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Nursing Home ,Dementia Care,Neurology.
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nightmare is a LPN and specializes in Nursing Home ,Dementia Care,Neurology..

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  1. nightmare

    Super Dry Hands

    Neutragena Norwegian formula works for me.Put it on and put a glove on top of it so that it soaks in naturally.
  2. nightmare

    Wouldn't It Make Sense to Buy Some Supplies Now?

    Perhaps I'm out of step here but swine flu has been relatively mild in the UK ,I certainly am not worried about getting it as I have had flu before and ,although it knocks my off my feet I am still here to tell the tale.(this includes surviving Asian flu in the 50's) There seems to be a lot of panicky negative press with this flu which,although it has killed some here (as does 'normal' flu every year) seems to be no worse than other strains of flu.
  3. nightmare

    Manifold..safe to mix or not.

    I know that in UK the BNF (British National Formulary) lists drugs that should not be mixed together because they cause 'clumping ' and can cause blockages.I would imagine that you have the same info in the US re these drugs.
  4. nightmare

    Resident Centered Care

    Their own pictures and possessions in the room. Coloured bedlinen and even painting the walls different colours in the rooms.
  5. nightmare

    What do you think a fair salary would be for a RN?

    Personally I would like my salary to be a few pounds more per hour than it is now.I would like to see it reflect not only seniority but also length of service.
  6. nightmare

    Caregiver and administrating medications

    Best way to make 100% sure is to contact the Board of Nursing in State that you work in to see what you can and cannot do.
  7. nightmare

    Preventing falls from low beds

    We have ,occasionally put the base and mattress on the floor to guard against fallers but even then we had one who got carpet burns rolling about on the floor.Now we lower to lowest position and use bed alarms.
  8. nightmare

    what would u do?

    If I had witnessed the incident I would fill in an incident report otherwise it is just documented in the daily nursing notes.The daily notes are just as legally subjective as an incident report.
  9. nightmare

    Advice for British nurse wishing to emigrate.

    Moved to International for more input on emigration.
  10. nightmare

    Death of a pt

    A dead body is the same as a living one,except the life force has gone.Mostly they pass peacefully and this is reflected in their faces.Personally I still speak to them when doing post mortem care and encourage my assistant to do the same.Death is the final act of life ,you should not be scared of it.
  11. nightmare

    How do you keep your hands in good shape?

    I have an instant and very nasty reaction to the hand sanitiser we have at work and just will not use it anymore.I do wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water after each resident however.I use Neutrogena Norwegian formula to try and keep my hands from cracking up.( now,if only that worked on brains as well!)
  12. nightmare

    Nursing Students in the UK

    We often have nursing students work as Care Assistants with us.They gain confidence in the 'basics' and also get a greater insight into working with the elderly and the problems of the elderly such as Dementia etc.
  13. nightmare

    $ per hour

    Moved to General Discussion forum
  14. nightmare

    oxygen and vaseline

    Found this in Nursenet archives,
  15. nightmare

    Nursing in Oregon

    Moved to Oregon nurses forum for further input.
  16. nightmare

    How are you with needles?

    Now I don't mind doing my fingersticks but I hate having blood drawn from me!!Always look the other way much to the PN's amusement!