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Miss.Jersey is a MSN, APN and specializes in PMHNP.

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  1. Miss.Jersey

    New Grad NP Working Alone

    1. This statement is disturbing. He said that she wasn't knowledgeable. She presented herself to patients and parents' knowledgeable. And parents would believe her because how she presented herself. There's a saying that says people have confidence i...
  2. Miss.Jersey

    New Grad NP Working Alone

    Whether you're a nurse practitioner, a PA, or a physician, we get more proficient and confident as we go. Should this doctor be expecting more of you after a few hours in your new role? I don't know, I find it a bit unrealistic. But if his expectatio...
  3. Miss.Jersey

    Breakdown at work

    Sounds like your anxiety is out of control. Im glad you'll have insurance that covers counseling next month. When I had insurance issues and wanted to seek counseling I was able to find a counselor who gave Uninsured patients a discounted fee ($20 a ...
  4. Miss.Jersey

    WGU RN to BSN

    I looked at multiple programs. If your current GPA is under 3.0 I would consider another school, unfortunately. Minimum GPA for graduate schools (I would assume) are 3.0 at least. I think it was Northern Arizona University I was also looking at for m...
  5. From what I gather Aspen is not regionally accredited, where WGU is. Also, WGU is flexible , working at your own pace, and you can accelerate as quickly as you like through your program. With that in mind, you may be able to complete your MSN at a lo...
  6. WGU offers alumni assistance with resumes, including shaping a resume for a specific job you are applying to. They also offer interviewing assistance and will help with polishing your Linked In page. Definately take advantage of this. It's a great p...
  7. Miss.Jersey

    WGU RN to BSN

    No clinical hours. A capstone project at the end required 65 hours of self paced community leadership related activities. I did my BSN with WGU in 10 months, at a rather slow pace actually. I highly recommend it. They're supportive whil...
  8. Miss.Jersey

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    So far so good! Pathophys and Nursing Research. Beginning week 5 today. Discussions and replies weekly for both. Had a quiz last week in Patho that went so-so, but it was graded on a curve so it was ok. Been super busy with work, unfortunately, and h...
  9. Miss.Jersey

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    Congrats! I just began BSN to MSN program last week. Can't answer yet whether or not it's going well. I sure hope so!
  10. Miss.Jersey

    How NP programs view WGU?

    I had no problem getting into my first choice PMHNP program with my WGU RN to BSN. Wilkes University. A representative at Regis also suggested my application looked good, but I stopped my application process once I took a seat at Wilkes. WGU is g...
  11. Miss.Jersey

    Working During Nursing School

    I worked 4 to 5 8 hour shifts a week throughout nursing school. I think the idea of working on med-surg on the weekends sounds great! Not only does it leave your weekdays open, it exposes you to healthcare, gives you the opportunity to network for a ...
  12. Miss.Jersey

    Would you call in sick?

    While you are looking for the new job is it possible for you to Cluster your nights together and get a cheap hotel room near work? The gas and possible tolls alone would probably pay for a hotel room right?
  13. Miss.Jersey

    Wilkes MSN PMHNP Spring 2019

    $700/credit plus whatever fees at the moment. So I anticipate $4200 plus fees the first semester with Advanced EBR and Advanced Pathophysiology. At 40 credits, assuming the tuition doesn't increase (which it has been doing) that's $28,000 plus fees. ...
  14. Miss.Jersey

    Wilkes MSN PMHNP Spring 2019

    Congrats! I'm getting a student loan. I'm not worried about the cost. Either the first PMHNP employer will have a loan incentive, get a government loan program, or...I figure the additional income after beginning the new career will pay for the loan....
  15. Miss.Jersey

    Wilkes MSN PMHNP Spring 2019

    Two days I believe
  16. Miss.Jersey

    Recommendations for all online RN-BSN

    Some courses I was able to take the final exam and test out of, such as care of the older adult. Evidence based research was challenging, it's like learning a new language. But I think any school would require that, and I feel more informed and capab...