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Wanting to Quit my Covid-19 job

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11 hours ago, londonflo said:


You know, I resented your reply here. 

I will apologize. I took that part of your comment more as explaining away rottenness (very common in this profession) but have re-read and understand that you were trying to clarify something. My apologies.

On the other hand, we can just stick with a very few facts to understand this situation: 4 nurses, each with less than 8 months' experience, admitted 15 patients to acute care while caring for other patients, with 1 tech to help them.

I don't care if X number of nursing bodies sounds "cushy" for the number of patients who were on the floor at the start of the shift. The manager and the supervisor knew pretty much what this shift was going to look like; it was not a surprise. If this manager wants kudos and devotion, gratitude and "team-playing" from these new grads she has so generously hired and wants their help getting through the worst crisis she has ever experienced (reference her email response to the OP's inquiry, above) then she needs to act like it, and back it up with resources, and with caring something--some little bit--about their foundation in nursing. She is treating them like trash and instantly resenting them for how they feel about it. So classic.


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23 hours ago, caliotter3 said:

Going through the never-ending list of extremely important nursing behaviors reminded me of granddaughter’s remark that she couldn’t see herself becoming a nurse because she would have to “change diapers”.  Heavens, the conversation never got anywhere near secondary or tertiary priority nursing activities. She probably would have gone into shock halfway through the rendition after hearing that nurses get paid to change the diapers of other people’s children. A snowflake in the making!

Meh, that was my mom’s biggest reason for why she thought I shouldn’t go in to nursing: changing diapers and emptying bedpans. For some people that stuff is a deal breaker, and luckily there are other careers they can pursue.   Your snowflake bar is pretty low if aversion to dealing with poop on the job is on their ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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So, if an error is made and the patient is harmed as a result.....who will be found to be negligent? .....the DON? Hospital administrators? Someone in the ED ?? .....I'm guessing, in the end, they will point at the RN & call neglect or malpractice. There will be no mention of being over worked, overwhelmed with less than  12 months experience.

Your situation is tough.

Honestly, stop taking overtime. Take time to recharge. Don't feel guilty about not working extra shifts. It is not your responsibility to staff the unit beyond showing up for the 36-40 hours you agreed to by taking a full time job. Staffing is management's job.

So please do not take this next paragraph as me stating your situation is in your head or somehow your fault. It is not, the work conditions stink but I have found most work conditions in healthcare stink. Have you considered working with a psychologist on both stress/anxiety management, learning to detach, and appropriate boundary setting at work? I did this and, frankly, wish I had started years ago in order to cope in today's healthcare environment. Many psychologists are now online and do appts in off hours (for example, I've had appts at 11 pm). I found mine on doctorondemand. May not necessarily be for you but it is something to think about.

I wouldn't necessarily quit right now given many nurses have actually gotten furloughed. Also, as I mentioned before, the grass is rarely greener when it comes to healthcare jobs. Give yourself more time and experience to be able to apply for a great job rather than start job hopping and ending up in another unit like this. 

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