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MrsWampthang is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency room, med/surg, UR/CSR.

Mom of three great sons and one great stepson!

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  1. MrsWampthang

    Nurse suspended for prayer offer

    I totally agree. I don't see why we, as nurses, can't offer to pray with patients. My husband, who works in the ER, has prayed for patients on a couple of occasions. He asks them if they would like him to pray and in both cases they said yes. He then proceeded to pray for them while he was carrying out his duties. I see nothing wrong or offensive with that. I, unfortunately, have never been comfortable praying outloud with someone, but have said numerous prayers for my patient on my own. I have prayed at the bedside of comatose patients when I was alone with them. Again, I see nothing wrong or offensive about that. If anyone did not want prayer then like JM says, just say "no thanks" and leave it at that. I see nothng wrong or offensive with asking. If the nurse had just began praying without asking, then I could see it; as it was, I see nothing wrong with what she did. God bless her for reaching out to her patients like that. It shows a whole other level of caring, and isn't that why we're in this busines? Just my . Pam
  2. MrsWampthang

    "Octomom" and continuing updates

    "THE single mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2m (£1.37m) from media interviews and commercial sponsorship to help pay the cost of raising the children. Nadya Suleman, 33, plans a career as a television childcare expert after it emerged last week that she already had six children before giving birth on Monday. She now has 14 below the age of eight. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/lif...cle5627531.ece " Maybe no one is taking care of her yet, but it seems like she sure is expecting people to. I wonder if social services is looking into this situation? It would seem like there might be some cause for possibly putting all of these children in foster care and up for adoption. The G'Ma has already said she didn't condone what her daughter did by having all those eggs implanted and would be gone as soon as the mom was out of the hospital. How can all those children that are at home possibly get the care that they need, let alone the ones that are still in the hospital? The mom needs a psych consult, and the children all need a good home with parents that will take care of them, not some psycho that is after fame and fortune. I guess I sound rather harsh, but there are so many couples out there who can't have children and would do anything to take one of those precious babies home, there are many couples who would do anything to take one or more of those precious children that are crammed into that house they all share. Sorry, just my P.S I kind of like the Duggers. I admire their ability to be self sufficient and debt free. I still think they're crazy for having so many kids, but if that's what makes them happy, the God bless them! Pam
  3. MrsWampthang

    "Octomom" and continuing updates

    I don't know about Jon and Kate, but I believe that the Duggers are completely self sufficient. I think they own several business and owe no one for anything they have. I admire that family. This women I have no respect for. As someone said, who will pay for her and all of her children. In one article, the grandmother was quoted as saying that when mom came home from the hospital, she (G'Ma) was gone. Wonder how this mom is going to cope with all those kids alone if that happens? I feel sorry for those kids. Pam
  4. MrsWampthang

    Well, I was spared being laid off but I'm still down

    Good for you. It must have been sad for you to see all the people whose accounts you had to deactivate. Where I work, 600 people were laid off and another 900 open positions will go unfilled. Thankfully our department wasn't in the crosshairs so no one got the axe. But our boss explained to us that that is why she has been such a bear to us about keeping our productivity up, so our department would stay off the radar. Hopefully we will aquire some additional states for our business, and business in general will pick up. Congrats on being safe! Pam
  5. MrsWampthang

    Working at Home as an RN?

    You might want to look at Career Builder's.com for work at home opportunities that you can get into now while your baby is little. Just a suggestion. Pam
  6. MrsWampthang

    Working at Home as an RN?

    RNs and LPNs can work from home for insurance companies in prior authorization, continued stay review and case management. I don't know how long you've been an LPN, but depending on that and what kind of experience you've had, you might be able to get a job with an insurance company eventually working from home. You usually have to work for the company for a certain amount of time before you're allowed to work from home though. I would caution you though, just because you would be working from home, doesn't mean you wouldn't need child care. Depending on what area you might get a job in, trying to do that job and run after a toddler would be next to impossible. I know that you wouldn't be able to do it with prior authorization nor continued stay review because you really need to be able on focusing on your work, and being available if providers call with information, doctors call wanting clarification on something you've sent them for review, etc. I can't speak for case management because I haven't worked in that area yet. I don't know how other companies are but the company I work for has daily production goals for us and if I didn't sit at my desk literally the whole day, I'd never reach those goals. Also, just because you're working from home, doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to sign off at 5 or 6pm. Again, I don't know about other companies, but the one I work for, since I work from home, kind of expects me to stay online and finish my work no matter how late. I think that's more of an unwritten rule, but we all have MSN communicator and I'm not the only one that can be seen online after our scheduled quitting time of 5pm. I don't mean to be discouraging, just trying to give you a realistic view. I worked as an RN for 6 years before I stumbled onto this job. It isn't all perfect, but it beats working bedside and having to be exposed to body fluids on a daily basis. Good luck with your studies! You might check out some of the head hunting websites, they always have nursing positions posted. Again, good luck! Pam
  7. MrsWampthang

