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  1. SnowieRN

    Can I be a Nurse?

    I dont think hep B would be a problem. Most people are Vaccinated against it these days, and needle sticks have other things to worry about. If people with HIV can practice, im sure you can too :)
  2. SnowieRN

    How the Battle Axe is Born

    Please tell my the Tammy Faye nurse isent real :stone Talk about a clash of personalities.. I would be insane after working with someone like that
  3. SnowieRN

    Recomend Ethics class?

    Human Growth and Development IS required.. Our ethics course description says "survey and discussion about moral and ethical issues present in our society. goes from early to modern times.":zzzzz
  4. SnowieRN

    Recomend Ethics class?

    We have no such thing as Dev. Psychology. Psychology I and Human Growth and Development are as far as that goes.. Im not going for my BSN (yet.)
  5. SnowieRN

    Recomend Ethics class?

    Ok.. so next week is pre-reg for spring 2004 classes . So Im sitting here while I have some time trying to figure out my schedule. Ive got everything decided on except my humanties elective.. I have a few choices... 1. Ethics (this seems really like it would fit into nursing...) 2. French Foreign language (just b/c I love french) 3. Sociology 4. General psychology II (I already took PsyI so PSYII is considered a humanties elective now). Suggestions? I have no Idea what Ethics would go into.. has anyone taken it?
  6. SnowieRN

    As I was Watching ER tonight(tv show)....

    She wont goto med school.. if you watched from the very begginning.. she was a L&D nurse.. then she went to medical school and was a 2nd year med student. She dropped out because she liked nursing better. I thought the nurse yelling "I quit" was funny.. I thought about all those people in my nursing class that are like that.
  7. Correctional Nursing/Psy :) I can't be the only Correctional Nurse wanna be here!!
  8. SnowieRN

    Are You Going to be a Mean Nurse?

    "apologize when your ram into my butt with your med cart" :roll :roll
  9. SnowieRN

    I-CVT vs RN?

    Here you go..everyone that was interested.. I think this may be my new major next semester :) I-CVT... The invasive Cardiovascular Technologist is a medical professional who is highly skilled and trained in the applied science of invasive cardiovascular technology with experience in all aspects of diagnostic and interventional cardiovascular procedures and who has demonstrated proficiency and knowledge through a credentialing examination. Academic training in the science of invasive cardiovascular technology includes: a bachelor of science degree, an associate of science degree from a two year course of study, or a certification of completion awarded from a hospital, trade or technical cardiovascular educational program. All of which have been accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP) or an equivalently accredited allied health or science degree with practical experience. Confirmation of educational preparation, knowledge, and competence is evidenced by the achievement of professional credentials in invasive technology. The invasive Cardiovascular Technologist position generally requires working in a Cardiac Cath Lab or Special Procedures Lab. The Cardiac Cath Lab provides professional cardiovascular care to the patient undergoing cardiac evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular disease known or suspected or for cardiac anomalies. In this setting, the procedures require either puncture or incision of an artery or vein which is used to thread a thin catheter that will traverse the vessel and position itself in the heart. This position requires high levels of understanding of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, radiation, physics and safety, as well as radiological imaging and positioning. Accuracy in waveform and hemodynamic analysis and measurement, preparing and administering medications, acquiring a viable image and proper sterile procedure are all prerequisites for a person in this position. The credential awarded to the invasive cardiovascular technologist, upon completion of the invasive registry examination is Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS).
  10. SnowieRN

    A lesson for nursing students...

    Yeah.. it wasent 2%.. it was 10% of your grade.. you had 2% x 5.. so basically you blew away 10% of your A.. or 1 point of 100
  11. SnowieRN

    A Class Full Of Women!!! Ugh!!!!!!

    Nothing worse than being a guy in a classroom of all girls.. believe me.. well I take that back.. classroom full of teenage girls.. but thats hell.
  12. SnowieRN

    ER last night and the nurses!

    I missed it last night, thought I was taping it but the tape ran out Anyone know when it re-runs?
  13. SnowieRN

    Changed my mind

    Why dont you just goto PA school if your so worried about having to be an RN before an NP? Im not sure Id want an NP working on me that had no field experience.
  14. SnowieRN

    Health carrers I can obtain in less than a year?

    Accelerated BSN is a year if you have another previous Bachelors.. I think.
  15. SnowieRN

    Come On!!

    I never knew there was an ANA until I read it on these boards. Why arent nurses just part of the AMA?
  16. SnowieRN

    Nurses caps!

    What do graduating male nurses get? We just don't get any show headgear?