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  1. Aliens05

    Should I resign, or wait it out?

    Thanks for the reply. If I resign via email I will not go in to the meeting because they're using the meeting as the method to fire, so I'm worried about them firing me before I resign. Either way it's a crappy situation, when I talk about getting fired I think of it in the way that someone did something thats a legitimate firable offense, in this situation that is not the case, however I also don't want to drag innocent people into a court case over this. Its unfortunate.
  2. Aliens05

    Should I resign, or wait it out?

    So, I will try not to get specific about what is going on, but give enough background to hopefully help answer my question. Essentially I don't know if I should resign or wait and see what happens. I had a "meeting" with Human Resources the other day at work and they stated basically that they had flagged me for possible conflict on interest. They asked me a few questions that weren't really related to my actual job itself, but instead asked me about my 2nd job where I am an independent contractor. The questions seemed pretty harmless and I basically answered with one or two word answers, I didn't say much at all. Today I am unable to log into anything related to the company (and I know this issue is mine alone at this point). They then sent me an email asking me to come back in with them for a final meeting related to this. It seems that its possible they may be letting me go. In my opinion the conflict of interest is totally unsubstantiated, but that's neither here nor there. I am conflicted if I should just resign at this point, or go into the meeting and possibly get fired. I am not asking for legal advice, I am asking for suggestions and any help you can provide. Thanks in advance.
  3. Aliens05

    Wuhan Coronavirus: Month Two

    Has it been confirmed yet if this started with consumption of a snake or a bat? I have heard both in different articles, but wasn't sure if they ever confirmed or denied one or the other. It seems likely that this also could have originated from the process of skinning or cutting up an infected animal in an open air market and proceeded to release the droplets in the vicinity and in turn infect someone near to this activity.
  4. I quit a job that I did three 12s at for a job with five 8s, mostly for the reason of just being able to actually DO something on the days that I work. I like to go to the gym 6 days a week. Working 12s does not allow for that opportunity, you have time for work, a meal after and then bed before doing it again. Unfortunately at the new job they went to 12s fairly shortly after I started. I work two jobs and I would almost rather work 7 days of the week but have 5-6 hours each day to do as I please, than to have 3 complete days of the week where I quite literally cannot do anything but work and sleep. 8s fly by in an absolute breeze compared to 12s once you have worked both. I would never willingly agree to 12s if I didn't have to.
  5. Aliens05

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    Wow, we have the oppositite problem at my workplace. We won't fire anyone. They could literally be written up 15 times for the same thing and we will refuse to take action, we are also an at will state...back on topic, you sound like a reliable person overall and its unfortunate to hear about your situation.
  6. Aliens05

    Where are NPs most/least in demand?

    Thanks, wow Orange County would be a dream if the pay is good enough to make up for it. (And maybe living within a couple of minutes from your job to avoid traffic hehe), Thanks.
  7. Aliens05

    Where are my work-at-home homies?

    Just out of curiosity is this a utilization review type of job, or what exactly is it classified as? Good Luck!!
  8. Aliens05

    Where are NPs most/least in demand?

    I have been reading a lot on the forums and other websites lately talking about how NP positions are oversaturated in a lot of areas of the country. Other areas seem like they still have a fair amount of demand for NPs. Is anyone familiar with a resource that would have updated information on this? I tried google with not much luck, a few websites had listed where the most NP jobs total were, which does not really correlate with the demand for NPs. If you are familiar with high demand or oversaturation in your specific area please reply with what area this is and whether or not it is oversaturated or if there is still high demand. Thank you!
  9. What setting do you work in? I am just curious as I also reside in Omaha and I found a lot of jobs as a new grad that advertised starting out between $28-30/hour.
  10. Aliens05

    Missouri RN pay? Relocating from Hawaii.

    Well, get ready for quite the change of scenery... I live one state over in Nebraska but I used to live at Lake of the Ozarks for 4-5 years, which is about an hour south of Columbia. Columbia isn't too bad of a town thanks in large part to the University. Lake of the Ozarks is a fun place for summer vacations, be sure to check it out at least once, if you haven't before. In terms of pay I would say $25-30 is probably about right. In Nebraska we are a little higher on RN wage than Missouri is, and we range from about $26-30 for new grad nurses. You should be able to get a little closer to the 30 mark I would think with some experience and the right job. Probably will help that the University is there in terms of amount of jobs available, as I know Missouri overall as a state doesn't have as good of job market as Nebraska does, but probably not as bad as some other states. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Aliens05

    2 Questions from a prospective NP

    Wow, great reply and thank you so much for the information, that is a big help to get me started. One additional question stemming from your reply is in regards to the questions I need to ask myself such as if I am willing to move, or if I want part-time or Monday-Friday. The question I have about that is how do I find out what different NP positions, specialties, areas of work will require or offer these different hours/opportunities? Say for example if I am looking at trying to stay M-F with no call, or even part-time and I cannot move or relocate, how would I find out what is the best position or specialty for this specifically, same for if I do want to take call, or can work weekends or relocate? Thanks again.
  12. Hello all, I have two main questions of concern that at this time are things I am wondering about before continuing my goal to become an NP. The first question is what do you all feel like is the most still in demand area of NP, FNP, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, etc,. The second question I have I would assume depends on the specific school, but so far I have not seen any specific information about this on any of the school websites I have visited is this ; What is required in terms of patient care experience in order to be accepted into NP school? I have seen a couple of schools that typically require either 1 or 2 years of acute care experience, but some don't say at all. Is there a general or common requirement here, what was your school's requirement? Thanks in advance.
  13. Aliens05

    WGU graduate FNP school

    Kind a side question for the people who have replied here, do most FNP programs require you to have had a certain amount of acute care experience? My goal is to become an NP, however I only did 3 months of acute care in the hospital, and I don't plan to leave my current job that I absolutely love, which is not acute care. Thanks.
  14. Aliens05

    My nursing career has been a failure

    I don't blame you one bit on that, I would never want to be a teacher, but I do know people who have just graduated and are now teachers. However, it was hard for them to get a full time teacher gig. Do you have any desires to go forward in Psychology in terms of a Doctorate degree? What about something like being a case manager? With your experience you could get a lot of different positions for nurses that aren't really dealing that much with patient care, possibly zero patient care. What about utilization review, insurance review, similar things to that? I would imagine with your experience you may be able to gain positions similar to these if they interest you at all. If nothing else they would probably offer pretty decent pay and you wouldn't have to deal with patients or the possibilities of getting a lawsuit again. Not sure if this was helpful, but thought I would throw out a few ideas.
  15. Aliens05

    My nursing career has been a failure

    I'm sorry about the experiences you have had. Out of curiosity may I ask, when you went back to school the first time, then stopped due to layoffs in that career, what was it that you were going to go back for? My second question is what is your other bachelor's degree in?
  16. Aliens05

    Patients of gun violence vs others

    I absolutely agree that the mass shootings are the outlier. I am positive most gun victims are either accidental, one to one violence or suicide. I feel like the legality of the type of guns available to the general public is the issue, not the fact that guns in general are legal. It is the type of guns that allow very quick mass casualty events to occur that I feel are the issue. I personally just do not understand why any one civilian needs legal and easy access to a weapon that can kill many tens, potentially hundreds of people in a matter of seconds to a minute or two. If you watch the video advertisements for these types of weapons it basically comes off as advertising to consumers that these weapons will make you a badass and inflict maximum damage. I mean what are you hunting or protecting yourself from with these weapons, a hoard of zombies? I know people will disagree with me, but to me it just makes no logical sense for their place in society, especially considering the ease of access.

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