Well, I was spared being laid off but I'm still down


Today was a hideous day. 15 positions were cut - only one clinician - but it was horrible to wait. As I'm in IT I got all the requests to de-activate user accounts and my heart broke for every single one of the people I know who lost their job today.

It was state funding cuts that drove it.

In one department when the sacrifice was announced all the other girls burst into tears, great gulping sobs, of some sadness for T, but more relief that they had been reprieved.

I feel like Winston in 1984. "Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia!" Dirty and foul and, yes, human and of course self-interested, but demeaned and lessened.


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Glad you still have your job,Sue,but yes,sad for the ones who lost theirs.


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Glad you were spared. Lets try to think positve-this is all going to turn around soon and everyone will have jobs again before the unemployment runs out. One can dream, right?

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Suesquatch... I am glad you were "passed over", I don't even know ya, but read your posts, and was worried about you too! :wink2:

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it must been a horrible scene at work.. those poor workers.. i am happy you still have your job. thank heaven.

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glad you still have your job sue. and i'm sorry to hear that you had the unpleasant task of deactivating the accounts of those who lost their jobs today.... that really stinks :(

i hope all of these people are able to find new jobs soon.

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Good for you. It must have been sad for you to see all the people whose accounts you had to deactivate. Where I work, 600 people were laid off and another 900 open positions will go unfilled. Thankfully our department wasn't in the crosshairs so no one got the axe. But our boss explained to us that that is why she has been such a bear to us about keeping our productivity up, so our department would stay off the radar. Hopefully we will aquire some additional states for our business, and business in general will pick up. Congrats on being safe!


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i think we are all affected with loss of jobs, no matter who is spared.

it's really very sad and tragic.

i'm sorry sue.

here's to better days ahead.


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These are scary times. I'm so glad you were spared, Sue! I know you were worried, thanks for posting this.


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I'm so sorry, Sue. Very tumultuous economic times and we in nursing are only insulated so far.

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:hngon:I'm glad to hear that you were spared.

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I know the feeling you describe, Sue, if only vicariously. My neighbors (they are a couple) work at the same place (not a hospital) and layoffs are widespread there too. They have been spared so far, and I'm glad for them, but for those single mothers that got laid off, it really really sucks.

This is going to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid. :(

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