    Am I wrong because i don't want to do CNA duites

    That's the one thing I don't miss about bedside NURSING, the grunt work. I did it with care and compassion, but it wasn't my most favorite thing to do, so I can empathize with some of what you said. And you only have5-6 patients? Try doing it with 7 which was the patient load on nights at the LTAC where I worked. There were times when I was in charge and had to take two or three patients myself. Talk about being overwhelmed! You're probably lucky that they called the CNA off and not you since, hopefully, you make more than a CNA so technically they should have cut the higher paid employee. Besides, with 5-6 patients, did you really have to give all of them a bath? We split baths between nights and days so no shift would get the brunt of them. Night baths also were usually reserved for the patients who didn't know days from nights. And it was usually a team of two that did the baths. I have a lot of respect for CNAs, BTW. Most of the ones I worked with, worked their tails off every night. Like someone else said, try working in an ICU or an SCU, you're on your own most of the time to do everything for the patient and where I worked, that was usually three patients which stunk. Probably not a good idea to make that comment to the DON though. Comments like that have a tendency to come back to haunt you at evaluation time. Good luck with your job hunt though. I hope you find something you like better. Pam
  8. I would suggest shadowing a couple of times. Real life ER isn't anything the TV shows. And the Trauma life in ER doesn't do justice to what goes on for a full 12 hours. I doubt that you would get 6 months orientation. I think that 6 months is a little excessive even for a new grad, unless they just aren't getting it. I may be wrong though. I think you might want to reconsider med/surg unless you were a really strong nurse back then. Just curious, why did you only work a year and then take a four year break? Anyway, just my . Pam
  9. MrsWampthang

    Do Real Nurses Work From Home? You Betcha!!

    You might want to look on Monster.com or Careerbuilders.com. With 38 years experience in nursing and with case management on your resume, I would think you would be an asset to any company. Just a thought. Pam
  10. MrsWampthang

    Do Real Nurses Work From Home? You Betcha!!

    Thanks all for the congratulations! I'm really happy about this opportunity. I'm working for a national insurance company so I'm not self-employed. I found this opportunity through Monster.com. First I was hired by a temporary agency to work at this insurance company in the prior authorization department for a term of 1 year with the insurance company having the option of hiring me at the end of that year. My year was up at the end of the year and my boss extended me an offer to work full time which, of course, I took! I knew that once I was a permanent employee I would eventually get to work from home. I wasn't sure how long it would take, but I was pleasantly surprised and a little freaked, when one of the executive assistants told me to start setting up my home office a space, I was going home! Well, the next thing I know, I got my computer encrypter, work at home computer training, and then my stuff was loaded in my car! All in the space of about a week! I know that in my company we have prior authorization, case managers, continued stay review, and health initiative nurses that work from home. I would suggest searching Monster.com or Career Builder.com. The offer I got when I hired on full time was a little more than what I was making as a temporary employee so I was pleased with the offer. My husband still makes less than I do, which I find quite humorous since he is an RN in the ER. My son is thrilled since I will be able to take him to school and pick him up after school. Anyway, thanks again for all the congrats! Pam:D Pam
  11. i finally got the job i have alway dreamed of! for a year i have been working as a contract employee for the prior authorization department of a well known insurance company. i got hired as a full time employee by that same company in october and have now finally got the chance to go home to work! :w00t: i start officially working from home next week after my home office has its assessment done. (they want to make sure i'm not working out of someone else's home). all i can say is "praise the lord!" and the best thing is, no one dies from any mistakes i might make. i love my job! and now i get to do it from the comfort of my own home!! sorry, just had to celebrate! pam:yeah:
  12. MrsWampthang

    My boss is/was the devil!

    You must have worked for the same boss I worked for at one time. She was a fruitcake! She finally got put on leave because her behavior had become to erratic then she was told that she was not welcomed to come back to her department, that if she came back to work at the hospital she would have to apply to some other department with no guarantee of being hired. Too bad I was already long gone by that time. I would have been standing in the hallway applauding as she walked out of the building for the last time. Pam
  13. MrsWampthang

    Co Worker and snide comments

    :monkeydance::yelclap::w00t::balloons: Can't say enough good things about your situation, both at work and in your personal life! Sooooooo, how're ya gonna ask her? Romantic dinner, down on one knee? Thanks for letting us know "the rest of the story." Good luck!!!!!!!
  14. MrsWampthang

    Worst doctors orders ever received

    ok, i'll show my stupidity. i also think, why are these bad orders? they may be silly orders, but not bad orders. as i said in my previous post, i have seen them. elevating scrotum because it was extremely swollen. cut finger and toe nails because the attending doc was a jerk and wanted to make sure it got done,:icon_roll but staff at some facilities may need that kind of order so that basic hygiene will get done. i've seen staff do a tremendous job caring for patient's feet, hands, nails etc, and i've seen staff that won't do anything for the patient unless someone is practically standing over them and the order is written in blood. just a thought. and i don't think there is anything wrong with wondering why these orders would be considered a "bad order". just my two cents. pam
  15. MrsWampthang

    Worst doctors orders ever received

    Actually I've seen orders like that in the long term care where I worked before. The scrotum was elevated because it was swollen. As for cutting the nails, I think the attending doc wanted to make sure it got done. Course, he was anal retentive and didn't think things wouldn't get done unless he wrote and order for it. The orders that always made me mad were the ones to DC foleys on patients that were unable physically or mentally to hit the call lite and ask for a bedpan. The ADON put sticky notes in the docs charts asking for foleys to be DCd and the doc would write the order. (I know, that's a whole other thread!) Pam
  16. MrsWampthang

    Should I continue this??

    How True!!!!!! Pam