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I'm sure many of you remember the thread I started about wearing whites and my nursing cap again? Well, tomorrow is the day I wear whites and cap in celebration of my 16 years of being a nurse. I'm doing it for ME...no one else...just for me because I feel like I could use the reminder of what it was like to don that uniform and hat on a day that made me proud to call myself somebody's nurse.

No, it is NOT in the uniform that I am a nurse. It is in my mind and heart. It is in my approach to my profession. I simply wish to honor my achievement and success as a nurse even if there are "certain someones on my current unit at work" that may beg to differ. They don't pay my bills, they weren't there to receive my nursing pin or degree, they weren't there when I struggled with the subject matter of a nursing class in college, they weren't there for any of what matters to me the most. Therefore.........tomorrow I will celebrate ME...the Nurse...whom I am very proud of because I've walked through shick to get to where I am today, and only God knows how truly stinky that schick really was for me to overcome. :kiss ;)


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/claps. Might I suggest you visit some of the older patients while your in it? Im sure it would make them remember happier days of their youth as well.

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SnowieRN...that sounds like a plan! :) Most of my patients are elderly. They will be able to relate to the white uniform and cap, even if the younger ones don't. ;) Thanks!


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cheerfuldoer, you go for it! I can't wait for the day when I graduate (I'm currently in my second semester of a 2-year ADN program) and I get to wear my whites and cap for photos.




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**standing ovation**

way to go!


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If you're happy I'm happy.

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Awwww shucks guys. :blushkiss

I'm excited. Only thing I don't have is white bobby pins to hold my cap on my thin hair. :o I couldn't find them anywhere. All I have are black bobby pins, and my hair is red now. :eek: Won't that be a sight to behold.


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Good for you. I wish we could go back to all whites for all nurses.

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Glad your outlook is better than your previous thread. Too bad we can't fully distance ourselves from the toxic people that we happen to have to work with.

Let us know how your whites are received. I wore mine for the first 1 1/2 yr after I received my pin (in '75) because the patients LOVED it. (Sadly, the cap kept getting in the way . . etc.) I've worn white pantsuit and cap and pin a few times since then and ALWAYS get positive feedback from pts (and from some of the older MDs, too! :)) I'll bet you look great in them. Picture please? (current, not your grad pic, if possible!)

A big W O O T for you!


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Good for you and congrats on your 16 years !! Please keep us updated on your special day !!


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First off, congrats on 16 years as a nurse!!

Second, let us know if you find (as I have) that in your whites, nobody will mistake you for lab, x-ray, dietary or housekeeping. They will know, before you even introduce yourself, that you're the nurse. Can't wait to see the pics.

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