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  1. I have been working as a RN for a very small home health agency in a small town. I previously worked 12 years in acute care and now want to work very part-time as I want to be home with my kiddos. I took a home health job for a small agency that advertised part time work. They mainly take patients that need help with med minders and very simple issues. No IV's..or complex wound care. Ok, great! They advertise that they have a 24 hour on call nurse which is basically the RN director. It is just the director, myself, a semi-retired RN, and about 6 CNA's. They gave me a phone to answer and basically said if a patient calls for a simple issue I can just go make a quick visit. My normal days to work are Wednesday and Thursday morings/afternoons. It irritates me that my patients or director can call at anytime and tell me I need to go check 'so in so' for whatever. Not to mention that the director calls me like almost everyday to tell me something about a patient or whatever news she deems necessary that I know. I think that they should have a definitive on call schedule, right? I mean I feel like I can't go anywhere or I can be in the middle of something and have to go see a patient. Is this normal for home health? The director has told me before that she is salaried and they don't like the nurses and aides to get too many hours because they have trouble making budget. When I do get random calls to see a patient I only get paid for the actual time I am with he patient and sometimes that is like 15 mins to check something. I don't think this is fair. I got a call today (Sunday) in the middle of family time and had to go adjust a patients dressing. I hate not having a set schedule or knowing that I am on call so I can make provisions for this. Is this normal home health or are they sort of taking advantage? Thanks for any info!