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  1. I passed NCLEX before I started working and had the same amount of orientation as the GNs. The only difference...the hospital didn't offer me the sign on bonus that they were offering the GNs. I had to go to HR and explain that although I had passe...
  2. Is nursing a good career?how do i know if i will like it

    You could call some local hospitals and explain that you are thinking of majoring in nursing, but would like to shadow a nurse for a few shifts. Most places are willing to have you come in. This won't give you the total picture of nursing, but it w...
  3. med error--real world answer?

    I would have fixed it on the MAR and mentioned something to the nurses, but that is as far as I would have taken it. The whole point of chart checks is to catch anything that may have been missed. If missed orders/meds are a big problem on the floo...
  4. Extreme frustration

    Thank you Nurse Elizabeth for your input. I have a better understanding of all that is involved in signing on as staff.
  5. My preceptor is driving me nuts!!

    CABG patch kid, I hope your new preceptor is working out better for you. As for being asked to precept, I've never been asked. It's always been assumed that I would agree to precept. To tell you the truth, I loved every minute of it. I've heard ...
  6. Where do you keep your car keys?

    I agree with muffin!! Don't quit your job right now!! I love working agency, but I am kicking myself for not signing on fulltime somewhere when things started to go downhill. Hang in there a little while longer...this economy has to turn around ev...
  7. Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    It never ceases to amaze me-the power of prayer!! May God bless her with continued recovery. Thank you, flightnurse2b for updating us on this miracle.
  8. Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    Any updates? I know it's been a few weeks, but I am still thinking about this nurse and praying for her too. Just wondering.
  9. how long should I wait before I call

    I would wait until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. They may have just gotten your paperwork from the nurse manager and will call tomorrow morning. Good luck!
  10. Extreme frustration

    I am fit to be tied! I have worked per diem for an agency on and off for approx. 2 years. One of the facilities I've gone to through this agency is hiring right now and I would LOVE to work for them. It's an awesome unit and I actually enjoy goin...
  11. GotoGirl I am so sorry you are going through this. It's just so sad that as nurses we take care of everyone else, but when it comes to our coworkers they just as soon stab you in the back as smile at you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers ...
  12. I need help with smells

    We use Dispatch wipes in our facility that have a strong odor of bleach. If I know I'm going into a bad stink situation I wet a mask with a tiny bit of the Dispatch liquid. It works everytime!
  13. Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    Thank you for the update. I will continue to pray for her and her family.
  14. Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    Any more improvement? Any updates?
  15. Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    It's wonderful news that she is improving! Thank you for the update and I will continue to pray for her and those around her. Our God is an awesome God!