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  1. Aliens05

    Why is OR so common for travel?

    As a newer nurse I have a goal of getting experience in a specialty and potentially traveling in the future. I just accepted a job offer in med-surg so that will be where I start out at. In looking at travel jobs on several sites, I have noticed OR seems to always be the most common as well as one of the highest paying for travel nurses, and usually with better hours than most too. I was wondering if anyone knows why this would be the case? I have never worked in OR so I am imagining there is something about the position that causes this to be the case, but its a question of curiosity. Thanks.
  2. Aliens05

    Tell me about your Hospital!

    Hello, I apologize for replying to your question with another question, but your post made me curious as to where you enjoyed traveling the best of the places you have been so far?
  3. I would agree with calico in that if it is indeed something you are being charged with in terms of committing a crime you would need a lawyer. Since I am not a lawyer I cannot give legal advise, but I will tell you what I think in regards to my past experience. Without going too deep into detail I have had a "suit" against me before through a county courthouse that was related to past debt. Essentially what happened to me was that a local gym told me they canceled my year contract (in fact they didn't cancel it), and I never paid it because I was led to believe my membership had been cancelled. Long story short the creditor "sued" me for payment and even though I paid it the full sum, it was too late and it went on my credit record and affected my credit. This did not effect me in any legal sense, such as background checks, but would show up on a credit check. It had zero impact on my RN license or ability to take NCLEX, however again I will emphasize this is only based my own experience as details of your situation may be much different so there is no way to know without legal advise from a professional.
  4. Aliens05

    Already Over Bedside...

    I am sure that I am in the minority in thinking here, but hear me out...I think part of what COULD make it better is going to straight 8 hour shifts and here is why. Doing 12s you eat when you can anyway and dont usually or sometimes ever get a scheduled lunch, the same can be done on 8 hour shifts. 8 hour shifts also allow you to get home to your children and family at around the same time they would from their job or school hours (if you work days). I realize you will be working more days of the week, however EVERY day you would have enough time to get other stuff done, go to the gym, go to the store, spend the evening, (or morning) with your family. 12s literally leave no time in the day at all. I understand the benefit of getting those extra days off, but at the same time a good amount of nurses pick up extra hours anyway, so those that would want to do this still could. I understand why the hospitals do 12s, and I understand why some people like working them, but I think it would be interesting to see what a change to 8s would do. This is one tiny part of the problem, the others could be solved by the obvious, more help which I think should also be obvious to the hospital management, yet it always comes down to one thing, money.
  5. Hello all, I just have a quick question regarding travel nursing. I have done some research on it and I believe I have found the answer, but some websites with the answer have a lot of grey area, so I wanted to ask people who have actual experience and knowledge. As a travel nurse in a compact state, you don't qualify to travel to non-compact states do you? What would you need to do as a nurse in a compact state in order to do travel nursing in say California? Would you just need to obtain the CA license, or do you have to meet additional schooling/take CA NCLEX exam etc? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Aliens05

    Student loan question (non-profit)

    I am trying to find out where I go or who I call in regards to my student loan repayment if I need to call them to tell them I work for a non-profit organization as a nurse. This is is the state of Nebraska and I have both subsidized and unsubsidized stafford loans. Thanks in advance.
  7. Aliens05

    Are We Too PC?

    That brings up an interesting point. In other countries such as Australia, UK, Asia, Europe, is this also becoming more of an issue, is it worldwide? Or is it primarily more-so just here in the USA in terms of this continued OVERLY PC concept?
  8. Hello, I am an ADN considering going back for RN - MSN. The college near me has 3 choices of RN to MSN. They are Executive, Educator, and Informatics. I don't feel like I would be interested in the first two, but informatics sounded somewhat interesting after doing some reserach on it. However, even after reading through several websites and forums I am still a little bit confused about what exactly your day to day job is, and pay seems all the board. Does anyone with experience in this have any advice or recommendations, or some more specifics pertaining to this degree?