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I am fit to be tied! :banghead: I have worked per diem for an agency on and off for approx. 2 years. One of the facilities I've gone to through this agency is hiring right now and I would LOVE to work for them. It's an awesome unit and I actually enjoy going to work there. I asked my agency what the procedure would be if I wanted to sign on as staff at this facility as I am aware of non compete clauses and the such. I found out today that not only would the facility have to buy out my "contract", but I would not be able to work there as staff or agency for 90 days. The recruiter informs me that I can work somewhere else through them for the 90 days. Here are just a few of the problems with this scenario:

1. I'm per diem and could choose not to work for this agency at any time. Why am I considered a 'contract'?

2. What if at the end of the 90 days they are no longer hiring? If that were to occur I would be out of a permanent position AND it's possible they would be fully staffed and no longer need to use agency nurses. :banghead:

3. This agency has not been able to book a shift for me anywhere else with the economy the way it is. So I would basically be forced out of work for 90 days.

Is there anything I can do to help the situation? Has anyone else experieced this? Any input would be appreciated.

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This is true.The agency I work for I am also the oncall nurse and do the staffing ect.By going on staff at this facility you are taking away work from the agency,they dont like this.Since going on staff at a place you have been contracted at is discouraged they(the agency)have rules and regualtions in the contract they have the facilities sign.Like the 90 day rule of not working there and the buying of the contract.I myself usually discourage our staff from going on staff at a facility that is using us and tell them to choose one that we dont have a contract with.I know my opinion is from the agencys side but I also understand your side.You are used to this facilty and would like to make it your new home.To answer your questions-

1.) You yourself are not the contract.Your agency has a contract with this facility,so you are considered a contracted worker.Make sense?

2.)If I were you I would speak to someone at the facilty on coming on staff.They may be able to help you make a decision.They may say they need you and are willing to buy out the contract.Find out from them first if you have a chance.

3.) This is true.Things are slow in this economy,but do # 2 first and go from there.Get all your ducks in a row:wink2:.There is always the option if you had to wait the 90 days to sign up with a couple of different agencys to keep you busy in those 90 days.I wish you the best of luck!:nurse:


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Thank you Nurse Elizabeth for your input. I have a better understanding of all that is involved in signing on as staff.

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