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nightmare LPN

Nursing Home ,Dementia Care,Neurology.
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nightmare is a LPN and specializes in Nursing Home ,Dementia Care,Neurology..

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  1. nightmare

    Super Dry Hands

    Neutragena Norwegian formula works for me.Put it on and put a glove on top of it so that it soaks in naturally.
  2. nightmare

    Wouldn't It Make Sense to Buy Some Supplies Now?

    Perhaps I'm out of step here but swine flu has been relatively mild in the UK ,I certainly am not worried about getting it as I have had flu before and ,although it knocks my off my feet I am still here to tell the tale.(this includes surviving Asian flu in the 50's) There seems to be a lot of panicky negative press with this flu which,although it has killed some here (as does 'normal' flu every year) seems to be no worse than other strains of flu.
  3. nightmare

    Manifold..safe to mix or not.

    I know that in UK the BNF (British National Formulary) lists drugs that should not be mixed together because they cause 'clumping ' and can cause blockages.I would imagine that you have the same info in the US re these drugs.
  4. nightmare

    Resident Centered Care

    Their own pictures and possessions in the room. Coloured bedlinen and even painting the walls different colours in the rooms.
  5. nightmare

    Nursing in Oregon

    Moved to Oregon nurses forum for further input.
  6. nightmare

    How are you with needles?

    Now I don't mind doing my fingersticks but I hate having blood drawn from me!!Always look the other way much to the PN's amusement!
  7. nightmare

    Jehovah Witness patients refusing any blood transfusion.. Why?

    If you do a search on 'Jehovah witness blood' you will find a lot of existing threads ,this is one of them. https://allnurses.com/nursing-issues-patient/caring-jehovahs-witnesses-118304.html
  8. nightmare

    Never Forget there is a person behind the illness

    I remember a man I nursed years ago with tetanus saying afterwards that he used to make himself spasm just so we would take notice of him!!I never forgot after that that there is a person attached to that vent.
  9. A type 2 diabetic told not to test too much because she would lose the feeling in her fingertips and then,when she eventually went blind because of her diabetes,she would not be able to read Braille!!How's that for encouragement!!
  10. nightmare

    Help from experienced nurses- post menopause problem

    I'm sorry that we cannot give out medical advice on the forum as per TOS.I hope your friend sees the doctor soon for professional advice.
  11. Just re-read that post,is Serjohn Australian by any chance.We did not have endorsed enrolled nurses in UK but they maybe do in Australia.Our enrolled nurses all trained in-house within the hospitals.
  12. Enrolled nurses did a 2 year course and were always meant as bedside nurses ,never going any higher.I think your equivalent would be LVN/LPN .We do not ,however train Enrolled nurses anymore,which is a shame,some of them were really good nurses.
  13. nightmare

    Is this odd to you too?

    That was a lovely post,Elvish,you bring a lump to my throat.
  14. nightmare


    It would be useful to us 'furiners' who have to burn Google red-hot to keep up with some of the posts here!:uhoh3:
  15. nightmare

    Define critical thinking.

    It is common sense but it is a questioning common sense!It is thinking about what you are doing and evaluating the variables in that action.'I have to do this' ,'what will happen if I do' ? 'what will happen if I don't'? etc. On task orientation ,we often use that phrase to denote someone who knows their job but cannot cope if something out of the ordinary happens while doing that job.They like to work from A to B to C and are not able .or sometimes willing to include a variable into their work 'routine'.
  16. nightmare

    Please help interpret this order

    I'm more used to seeing that written as GTN sl.

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