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  1. Workitinurfava

    I can't get a job!!

    Many hospitals and facilities have downsized or layed off their employees. Basically, it won't be easy finding another job plus many areas like to hire those with resume experience from their area. You may need to work at a less desirable place to get some current experience quickly. Good luck tho.
  2. Workitinurfava

    Racism in Nursing: Is It Real?

    You can only talk about racism to those willing to listen, understand and care.
  3. Workitinurfava

    How bad will it get in the fall/Winter time?

    We will deal with the coronavirus and the regular flu in the Fall, IDK.
  4. Workitinurfava

    Doctor Denies Giving Lortab Order, Nurse Facing Discipline

    It sounds like discharge med orders the doctor should have handled. There should be a form that you have as your evidence as to what is a standing order and what isn't. I will repeat orders back to doctors and question them to. Sometimes I get, o know, I meant this. This comes from my experience of working at a teaching hospital (dealt with baby doctors who made errors).
  5. Workitinurfava

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    While the cases spike, I stand by what I said.
  6. Workitinurfava

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    I am not saying when it was, I am saying we need to change some of our practices obviously. Are we not forced to do it today, right now?
  7. Workitinurfava

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    You took my comment wrong. I made my statement and will not elaborate on it.
  8. Workitinurfava

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    Society always focuses on blk and white issues, makes it seem like these are the only races that exist at times.
  9. Workitinurfava

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    This isn't just about Floyd, hence why things have gone as far as they have (1 of the reasons).
  10. It doesn't sound like you use a scanner, which means you have to be on top of your game even more. Tighten up on your rights and your work environment can be used to help you grow so when you get a better job, you won't lose it due to a med error.
  11. Workitinurfava

    Stop Hating on Psych Nurses

    I love psych, it suits me. Most of my experience is with the medical side of nursing but I hated doing all of the medical stuff. I used to be an oncology medsurg nurse. Psych even has a medical side to it but not like the medsurgey jobs that are laden with medical task. I don't care if people look down on what I do or see it as inferior.
  12. Workitinurfava

    5 Ways Nurses Can Care for Themselves During this Pandemic

    I am about to start a garden in my backyard. Gardening helps me escape the stressors in life. I have about for sets of roses around my house. 1 is a climbing rose (I have cut it back twice because it is getting out of control LOL) that started as just roots and the other three are bushes. They have lasted for several years. What I like about roses is that voles/moles won't touch them due to the thorns.
  13. Workitinurfava

    Why not quarantine McDonald's and ban soda pop?

    I never said it wasn't.
  14. Workitinurfava

    Why not quarantine McDonald's and ban soda pop?

    Right now nurses can get a free meal from McDonald's if they show their badge. I won't be going.
  15. You weren't ready for the pace and you need more skills to be able to function properly in that environment. You also need support which they clearly didn't want to give you . You can get there in time. Try ICU step down again. I do wonder if this is what they will be doing to nurses that aren't a "good fit", considering that on some units, they don't need (want) the staff due to the hospital losing money because of Covid. Basically the hospital is downsizing and nurses are struggling to get work on other units/hospitals so there is competition.
  16. Workitinurfava

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    It's meeting my financial needs. I get to save people, I actually brought a lady back to life with a ambu-bag and my bare hands, it was a tech and I that did this. Everyone else froze up, no judgement and the code team took forever to get to the room. I am where I need to be for the time being. I hope that someone will always want to be a nurse, as I will need one to save my asz should the time come.

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