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DebanamRN has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Hospice, ER.


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  1. Productivity

    My company requires us to make 25 visits a week. I have traveled between 25-200 miles per week depending on what is going on.
  2. Just applied to Chamberlains MSN-MBA program

    I am just entering my preceptor class. After this, I have capstone and then I'm done. I work as a hospice nurse non-management but I find the education has benefited my practice.
  3. At the end of my rope...hate nursing.

    I hated nursing school, hated clinicals, hated working after school, hated life in general. Nursing school is like pregnancy - by the end you are done with it and want to scream "when will the suffering end?" Well, it does. And like pregnancy, you g...
  4. LTC and loving it

    As an ER nurse I give you all the credit in the world. I can tell when residents receive loving care, and I feel proud of the nursing profession that includes such wonderful, caring nurses. I can't do LTC, I just don't have the personality for it, so...
  5. "I do get sick of the pat answers. they usually make the job candidate sound insincere anyway. That is why I never ask "What are your weaknesses." Quote from an earlier post. I drink to much coffee and have to run to the bathroom a lot. OK so I would...
  6. I have recently transferred from a small community ER to a large teaching ER in the same healthcare system. In both jobs my co-workers commented on how I fit right in. It may not seem fair or pertinent to some but it is apparently important to my co-...
  7. Feeling broken and there's no way out...

    Keep up the good work. Eventually you will become more comfortable. I've seen experienced ER nurses go nuts with hard patients. I would have had the pt sedated and in 4 points ASAP and had the doc by his tail. But when I was a new ER nurse, no way. I...
  8. You know you've been a nurse for too long when..........

    I understand this also. When my Grandmother died (I wasn't a nurse yet but had worked in hospitals for years) I was relieved. I cried a tear or two but was glad her suffering was over. She had lung CA and had smoked 2 cartons a week forever (yes, car...
  9. Another one for my journal

    Hysterical! Proof that we are not only nurses but detectives too!:rotfl:
  10. New Nurse's 1st Crash & Burn

    You did a great job. Lots of times the family doesn't understand, or won't understand, or won't accept, or can't accept, how sick the pt really is. Everybody hopes for a miracle, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. When its time to go, its time to ...
  11. What is the most interesting case you've seen in the ER?

    I love the ED because we get such interesting cases that lead to so much learning. Keep up the great posts!
  12. BSN Preceptorships - Does ER level matter?

    What you learn will transfer well, because its the basics. Trauma is all fine and good, but you gotta recognize that MI, CVA, septic, etc. patient. Even in our tiny ER we do trauma, because we are on the Jersey Shore and they often come to us. I've t...
  13. Inserting The Foley Catheter In A Male Patient

    Not only do I extend the penis upwards, I have them breathe deep (a tip given to be by a more experienced nurse). It helps.
  14. W on my transcript or a failing grade?

    I've taken the W several times. It's never been an issue all these years and degrees later.
  15. BSN Preceptorships - Does ER level matter?

    I work in an 18 bed ER in NJ and we see some wild stuff. Go in with a great attitude and soak up all you can. You will probably be surprised what goes on in there.