have a lot of classes, but its a great way to to get an accredited BSN in a self-paced affordable manner.

eh, what is meant by the 3.0 kills your GPA?

Also, I am located in Nebraska and of course I am considering local schools such as Nebraska Medicine (UNMC), Clarkson or Methodist in Omaha for my RN TO BSN.

However, I am wondering what, if any, benefits there are with going through a local 4 year university as opposed to just doing RN TO BSN.

In addition, their new commercial is pretty catchy, The times they are a changin'. ?

Thanks for replies everyone! sounds like a winner

4 hours ago, NICUismylife said:

Loved WGU. I finished in 6 months (I had no life outside of work and school for those 6 months, but it was worth it!) I was in CA, so I did have to find a preceptor and had a higher clinical hour requirement than other states, and I still recommend WGU. No homework, no group projects, no discussion forums. It was great, but you do need to be self-motivated.

Question for you NICU, was this the entire RN to BSN that you finished in 6 months or did you already have some extra credits towards your BSN that helped shorten the time frame?

Also, were you able to work full time during the program?


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